The A to Z Guide for Financial Abundance
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The A to Z Guide for Financial Abundance

Is financial abundance on your dream list?

If you were not born into a wealthy family, and especially if you were raised with a poverty/lack mindset, it may take some work to change your financial circumstances.

This is not the kind of work that you might think. Action-work takes a lot of effort and can be exhausting. The kind of work I’m talking about is vibrational.

Becoming financially abundant in an easy and relaxed way takes energy-work. By shifting your energy, you can live a prosperous and wealthy life.

This A to Z guide for financial abundance will help you in shifting your energy vibration to match that of abundance.

Even though there are many attributes to financial abundance, you do not have to consciously practice everything on this list at every moment.

As you become more aware of this knowledge, it will become a natural part of your consciousness over time, and your thoughts and behaviors will change with little effort on your part.


is for Appreciation, Acknowledgment, Alignment, Allowing, Attention

The key to an abundant life is appreciation. When you acknowledge and give thanks for what you have, your attention shifts from what isn’t working in your life to what is. This brings you into alignment with Source Energy (God) and who you really are (an extension of Source Energy). A thankful heart puts you in harmony with the creative energies of the Universe. When you are in alignment, you are in an allowing mode and money can flow more easily and abundantly to you. If your appreciation is strong and constant, the Universe will respond strongly and continuously.


is for Birthright, Beliefs

Financial abundance is your birthright. You were born into your physical body to live a joyful, expansive life. That is your purpose. To make the most of yourself is to make the most of Source. It is your right to have unrestricted access to all things necessary for your physical, mental, and spiritual unfolding. There are no limits. The only things that have prevented you from having what is yours are your beliefs. When you start believing that your are worthy and deserving of financial abundance, and that it can be easy to achieve, it will become your reality.


is for Choices, Consciousness, Clarity, Creativity, Connection

You have total freedom of choice. You can choose to be rich, or you can choose to be poor. If it seems like financial abundance has been evading you, it is because you have been emitting a vibrational frequency of lack. When you are not making conscious choices, your life unfolds by default. Becoming aware of this empowers you to now choose to connect with Source Energy and ask for help in turning your situation around. Once you have made this connection, your vibration will shift, you will begin to have more clarity, and your creative juices will flow. Money likes to be a part of flowing energy, so making this connection is important for you financially.


is for Decisions, Desire, Deserving

Once you have made the conscious choice to be financially abundant, decide how much you want. Think big. Whatever you want, you can have. You deserve it! Your desire is the driving force in the creation of it. Remember, you are an extension of Source Energy, and no amount is too much for Source. You have access to everything Source has, so decide what you want and let go of any limiting beliefs that say you can’t have it. Once you make a firm decision, the Universe will kick into gear to make it happen for you.


is for Easy, Energy, Expectancy, Evidence

It is just as easy for the Universe to deliver to you $1,000,000 as it is $1. Money is energy and there is an unlimited supply of it. If you believe that it’s hard to attain $1,000,000, then you will experience the evidence of your belief. If you release your limiting beliefs and shift your mindset to expectancy, you will experience the evidence of financial abundance manifested into your reality.


is for Flow, Faith, Focus, Feelings

If you focus on your lack you will inevitably attract more of the same. If you want financial abundance, keep your focus on your goal. The Universe responds to your feelings so practice the feeling of already having it, and have unwavering faith that it is coming. Money, as with all forms of energy, must flow. So remember that when you spend money, have appreciation in the releasing of it, and have faith that it will return to you multiplied.


is for Generosity, Giving

Generosity is a natural attribute of higher wealth consciousness. If Source Energy is your role model, you are always willing and open to share what you have. Many people give ten percent of their income to causes they care about. That can also include giving it to yourself – you are important too. This lets the Universe know that you love and care about yourself, and the Universe responds abundantly to acts of self-love. When the money starts flowing to you in larger amounts, you can extend the generosity to others.


is for Happiness, Harmony

Happiness is our number one goal in life. It is the goal of all other goals. Everything we want is because we think we will be happier in the having of it. When we seek money, or any other thing, we are really seeking happiness. Most people have it backwards. They believe they won’t be happy until they have the money. It’s a paradox but if you want financial abundance, seek happiness first. The money will soon follow. Being happy brings with it harmony, which are two things money can’t resist.


is for Intention, Inspiration, Increase

Manifesting an increase of money first requires desire. Once you have the desire, then you can set your intention. An intention is an aim of purpose from which potentiality flows. Once you set your intention, follow your inspiration. Inspired action is from Source and will always lead you on the highest path to your ultimate happiness.


is for Joy, Journey

Most people believe that the manifestation of their desire is where their joy is. And although achieving financial abundance is definitely rewarding, exciting, and fun, the true joy is in the journey. Watching and experiencing the unfolding of it, as well as knowing that you’re getting closer every day, can be empowering and fulfilling. Remember to enjoy the journey!


is for Knowledge

Knowledge is power. Educate yourself in all areas that apply to your intentions, from knowing who you really are, what you really want, and how to stand in your own personal power, to how to manage your money wisely so that it continues to increase. As your knowledge increases, so will your power. As your power increases, so will your financial abundance.


is for Love

Do you have a love-hate relationship with money? Love it when you have it, hate it when you don’t? If you want money to flow to you freely and abundantly, it’s time to release all your negative feelings around it. Take the time to work on your relationship with money so that you feel love and appreciation for all that it is, and what it has to offer, whether you have it or not. Money shows up for those who love it, who give it their attention and care—just like in a healthy relationship , it will take care of you in return.


is for Momentum, Money

Financial abundance means having money, and lots of it! Thinking about it and giving your attention to it starts the creation process. It only takes 17 seconds of focused thought to get the momentum going on a manifestation. For each additional 17 seconds after that, the momentum picks up speed. The longer you give it your attention, the faster the momentum. Spend time every day focusing positively on your financial intentions to keep the momentum going.


is for Natural, Nourish

The desire to be financially abundant is our natural state of being. It is our right to have everything we want for our growth and greatest potential. Don’t let anyone squelch this natural part of you. Nourish it and allow the abundant you to flourish.


is for Observation, Open, Opportunity

Quantum physics has proven that nothing can exist without observation. Only by giving your attention to something, can it exist. So if you want to manifest more money, pay attention to money. Hold good feeling financial abundance thoughts in your mind. Appreciate what you have and be open to opportunities for more. Take inspired action as necessary.


is for Purpose, Passion, Power, Peace, Persistence

You have the power to achieve financial abundance. Step into your power confidently and state your purpose to the Universe with passion “Financial abundance is my birthright. I claim it. I own it. Thank you.” Have peace that it is coming and be persistent in the creating of it.


is for Questions

If you don’t know how to get from where you are to where you want to be, start asking questions. Your subconscious mind loves answering your questions, and since it is directly linked to the Universe, you’ll want to take full advantage of this eager and unlimited resource. Questions activate the Universe into action. So start asking, “What will it take for me to have financial abundance?” “How can I increase my income by 100%?” “What can I do today to become a vibrational match to my financial desires?” Note: avoid asking “why” questions as they have a victim mentality vibration. You are not a victim. You are a creator.


is for Receive, Release Resistance

Two very important factors to manifesting financial abundance are 1) Releasing resistance. You know you are holding resistance when you are feeling negative emotion. You can release this resistance simply by shifting your focus to anything that makes you feel better. And 2) Be open to receive. Many people believe that it is better to give than to receive. If this is you, it’s time to shift your beliefs. Money flows abundantly both ways. Be ready to receive it!


is for Source, Self-love/appreciation, Service

You are the Source of your financial abundance because you are Source Energy. You have the power to allow it to flow or not. Be aware that if you feel negatively about yourself, you are pinching yourself off from Source, and from the flow of abundance. Self-love and appreciation are key elements in achieving joyful abundance in every area of your life. Also, offer your loving, amazing self through service to others. Service of any kind is beneficial, paid or unpaid, as long as it is from your heart. The Universe always responds to a loving heart.


is for Trust, Time, Thoughts, Tenacity

There is a buffer of time between your thoughts and when they manifest. This allows you to get clear on what you want. Trust that your thoughts are powerfully magnetic, and with sheer tenacity, will manifest in perfect timing.


is for Unlimited, Understanding, Universe

When you have an understanding of the universal laws and principles, you know without doubt that financial abundance is unlimited to everyone who desires it. The Universe can provide anything, to anyone, at anytime. It truly is unlimited.


is for Vibration, Vision, Vortex

Abraham, a collective group of non-physical beings who speak through Esther Hicks, tells us in their teachings that everything we have ever wanted is being held for us in energy form, a vibrational escrow if you will. They call this vibrational place The Vortex. To receive what’s in your Vortex, you must be a vibrational match (having a similar vibe). To become a vibrational match to your desires, simply stay positively focused on your vision, believe you can achieve it, and think good feeling thoughts. It can’t get any easier than that!


is for Wealth, Well-being, Without Worry

Your natural state is one of absolute well-being. When you are living your life as the powerful person you really are, you are happy, healthy, and prosperous. Financial wealth and joy are natural by-products of this. To return to your natural state of total well-being, live without worry and stay focused on a life that feels good to you.


is for Expression

Source Energy wants us to have financial abundance so that we can have access to all the wonderful things this physical life has to offer. Source Energy expresses itself through us so it only makes sense for us to strive to be all that we can be, for the highest good of all.


is for Youthful

As you pursue the attainment of financial abundance, avoid getting too serious. Remember to laugh, play and have fun. Your youthful attitude will serve you well by keeping you in a state of high vibration.


is for Zest, Zen

The keys to financial abundance and living a joyful life are having a healthy dose of balance. Zest: enjoyment, enthusiasm and excitement, and Zen: being in a state of peace and awareness of your connection with the world and everything in it. We all come from the same energy. This includes money. Financial abundance is part of who you really are.

As you assimilate the concepts on this A to Z list, your energy will shift from a vibration of lack to one of abundance. It may not happen over night, but be assured that it will happen. Your thoughts and behaviors will change for the better, the Universe will faithfully respond, and your financial situation will greatly improve.


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