The Solar Plexus The Sun of the Body
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The Solar Plexus: The Sun of the Body

You may be familiar with the solar plexus as the third chakra, also called Manipura, which means “lustrous gem.” It spins around your navel area of the body, near your upper abdomen and breastbone and is said to provide a source of personal power and relates to self-esteem, warrior energy, and the power of transformation. It’s color is bright yellow, like the sun.

Abraham-Hicks describes the solar plexus as our emotional energy translator barometer – it translates vibration into emotions.

Charles Haanel, in his book The Master Key System, says the Solar Plexus “has been likened to the sun of the body.” He also states that when this radiation is sufficiently strong the person is called magnetic, and when we let our light shine there is no limit to the amount of life an individual may generate from this Solar center.

Below are some enlightening quotes from Mr. Haanel’s book about the Solar Plexus and its role in creating reality. If you have any thoughts, comments or aha’s, please share in the comments below 🙂

“We are related to the world within by the subconscious mind. The solar plexus is the organ of this mind. The sympathetic system of nerves presides over all subjective sensations, such as joy, fear, love, emotion, respiration, imagination, and all other subconscious phenomena. It is through the subconscious that we are connected with the Universal Mind and brought into relation with the Infinite constructive forces of the Universe.”

“The Sympathetic System has its centre in a ganglionic mass at the back of the stomach known as the Solar Plexus, and is the channel of that mental action which unconsciously supports the vital functions of the body.”

“…every thought is received by the brain, which is the organ of the conscious; it is here subjected to our power of reasoning. When the objective mind has been satisfied that the thought is true it is sent to the Solar Plexus, or the brain of the subjective mind, to be made into our flesh, to be brought forth into the world as a reality. It is then no longer susceptible to any argument whatever. The subconscious mind cannot argue — it only acts. It accepts the conclusions of the objective mind as final.”

The Solar Plexus has been likened to the sun of the body, because it is a central point of distribution for the energy which the body is constantly generating. This energy is very real energy, and this sun is a very real sun, and the energy is being distributed by very real nerves to all parts of the body, and is thrown off in an atmosphere which envelopes the body.”

If this radiation is sufficiently strong the person is called magnetic; he is said to be filled with personal magnetism. Such a person may wield an immense power for good. His presence alone will often bring comfort to the troubled minds with which he comes in contact.”

When the Solar Plexus is in active operation and is radiating life, energy, and vitality to every part of the body and to every one whom he meets, the sensations are pleasant. The body is filled with health and all with whom he comes in contact experience a pleasant sensation.”

The Solar Plexus is the point at which the part meets with the whole, where the finite becomes Infinite, where the Uncreate becomes create, the Universal becomes individualized, the Invisible becomes visible. It is the point at which life appears and there is no limit to the amount of life an individual may generate from this Solar centre.”

Conscious thought, then, is master of this sun centre from which the life and energy of the entire body flows and the quality of the thought which we entertain determines the quality of the thought which this sun will radiate, and the character of the thought which our conscious mind entertains will determine the character of the thought which this sun will radiate, and the nature of the thought which our conscious mind entertains will determine the nature of thought which this sun will radiate, and consequently will determine the nature of the experience which will result.”

“It is evident, therefore, that all we have to do is let our light shine. The more energy we can radiate, the more rapidly shall we be enabled to transmute undesirable conditions into sources of pleasure and profit. The important question, then, is how to let this light shine; how to generate this energy.”

Nonresistant thought expands the Solar Plexus; resistant thought contracts it. Pleasant thought expands it; unpleasant thought contracts it. Thoughts of courage, power, confidence, and hope all produce a corresponding state, but the one arch enemy of the Solar Plexus which must be absolutely destroyed before there is any possibility of letting any light shine is fear. This enemy must be completely destroyed; he must be eliminated; he must be expelled forever; he is the cloud which hides the sun which causes a perpetual gloom.”

“It is this personal devil [fear] which makes men fear the past, the present, and the future; fear themselves, their friends, and their enemies; fear everything and everybody. When fear is effectually and completely destroyed, your light will shine, the clouds will disperse, and you will have found the source of power, energy, and life.”

“…the man who knows that he has a Solar Plexus will not fear criticism or anything else; he will be too busy radiating courage, confidence, and power; he will anticipate success by his mental attitude; he will pound barriers to pieces and leap over the chasm of doubt and hesitation which fear places in his path.”

“How may we awaken the solar plexus? Mentally concentrate upon the condition which we desire to see manifested in our lives.”