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The Path of Joy: 16 Helpful Tips for a More Joyful Life

Just as there are many ways you can serve humanity and the planet, there are also many life paths you can choose. For example, there is a path of struggle, a path of will, a path of compassion, and a path of joy. It’s an inner note that sounds within you as you move through your day.

Here are 16 helpful tips for a more joyful life:

1. Bring Joy Into the Present
The path of joy deals with the present, not the future, but you might be so busy fulfilling your daily obligations that you put off doing things that make you feel good until a future time. Maybe you’re holding an image of what life will be like one day when you are happy, but not feeling that sense of well-being now. Get clear on what brings you joy, and make a point of bringing those experiences into your life every day.

2. Engage in Soul-Directed Activities
You may have been taught that self-worth comes from being busy so you fill your time with activities that are not soul-directed. However, there are two kinds of busyness. Activities based on “shoulds” and don’t express your higher purpose, and soul-directed activities that are always an expression of your higher purpose. Release the “shoulds” in your life and instead fill your time with activities that are in alignment with your soul.

3. Be Aware of Distractions
With so many daily distractions that will grab your attention, like phone calls, children, and chores, you might not be tuned into your inner-directed messages. Your great challenge is not to be distracted by what’s distracting you, but instead, find your center and magnetize all those things that are in alignment with your inner being. Meditation and grounding will help you to stay connected so you will be tuned in, tapped in, and turned on throughout the day.

4. Be Open to Change
You may have lots of reasons why you cannot change your life right now, but if you don’t create reasons why you can, change will always be a future thought and keep you off the path of joy. Always be open and willing to positive change. If you have a fear of change, use EFT Tapping to release the resistance.

5. Release the Belief That Your Are Obligated to Others
Your life may not feel joyful because others are pulling on you and you feel obligated to help them. Or you are entrapped by your own need for other people to need your help. As a result, you are filling up your time with things you don’t want to do. If you are helping others and they are not growing, they may not be capable of receiving the help you are giving at this point in their lives. If this is the case, then you are pulling down your own energy by spending time with them. You are not obligated to give your attention to people regardless of how they act or who they are. Bless them with love and light, let them go and move on.

6. Create Freedom
The basis of your life is freedom, but you may have created a life based on work, accomplishments and forms that keep you feeling stuck. The path of joy is learning how not to be trapped by your own creations, but to be uplifted by them.

7. Look Inward
If you have created anything that is not bringing you joy, such as a job or relationship, look inward and ask why you feel you must be in a relationship with anyone or anything that does not bring you joy. You deserve a joyful life – it is your birthright. Let go of the things that do not contribute to your happiness.

8. Use the Power of Your Imagination
You have an active imagination and it is the doorway out of where you are. You can choose a doorway into worry or it can be a doorway into joy. Choose joy and let your creative imagination open the way.

9. Practice Appreciation
The path of joy involves the ability to receive. You can surround yourself with loving family, friends that care, and have a healthy body, if you choose. There is so much to appreciate and be thankful for. One of the ways to receive even more is to spend time appreciating what you already have. Acknowledge even the simplest things – the smile of a child, the flowers you see, the delicious food you eat – and soon the Universe will send you even more to be thankful for, for appreciation is one of the highest vibrations and is magnetic.

10. Trust the Universe
If you have been concerned about money or finding a career where you can do what you love, be willing to take a risk and trust the Universe to give the opportunity to you. And even more, are you prepared to handle the money when it comes in, and do you feel you deserve it?

11. Value Yourself and Your Time
The path of joy involves valuing yourself and monitoring how you spend your time. You do not owe anyone else your time. When you take charge of yourself and affirm that you are a unique and valuable person, the world will affirm it to you also. The world would change in a day if people spent time doing only things that accomplished the greatest good for themselves and the people they’re with. If it’s not for your highest good, it’s not the highest good for the planet or other people either.

12. Do What Brings You Joy
Everyone has things they love to do. What you love is a sign from your Higher Self of what you are here to do. Even if you think the things you love can’t possibly be your path or make you money, if you allow yourself to spend time doing them, a path would unfold. Follow the whispering of the next step. It may not seem connected with your higher vision, but know that you are always being guided on the path of joy.

13. Settle for Nothing Less
You will have joy when you focus on having it and settle for nothing less. When you wake up in the morning, ask yourself what can you do today that would bring you joy and delight. Don’t let yourself focus on the problems you have to handle. Put a smile on your face, rather than focusing on how you’re going to get through the day. Remember the law of attraction – energy flows where attention goes.

14. Explore Your Purpose
There is not just one thing you’re here to do, for each thing you accomplish becomes a step towards your evolution. Each experience flows from earlier experiences. You might step sideways on occasion, trying out seemingly unrelated things to bring in new skills on your journey. Don’t judge purpose by the what society has told you are the best things to do or by the standards of others. You may be here to develop inner peace, or explore the realm of the intellect or the business world. Love, accept and value yourself and whatever path of higher purpose unfolds.

15. Take Responsibility for Everything You Create
Even though there’s almost always tension in the world, there is also great opportunity available for those who stay focused on the positive and are willing to take responsibility for everything they create. Energy is available to those who are on a path of joy. That energy brings you opportunities to have joy and abundance now.

16. Release Power Struggles
Many of your challenges on the path of joy will be to learn to have compassion and step outside of power struggles. If someone snaps at you or is unfriendly, step back, and try to sense life from their perspective from a place of compassion. You may see that their tiredness or defensiveness has nothing to do with you, for you only represent another character in their play. The more you can step outside and not be pulled into power struggles, the more joyful your life will be.

With your excellent mind and unlimited potential, you have so much to be thankful for. You have the ability to create anything you want. The only limits are those you create for yourself. When you wake up in the morning, affirm your freedom. Focus on your higher vision and live the most joyful life you can imagine.

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