9 Ways Meditation Can Improve Your Life

9 Ways Meditation Can Improve Your Life

Do you meditate? I love my daily meditation practice and have found that my days go so much smoother when I carve out time in the morning to quiet my mind and connect with Spirit.

Here is what I’ve learned over the years about meditation:

Meditation is the process and practice of focusing your attention. When you focus your mind, you are able to concentrate better. As you learn to develop your concentration, you can guide your thoughts more effectively. When you have control of your thoughts, you gain power. When you gain power, you start feeling more relaxed, you enjoy life, you can accomplish more, and your health improves.

You can harness this power by meditating on a regular basis. Only fifteen minutes per day of meditation is needed in order to change your life for the better. During your time of meditation, resistance stops, your vibration raises, and you are in a state of allowing, which means your desires can start flowing in, and a more joyful life can unfold.

Here is a list of ways that meditation can improve your life:

1. Releases Resistance

Some people have estimated that 70-80% of the average person’s daily thoughts are negative. Negative thoughts create vibrational resistance and are a sign that you are not in alignment with who you really are.

Meditation helps to soothe resistance and bring you back into balance. It is a tuning process that helps you dial back in to your true, positive nature.

2. Raises Vibration

Meditation is a fast and easy way to raise your vibration. When you relax and quiet your mind, your attention is turned away from what holds your vibration in a lower place.

As you let go of worry, fear, or other lower emotions, your vibrational frequency has a chance to rise, placing you back into alignment and in an allowing state.

3. Decreases Stress

Research has been conducted that shows meditation is a useful and practical technique for managing and decreasing stress. People who meditated regularly were more relaxed and had less emotional distress when they were put in stressful situations.

Training your bodies on a daily basis to achieve this state of relaxation balances and calms the nervous system which results in lower blood pressure, decreased tension and anxiety, and enhanced moods.

4. Improves Health & Well-Being

Chronic negative thinking is taxing on the body’s immune system and will eventually manifest as disease and illness.

Regular practice of meditation can counter this and assist the body in returning to its natural state of health and well-being. Studies have shown that meditation strengthens the immune system, improves cellular health, promotes a healthy heart, reduces high blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and slows aging.

It has also been used as treatment for insomnia, fatigue, headaches, gastrointestinal problems, AIDS, cancer, and infertility.

5. Improves Concentration and Focus

Meditation is like exercise for the brain; it trains the brain as if gray matter were a bundle of muscles. As you work those muscles they become stronger.

It can significantly increase your ability to concentrate and focus. A study in the journal Psychological Science shows that meditation can help people focus their attention and sustain it – even during the most boring tasks.

It boosts your concentrating power so that it is easier to tune out distractions. Because you create your reality through focused attention, learning how to focus deliberately is a valuable skill for conscious creators.

6. Improves Relationships

If you want a better relationship with your partner, your family, your colleagues and – most importantly – yourself, meditation is the perfect place to start.

Through its calming, focusing techniques, meditation can help you become a better all-around person by getting in touch with who you really are. As you develop more peace within yourself, all of your relationships will benefit from that composure.

Meditation improves the ability to share love, patience and compassion with others. It will help you to respond to others in more positive ways and your relationships will improve.

Meditation develops greater happiness, broader awareness, and refined feelings and emotions. All these result in a more positive and warm personality capable of enjoying deeper relationships and a richer personal life.

7. Deepens Sense of Meaning and Purpose

Meditation is a means to help you remember who you really are so that you can get on track, realize your fullest potential and live the life of your dreams. It allows you the space to explore the various aspects of your life, increasing understanding about yourself and your place in the world.

Practicing meditation will help you connect with Source Energy/God and open you up to your true nature, so you can move forward with intention and purpose.

8. Enhances Feelings of Happiness

Meditation does far more than produce momentary good feelings. An ongoing practice increases your experiences of positive emotions and can literally rewire the neural pathways in your brain to experience more joy and be more at ease in everyday life.

It can also open you up to deeper and more lasting contentment and peace so that life is more satisfying.

9. Expands Consciousness

Consciousness is awareness. Expanding your consciousness requires a deep reflection of your thoughts and actions, and will allow you to create the best possible outcome in our life.

Meditation enhances your awareness which in turn creates more inner peace, As you improve the quality of your consciousness you evolve spiritually and optimize the self.

Becoming more aware of self then extends to others, the environment and, with practice, into the non-physical. Growing consciously is about changing your attitude, outgrowing your fears, reducing your ego and ultimately, improving your capacity to love.

Meditation is more than food for the soul. It is a vital element to well-being and living a happier, healthier life.

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