Vibration Activation Script Connecting With Universal Mind
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Vibration Activation Script: Connecting With Universal Mind

The law of attraction is a powerful force that can help you create the life you desire. One popular technique for using the law of attraction is scripting, which involves writing out a narrative of your desired reality as if it is already true for you. In this script, we will focus on connecting with Universal Mind, the infinite intelligence that is responsible for creating our thoughts, beliefs, and the world we experience around us.

By opening yourself up to Universal Mind, you can draw in unlimited health, abundance, new ideas, knowledge, and anything else that is for your highest good. By focusing your thoughts, intentions, and actions towards your dreams and goals, you can create a reality that is aligned with your deepest desires and aspirations. Through the power of imagination and creative visualization, you can connect with the Universal Mind, co-create with it, and manifest a life that is filled with joy, abundance, loving friends, and good health.

Vibration Activation Script: Connecting With Universal Mind

I am connected to the Universal Mind, which is the source of everything around me. I know that everything exists as part of this Infinite Intelligence, and I am thankful for my connection to it.

Higher Intelligence creates my thoughts, beliefs, and inner pictures, which shape the world I experience around me. I have the ability to open up to the Higher Mind and draw to me unlimited health, abundance, new ideas, knowledge, and anything else that is for my highest good. I focus steadily on my visions, hopes, dreams, and goals, and I intend to have them.

I allow my mind to come under the direction of my Higher Self and have clear, positive, and creative thoughts. Since my reality is my dream, I can dream it any way I want. I know that I can have everything I want that serves my higher good. There are no limits to what I can have, and I can create miracles by doing energy work.

As I work with energy, I am consciously co-creating with the Universal Mind. When I do energy work and add light, there is no limit to what I can create. Doing energy work before I take physical action will bring the events, circumstances, and things I want into my life more rapidly and in better ways than when I do not.

I work directly with the essence of what I want, which brings things to me in their highest form. The more expansive my thoughts, the more expansive the reality I create. My creativity and imagination are two important keys in making a better reality for myself. I use my creativity to work with things as energy, and I use my imagination to picture the results I want. I use my creativity and imagination to expand my ideas of what is possible for me to have and create a better life for myself.

I am a creative person. I have the ability to generate new ideas that will take me to higher levels in my life and work. Creating with energy and light makes anything possible. I believe in my success and picture myself having what I want. My ability to picture something that does not yet exist in my reality is one of my highest abilities. My imagination allows me to think of having more than I have now. My imagination transcends this dimension and connects with the Universal Mind where anything is possible.

My imagination can connect with what I want as energy, play with it, add light to it, and then bring it into my reality. I take time to daydream, fantasize, relax, and think about what I want to create. I practice thinking in new, unlimited ways. Unlimited thinking puts me in touch with the larger picture of my life and links me with the expanded vision of my Higher Self.

I think positively and imagine myself having more than I have now. I picture my relationships as I want them to be. I imagine already having what I want and thank my higher self in advance for bringing it to me. I work with the energy of what I want and believe it is possible to have.

I trust that once I affirm having something, everything that happens is preparing me to have it. As I picture my success and affirm that I already have it, the Universal Mind works with me, creating perfectly for me the things I think about and believe in. The Universal Mind creates for me only what it can create through me. I am a co-creative force with the Universal Mind.

I know that I can have the best life I can imagine – a life filled with joy, abundance, loving friends, and good health. I am grateful for the abundance of good things that come my way, and I know that there is always more to come. I am open to the blessings of the Universe, and I receive them with appreciation and thankfulness.

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