Tapping Script Remembering That We Are All One
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Tapping Script: Remembering That We Are All One

Quantum physics is now proving what spiritual leaders have taught us for centuries – that we are all One, we are connected and united at the energetic level. May we all remember to live our lives from the knowledge that everything we do to others we are ultimately doing to ourselves.

Before you begin tapping, find a quiet place where you can close your eyes and tune in to your thoughts. Take a deep breath and use the following script as a guide. Feel free to omit, add, or replace any statements that don’t resonate with you.

Setup Statement: Repeat this statement 3 times while tapping the Karate Chop point:

“Even though I tend to forget that we are all connected as One energy, I love and accept myself.”

Round 1 – Tap out the negative:

Eyebrow: I get so wrapped up in my own life
Side of Eye: I feel like I am on my own island
Under Eye: I forget that even though there seems to be separation
Under Nose: Everything is actually connected energetically
Chin: We are all part of One spiritual energy
Collarbone: The air between us is actually a connective sea of energy
Under Arm: We are all One, but it’s easy to forget this and live as separate beings
Head: I often live as though my actions only affect me

Round 2 – Tap in the positive:

Eyebrow: I now choose to set the conscious intention
Side of Eye: To always remember that we are all one
Under Eye: That we are all connected energetically
Under Nose: That to harm another is to harm myself
Chin: That even my negative thoughts can affect others
Collarbone: So I choose now to go forward firmly rooted in this knowledge
Under Arm: And to choose my thoughts, words and actions accordingly
Head: Radiating Love in the world as much as I possibly can

Round 3 – Reinforce the positive. Tap all 8 points with this statement:

“I choose to live with the conscious awareness that we are all connected as One.”

After completing the tapping rounds, take a deep breath, then radiate your love and light to everyone around the world.


*I wish to express my appreciation to Dena Przybyla, the author of Spiritual Growth With EFT, for the inspiration for this post.