The Energy of Appreciation
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The Energy of Appreciation

Do you know that everything is energy? You, your dog, a chair, your mood, it’s all energy vibrating at different frequencies (the number of vibrations per second) which is expressed in different forms: inanimate matter (the chair); a living being (you and your dog); and a mental state (your mood). Appreciation is also energy and is expressed through its own frequency of vibration.

Messages From Water

In his book Messages From Water, Dr. Masaru Emoto demonstrates the impact of thoughts, feelings, words and music on the crystalline structure of water. For example, he and his team used a high-powered microscope to examine the formations of ice before and after affixing words, such as love and appreciation, to a test tube of water.

The water was frozen and examined, then compared to water identical in all respects except that it had not been exposed to the words. The results are amazing!

The crystalline shapes of the water exposed to the words “love and appreciation” were well-defined, complex, and beautifully lacy, where as the crystalline shapes of the water not exposed were relatively unformed, and had a nebulous or blurred quality.

Then Dr. Emoto affixed to another test tube of water the words “You make me sick. I will kill you.” These words had a very different impact on the water’s crystalline structure. Dr. Emoto describes this crystal as “distorted, imploded and dispersed.” Its structure is chaotic, ill-defined, and has nothing in common with the pristine beauty of the “love and appreciation” crystal.

If the differing vibrational frequencies of words can have this kind of an effect on the crystalline structure of water, imagine the impact on your life with the purposefully directed vibration of appreciation!

The Vibration of Appreciation

In Power vs. Force, Dr. David Hawkins shares his findings on the energy of emotions using applied kinesiology (AK), also known as muscle strength testing. On a scale of zero to 1000, shame is a vibration of 20. Guilt is at 30. The vibration of fear is 100, anger is 150, courage 200. Love is the vibration of 500.

Appreciation is at the level of 780. I’ve heard Abraham-Hicks say that appreciation is a similar vibration to love but when tested using AK, it’s even higher than love!

I have taken this information to heart and practice this vibration every morning. When I write in my journal, I write lists of what I appreciate and love about my life. It raises my vibration, sets a positive tone for the day and just plain feels good.

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