The Magical Creation Box
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The Magical Creation Box

(Image by Bo Mei from Pixabay)

In the book Ask and It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks, Abraham offers twenty-two processes to assist you in releasing resistance and raising your vibration. They recommend taking a playful approach to their processes as you will hold less resistance than if you see them as tools to fix something that is broken.

Process #2 is The Magical Creation Box.

Abraham suggests using this process when:

  • You are in the mood for a pleasant activity that will focus your energy into specific directions of personal preferences
  • You want to give the Universe specific information about the details of things that please you

To begin the Magical Creation Box process, find a nice-looking box. It can be a shoe box, a photo box, a wooden box, or any box that pleases you when you see it. On the lid, write the words: Whatever is contained in this box – IS!

Next, gather images from magazines, catalogs, and the internet that exemplify your desires: pictures of houses, landscaping, furniture, clothing, travel destinations, vehicles; images of physical characteristics; photos of people interacting with one another, or anything else that appeals to you in any way, clip it and drop it into your Creation Box. As you drop it in, say, “Whatever is contained in this box – IS!

You can also write a description of something you would like to experience and drop that into your box.

Abraham says:

“The more things you find for your box, the more the Universe will deliver to you other ideas that match them. And the more ideas you drop into your box, the more your desire will be focused. And the more your desire is focused, the more alive you will feel – for this Energy flowing through you is what life is.”

This process will feel invigorating to you if you have little or no resistance (no doubt that you can achieve these things). The more you clip, the better you’ll feel, and you will soon begin seeing evidence of these things coming into your experience. For someone who is usually a good-feeling person, this process may be all you need to create a wonderful life.”

Abraham describes the process:

“Imagine that you are sitting in your chair, and next to your chair is a box, a pretty good-sized box. And you know that you are a creator, and that this box is your creation; it is your world, so to speak. And you are like a giant, sitting here on this big chair, and you have the ability to reach out anywhere in this physical Universe and pluck whatever you want and drop it into that box.

So you bring a beautiful house, and you put it in a city that pleases you. And you bring a means of income for you, and maybe a means of income for your mate. You bring all the things you like to do—the beautiful things that you find here and there, feelings of elation and feelings of sensuality, and all of these things that you want, and you drop these things into your Creation Box.”

A Magical Creation Box is also known by some as an intention box or manifestation box and is a great alternative to vision boards. If you prefer to keep your desires and intentions private, this idea is perfect for you!

To learn more about this process and see Creation Boxes that others have made, check out the many videos on YouTube.

Do you have a Magical Creation Box? If so, please share your experiences in the comments below.

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