The Secret to Vibrant Health
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The Secret to Vibrant Health

Did you know that vibrant health is your birthright? And that being healthy, fit and full of vitality is your natural state of being? If you have slipped away from this natural state, it is possible to find your way back. All it takes is a shift in your thinking.

The mainstream believes that exercise, a healthy diet, drinking lots of water and breathing clean air are the main factors that contribute to vibrant health. And while these are all important, the truth is, your health and body are a result of the thoughts you think.

“Most people have no idea of the power of their thoughts. They do not realize that as they continue to find things to complain about, they disallow their own physical well-being.” – Abraham-Hicks

According to the Law of Attraction, you manifest the essence of whatever you focus on – whether you want it or not. If you think about and imagine yourself having vibrant health, you’re attracting vibrant health. If you worry about getting sick or contracting a disease, you’re attracting illness.

If you feel negative emotion and you don’t change the thought to relieve the discomfort of it, it will get bigger, until eventually the negative emotion becomes physical sensation, and then physical deterioration.

Your body is a mirror of your inner thoughts and beliefs. Illness is the body’s way of letting you know that you are allowing negative emotion and need to change the thoughts you are thinking. Dis-ease can grow and flourish in a negative mental atmosphere.

Everything is vibrational including the cells of your body.

“You are an electronic being. Your wellness is about the transfer of Energy, (not different from electricity) from Universal Source to you on a cellular basis. You have many Energy points within your body. Sickness is not because cells have turned bad. Sickness is because cells are not being allowed the fullness of the Energy response. It’s sort of like an electrical short.” – Abraham-Hicks

Every cell in your body responds to your thoughts and if they are constantly filled with negativity and stress, your cells become hindered in their natural balancing process and your health will be impaired. Over time, this creates dis-ease.

The subconscious mind accepts whatever you choose to believe, so the key to good health is to continually focus on well-being. Keep your thoughts positive and picture yourself vibrant and energetic.

Here are some tips to allow vibrant health:

  • Focus deliberately and consistently on vibrant health. Intend, affirm, visualize, and expect good health. When thoughts of illness enter your mind, release them and shift your thinking back to having excellent health.
  • When you’re not feeling well, allow yourself to relax, breathe deeply and keep your thoughts positive. Negative thoughts creates resistance, which blocks the communication between your cells and Source. When you release resistance, your cells can function optimally so your body can right itself and come back into balance and harmony.
  • Illness is nothing more than a physical indicator of energy out of balance. To restore balance, find reasons to be happy and things to appreciate, love yourself and others, think thoughts that feel better. When your thoughts are chronically good-feeling, your body will thrive.
  • Stop listening to others opinions about what you should and should not do for your body – it blocks the voice of your own inner guidance. You higher self knows the best way for you to achieve vibrant health so follow your intuition.

Good-feeling thoughts produce and sustain physical well-being and vibrant health. There is nothing in the Universe that responds faster to your thoughts than your physical body. When you learn to release resistance in the early, subtle stages, your physical body will thrive.

In closing, here is an affirmation from Louise Hay to help you align with your natural, vibrant, healthy state of being:

“I accept health as the natural state of my being. I now consciously release any mental patterns within me that could express as dis-ease in any way. I love and approve of my body. I feed it nourishing foods and beverages. I exercise it in ways that are fun. I recognize my body as a wondrous and magnificent machine, and I feel privileged to live in it. I love lots of energy. All is well in my world.” – Louise Hay