How to Use the Clarity Through Contrast Technique
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How to Use the Clarity Through Contrast Technique

In his book Law of Attraction, Michael Losier offers the Clarity Through Contrast process to help us get clear on what it is we want.

This technique is one of my personal favorites, and one I use regularly with my coaching clients.

The concept of contrast was introduced by Abraham-Hicks and is anything that you don’t like and causes you to feel negative emotion.

“You don’t need to suffer in negative emotion when you understand that contrast is essential to expansion and you are eternal beings, and so expansion is essential to your eternity.” – Abraham-Hicks

Even though contrast doesn’t feel good, it is helpful because it launches desire and gives you clarity on what you prefer. Knowing what you don’t want helps you to know what you do want.

The Clarity Through Contrast technique is simple:

First, either download Michael Losier’s Clarity Through Contrast worksheet (it’s free) from his website, or use a piece of paper – simply draw a line down the middle and at the top of the left side write “Contrast” and on the top of the right side write “Clarity”.

  1. Choose a situation or life area that you want clarity on, such as career, finances, relationship, etc.
  2. On the “Contrast” side, list all the things that are troubling you about your situation. For example – career – hours too long, pay too low. You can refer to past and current experiences to help build your list.
  3. After completing the contrast list, read each item and ask, “So, what do I want?” and complete the “Clarity” side of the worksheet. After you have reached clarity, simply cross off the matching item of contrast. For example, if the contrast is “I don’t like working with negative people,” your clarity side might say “I want to work with positive people.”
  4. Add new ideas or thoughts to your clarity list as you think of them. This is your new point of focus. Keep your thoughts only on your clarity list and let go of all the items from your contrast list.
  5. Watch how the situation begins to shift!

To learn more about this empowering technique, watch Michael Losier demonstrate how to use the Contrast Through Clarity process:

To take it a step further, after you have written your clarity list write a script using what’s on your list and then spend some time visualizing it.

I would love to hear about your experiences with this process. Please share in the comments below.

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