What is The Art of Allowing
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What is the Art of Allowing?

The Art of Allowing is the term used by Abraham-Hicks when they talk about the last of three powerful Universal Laws, the Law of Allowing (the Law of Attraction is the first law, and the Law of Deliberate Creation is the second). The premise of this law is to just relax and go with the flow.

“Applying this third law is truly where your personal power lies. The Art of Allowing is “the conscious, gentle guiding of your thoughts in the general direction of the the things that you desire.” – Abraham-Hicks

To get a clearer understanding of how the Art of Allowing works, Abraham-HIcks often uses the analogy of floating in a boat on the river. You can tell if you are “paddling against the current in an upstream direction” or “going with the flow in the easier downstream direction” by your emotions.

When you are floating “downstream,” you are thinking positive thoughts and feel good. On the other hand, your negative feelings are an indicator that you are paddling upstream and heading in the wrong direction of your desires.

Learning to let go of the oars and flow with the natural current is challenging for most people because there is a fear of not having control. But everything you want is downstream in this Current of Life and and when you relax and let go, the current will carry you to it.

To learn more about the Art of Allowing I highly recommend the book The Astonishing Power of Emotions by Esther and Jerry Hicks.

In their book, Abraham-Hicks give 33 examples to help you let go of the oars to get you flowing in the right direction. Some topics covered are:

  • I Cannot Lose Weight
  • I Am Not Happy at Work
  • I Am Totally Disorganized
  • I Cannot Find a Mate
  • I Have So Little Money…with No Improvement in Sight

Abraham also offers specific statements for each topic to help you choose better feeling thoughts that will get you flowing downstream – where your dreams and desires await.

“Accomplishing an end result is manifestation; consciously managing and maintaining your vibrational balance is Deliberate Living. And it is really what we call living the Art of Allowing.” – Abraham-Hicks

To learn more about the Art of Allowing, visit the Allowing Archives page on my Law of Attraction Resource Guide site.




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