The Value of Contrast
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The Value of Contrast

“You came into your body full of excitement about the possibilities that this life experience would inspire, and that desire that you held in the beginning was not muted at all by trepidation or doubt, for you knew your power and you knew that this life experience and all of its contrast would be the fertile ground for wonderful expansion.” – Abraham-Hicks

What is Contrast?

The concept of Contrast was introduced by Abraham-Hicks. As defined by Michael Losier, author of the book Law of Attraction, “Contrast, as it applies to the Law of Attraction, is anything you don’t like, doesn’t feel good, or causes you to be in a negative mood.”

Most people are not good at knowing what they DO want but they are good at knowing what they DON’T want. Identifying contrast is a helpful tool to get clarity on what it is you do want.

When someone is not nice to you (contrast), you want them to be nice. When you don’t have enough money (contrast), you want more money. If you’re having health problems (contrast), you want to be healthy. Contrast causes you clarify your preferences.

How Contrast Serves Us

You can’t know what you do want unless you know what you don’t want. Although it doesn’t feel good, contrast is actually a good thing. Out of contrast and the variety of life’s experiences, you get to decide what you prefer.

Contrast launches desires and is Step 1 of the creation process. Contrast and desire is the basis for our existence. Without it, there is no creation.

Contrast causes you to focus your energy more clearly, and from that focus you find new awareness and your new preference. The more clearly you know what you want, the more easily the Law of Attraction can deliver it.

Sometimes your Inner Being / Higher Self will prompt you in the direction of a problem in order to create a solution. And as a creator, isn’t that what you’re looking for?

Clarity Through Contrast

In his book Law of Attraction, Michael Losier offers the Clarity Through Contrast process to help us better understand what it is we do want. You can download the PDF for free from his website: Or, you can use a piece of paper – simply draw a line down the middle and at the top of the left side write “Contrast” (A) and on the top of the right side write “Clarity” (B).

The Clarity Through Contrast process is simple:

1. Choose a situation or life area that you want clarity on, such as career, finances, relationship, etc.
2. On side A (contrast) list all the things that are troubling you about your situation. For example – career – hours too long, pay too low. You can refer to past and current experiences to help build your list.
3. After completing the contrast list, read each item and ask, “So, what do I want?” and complete Side B (clarity) of the worksheet. After you have reached clarity, simply cross off the matching item of contrast.
4. Add new ideas or thoughts to your clarity list as you think of them. This is your new point of focus. Keep your thoughts only on your clarity list and let go of all the items from your contrast list.
5. Watch how the situation begins to shift!

An Environment Without Contrast

People think that it would be nice to have an environment where there are no problems and all they see is what they want, but expansion cannot come from that. That would lead to the end of our existence.

You came into your physical body for growth and expansion, and contrast is a necessary component of that.

Life is all about growing and expanding and alignment. If there was no more contrast, you would be bored. There would be no more desires to reach for, and you would be “done.”

Contrast is Essential to Our Eternity

“If we could eliminate the contrast, then we would eliminate choice, and if we could eliminate choice, then we would eliminate asking. If we could eliminate asking, we would eliminate summoning of Source, we would eliminate leading edge thought — and we would eliminate eternity.” – Abraham-Hicks

Contrast is life giving and essential to your expansion as an eternal being. Since you are eternal, you don’t want to run out of desires, and you don’t want to run out of what causes desire either. The contrast causes you to focus yourself into a clear, new awareness of what you want.

“In the absence of contrast there would be absence of desire which means there would be absence of summoning of life which means there would be absence of life which means there would be Death, in the truest sense of the word, and we promise you there can never be that!” – Abraham-Hicks

Embracing Contrast

The challenge with contrast is to not get fixated on it. It is meant to birth new desires but when you stay fixated on the problem, you can’t grow and evolve.

Instead of freaking out when you’re in the midst of problems (contrast), learn to embrace it and realize it is an opportunity to fine-tune what you want and to expand your dreams. Ask yourself, “What do I want in this situation?”

The only way you can move out of the contrast and into a better feeling situation is to focus more on what you want. Through your desire and clarity, the solution can, and will, come. The Universe will respond to your improved vibration by bringing more improvement.

Once you have trained yourself not to dwell on the contrast, you will find that the contrast becomes fleeting, fewer and less severe over time. Just go with the flow and do what you can can to feel good. Keep your focus there – on feeling good. That is the sweet spot in life and it will only get better and better with practice, time, and attention.

Enjoy the journey!



  • Tina

    My 37 yr old daughter and I seem to be in a constant state of contrast..She sucks the life right out if me…
    I am going to use the aforementioned process. This could very well be the lifeline I’ve been searching for.

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