Vibration Activation Script Linking With Higher Will
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Vibration Activation Script: Linking With Higher Will

In our fast-paced and often hectic lives, we can sometimes feel disconnected from the larger forces at work in the universe. However, by taking the time to reflect on the Higher Will and our place in the grand scheme of things, we can tap into a powerful source of guidance and inspiration.

The Higher Will, also known as the Divine Will, is a fundamental aspect of consciousness that drives everything towards higher evolution. It is an energy that pervades all aspects of life, from the mineral and plant kingdoms to the animal and human kingdoms.

By aligning ourselves with this current of love and spiritual energy, we can find greater meaning and purpose in our lives and move towards a higher order of being.

The following script reminds us that we have the power to take control of our lives and align ourselves with the Higher Will.

Vibration Activation Script: Linking With Higher Will

I have free will and can choose how to react to the energies of the Higher Will. I am willing to have my life take on a higher order, and I feel connected to the current of higher evolution. I am open and accepting of good things coming into my life, and I know that I deserve the best life I can imagine.

As I align with the Higher Will, I notice that my life becomes more harmonious and satisfying. The more I broaden my thinking to encompass serving others, the more I am attuned to Higher Will. By serving others, I gain rewards and a richness of spirit that go beyond anything I can imagine.

I know that there is a higher purpose to my life, and I have a special contribution to make to humanity. Part of the reason I came to earth is to evolve myself and serve others in some way. As I serve others, I will naturally evolve myself. Everything I do to evolve myself and carry out my life’s work is an act of aligning with the Higher Will and my Higher Self.

I have a special role to play that is unique to me. My life’s work involves skills that I love to use, things I love to do, and areas to which I am naturally drawn. What I love to do will also serve others in some way. When I use my highest skills, I am automatically contributing to others.

My dreams about my ideal life are showing me my potential and higher path. I honor my dreams and fantasies, as they are messages from the deepest part of my being about my life’s work and what I came here to do. Aligning with the Higher Will guides me to take actions that will produce the results I want.

My Higher Self is linked with Higher Will and is always sending me guidance about how I can flow more with the Universe and ride the higher current. As I take time to listen, I become more aware of the guidance of my Higher Self. I can know the Higher Will by listening within.

I imagine a higher stream of energy that leads to my goal and picture myself joining it. I take action only when my feeling is inviting, open, and positive. Then the actions I take will be aligned with the Higher Will. I have an awareness of my energy, the people around me, and how I feel from moment to moment. I only take action when there is a definite, positive feeling to do so.

Whenever my energy feels vibrant and alive, I am following the Higher Will. I align with the Higher Will by listening to my inner messages. My Higher Self is always guiding me to align with the Higher Will. Messages from my Higher Self allow me to feel peaceful and balanced. To receive messages from my Higher Self, I wait until I sense an answer that is reassuring and loving. The quiet voice of my Higher Self is always encouraging and positive. My Higher Self guides me to the higher flow through my heart.

When I have a choice to make, I choose what I am drawn to and would love to do. I take the action my heart is leading me to. My Higher Self is always sending me gentle suggestions and ideas to keep me flowing in the higher current and linked with the Higher Will. My Higher Self shows me how to create changes using my current skills, resources, and capabilities.

I take time to relax and become aware of my inner messages. I give myself a good balance between times when I am quiet and able to think and times when I am busy and active. I allow myself “breathing space” on days that I am active all day long and pouring out energy. Taking time to be quiet and listen to my thoughts and feelings is just as important as all my busyness. I greatly increase the joy and ease of my life by taking time to think.

I trust that as I continue to align with the Higher Will, my life will unfold in the most harmonious and fulfilling way possible. And so it is.