You Are the Source of Your Abundance
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You Are the Source of Your Abundance

Most people believe that abundance comes from outer sources, such as their job, a spouse, their parents, or investments, and are influenced by the state of the economy. But the truth is, abundance comes from within – you are the source of your abundance. “You”, meaning all of who you are: your Non-Physical Self (Higher Self, Soul, Inner Being), as well as your physical self.

Link With Unlimited Abundance

Your physical self sifts through life’s contrast and makes decisions on what is wanted, and your Non-Physical Higher Self brings about the circumstances to make it happen.

When you link with the unlimited abundance of your Higher Self, you open up the connection to the higher forces (Source Energy, God), and when you radiate your higher vibrations of love, joy, peace, and well-being, you become the source of your abundance.

Learning to create abundance in your life is a process of growth and may require changing your thinking and expanding your beliefs, but once you master the process your ability to be prosperous will not be determined by the economy or outside conditions.

Your Thoughts Are Like Magnets

Your thoughts have substance and act like magnets that go out into the world. They attract the substances that match them and set up the model of what is to be created. Your emotions energize your thoughts and propel them from your inner world to your outer world. The stronger your emotions, the faster you create what you are thinking about.

Because your thoughts set up the model of what you attract to you, it is important to think about what you want rather than what you don’t want. It is also important to think in positive ways. When you think negatively and dwell on problems, you repel abundance.

Don’t let yourself feel bad about the negative thoughts you have. That gives them more power. Instead, when you recognize a negative thought, simply place a positive thought alongside it. For example, if you catch yourself thinking “I don’t have enough money,” change the thought to “I have an abundance of money,” or “I am in the process of becoming more abundant.”

Think Positive

Positive thoughts are much more powerful than negative thoughts. Just one positive thought can cancel out hundreds of negative ones.

Since your thoughts create your reality, you can create an even better life for yourself by thinking in bigger and unlimited ways. Unlimited thinking increases creativity, expands your possibilities and helps you fulfill your potential. Every time you think of the future, you are creating a possible direction.

Dream Big!

For your path to unfold, imagine having your dreams come true. Your dreams are there to guide you to your higher path here on earth and show you your potential. Dare to dream and think big! Expand your imagination and ask for more than you think you can have. Play with new ideas. When you imagine something, expand it further and allow yourself to imagine an even better scenario.

Your imagination is the closest link to your higher self. Imagination allows you to transcend the physical world and gives you the ability to step outside of your personal limits so that your greatest potential can be unleashed. It creates unlimited future pathways for you and helps you to look at possible outcomes.

You are an unlimited being and can create anything you want!

It Takes Practice

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see results overnight. Unlimited thinking takes practice, but gradually old thought patterns will leave and you will experience the results of your new thinking.

As you expand your thinking, your ability to manifest what you are dreaming about will develop as well. The more you expand your imagination and go beyond what you think is possible, the more you open the doorway to unlimited abundance.

Flow Energy to Having What You Want

Allow yourself to daydream and fantasize, and then focus daily on the simple steps you can take to achieve your dreams. There will always be practical steps you can take immediately to get there. It can be as simple as clearing the clutter in your house, or making a phone call.

To manifest what you want, make up your mind that having it is important to you and you are willing to flow energy into getting it.

When your intent to have something is clear and strong, and you hold a steady focus on it, you create what you want more rapidly. Your focused energy is like a laser beam that goes out and draws to you what you want.


Affirmations are a great way to keep you focused on your intentions and help to strengthen your manifesting power.

Choose any or all of the following affirmations, or make up your own.

Even better, tap as you read through the affirmations. Tapping works wonders for shifting the energy towards abundance and attracting what you want flowing into your life!

  • I am the source of my abundance.
  • There is no limit to what I can create.
  • I am becoming a master at creating whatever I want.
  • I am linking with the unlimited abundance of my higher self.
  • I am opening my connection to the higher forces (God, Source).
  • I am expanding my beliefs about what I deserve to have.
  • I focus on what I want and draw it to me.
  • My thoughts are loving and positive.
  • The more I evolve, the more power my thoughts have to create my reality.
  • I have unlimited abundance.
  • I live in an abundant world and all is perfect in my universe.
  • I create my prosperity no matter what the economy is like.
  • I can have a wonderful, positive, and abundant life.
  • My choices and possibilities are expanding every day.
  • I am always thinking in bigger and unlimited ways.
  • My unlimited thinking increases my creativity.
  • My unlimited thinking expands my possibilities.
  • My unlimited thinking draws opportunities to me.
  • My unlimited thinking helps me get in touch with the bigger picture of my life.
  • My unlimited thinking links me with the greater vision of my higher self.
  • My unlimited thinking helps me fulfill my potential.
  • I unfold my potential by imaging my dreams coming true.
  • My dreams and fantasies are guiding me to a higher path on earth.
  • I love and trust my imagination.
  • My imagination helps me to transcend my physical world.
  • My imagination gives me the ability to step outside of my personal limits.
  • My imagination creates unlimited future pathways for me.
  • I am an unlimited being and can create anything I want.
  • My clear intention generates energy that goes out and gets what I want.
  • I allow all of my dreams to come true.

You are the source of your abundance and have everything within you to create what you want. Step into your power and allow yourself to be the master of your reality. If you intend to have something, you will. Allow all of your dreams to come true.