What is Conscious Creation
Creating Reality

What is Conscious Creation?

Are you familiar with conscious creation (sometimes referred to as deliberate creation)? In a nutshell, conscious creation is creating reality on purpose. It is founded upon the principle that each of us creates the reality we experience in every moment of our lives. This is not new – it has been expressed in many forms and ideas throughout history, including through channeled entities, such as Seth and Abraham.

The premise of conscious creation is that everything we have experienced in our life is our own creation, and anything we wish to create in our life is never further away than our own thoughts and imagination.

We Are All Creators

We are all creators and are continually creating and co-creating our realities, either consciously or unconsciously.

You have probably heard of the Law of Attraction, which the book and DVD, The Secret, is based upon. According to this universal law, what you focus on is what you attract into your reality. Focusing on positive thoughts brings about positive results. Focusing on negative thoughts brings negative results.

Quantum physics has proven that focused attention creates reality in the double-slit experiment. “We can change the way reality behaves just by looking at it.”

A key factor in conscious creation are the beliefs you hold about yourself, the people in your life, and the world. They are all projected outward to literally form the world you perceive around you. Most of us unconsciously accept the default beliefs we grew up with instead of choosing beliefs consciously that support us more fully in our joy.

Create Consciously to Get the Results You Want

Until you learn to create consciously, you are creating by default (unconsciously) and often get results that are less than ideal.

When you consciously create, you have the power to change the things in your reality that you don’t like. You can create whatever you want: improved health, love, happiness, wealth, jobs, success, homes – anything you desire.

You Are an Extension of Source Energy

This is all possible because you are an extension of Source Energy (God). You are a spiritual being having a physical experience, and you came here with the purpose of creating your reality.

You are more than your physical body. Your Inner Being (soul or spirit), the non-physical part of you, also exists and remains in the non-physical realm, always guiding you toward the fulfillment of your desires.

Learning to consciously create takes time and practice, but it does work! Your results will depend on the strength of your desire and the amount of resistance you have. But if you do the energy work, you can create whatever you want.

Keep an Open Mind

If the idea of conscious creation is new to you, please keep an open mind. Allow yourself to consider the possibility that you are a powerful creator and play with the idea of creating your very best life! Start focusing on what you want, keep your thoughts positive, let go of limiting beliefs, and let the Universe be your playground!

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