The Purpose of a Family
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The Purpose of a Family

Have you ever wondered what the purpose of a family is? I never really gave it much thought until I listened to an excerpt of an Abraham-Hicks workshop entitled “What is the Purpose of a Family?

Since then, I have come to realize there are 2 kinds of family and each serves a different purpose:

1. Your Birth Family

“A family, for the most part, is an avenue into physical experience.” – Abraham-Hicks

Before you were born into your physical body, your non-physical self chose its human parents based on its intentions for the upcoming lifetime. You had a clear intention for incarnating – you may have wanted certain experiences, lessons you wanted to learn, and gifts to expand, so that you may evolve spiritually.

Your soul may have chosen certain obstacles and challenges as part of its childhood because they are vital experiences to your spiritual growth, even though you may not yet have a complete understanding of how these difficulties fit into your purpose.

So, your birth family sets the stage for your future and provides the perfect environment to fulfill your soul’s intentions for your life. The challenges and obstacles that you face within your family structure offers the best chance for you to learn and grow the way you intended to spiritually.

2. Your Soul Family

“Your blood family is rarely your vibrational family, rarely. Rarely.” – Abraham-Hicks

Your Soul Family are individuals who you feel a deep, heart felt connection with that feels like home. They come into your life at significant times in order to assist you with your life’s intentions. These meetings help to fuel your spiritual growth, along with assisting you with making huge leaps forward in your life.

They are your vibrational match and can play almost any role in your life: best friend, your partner, a family member, a neighbor, a workmate, or someone whom you chanced to meet in passing. They see and love you as you truly are without judgment.

A soul family’s purpose is to love, nurture, support, guide, protect and help you. Soul family members help align you with your soul’s purpose, and will accelerate your spiritual growth.

Soul family connections are powerful and undeniable, and the most loving, supportive, nurturing and compassionate on Earth. You will be drawn together by forces stronger than any Earthly conditions (i.e. gender, age, marital status). Your connection may be expressed romantically, or by becoming the best of friends. This person will always feel like family.

Due to the purpose-driven nature of these interactions, these relationships may or may not last. No matter how short or long-lived, these connections always serve a higher purpose.

It is important to know that one is not more important than the other. Because each kind of family serves a different purpose, they both have tremendous value in our lives.

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