• Mind Movie Visualization Technique
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    Mind Movie Visualization Technique

    Visualization is a powerful manifestation technique and a fun way to bring your dreams to life. But no matter how many times you visualize your desires, if done without feeling or emotion, you will unlikely produce the results that you want. For example, if you are visualizing having your perfect body, what would that feel like? You might feel excited, confident, beautiful, sexy, strong. It’s important to include these emotions into your visualization practice. A fun and easy way to help supercharge your emotions while visualizing is to create a mind movie. What is a Mind Movie? Basically it is an audio-visual method of visualization, similar to a vision board,…

  • How to Use Visualization Meditation to Create What You Want
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    How to Use Visualization Meditation to Create What You Want

    Visualization Meditation is an active meditation technique using visualization to enhance your creative manifestation power. Visualization meditation involves mental imagery and the use of your imagination. It is a powerful technique to create what you want in your life materially, emotionally, mentally, and physically. When you meditate on an image you wish to manifest, and continually focus on the idea or picture regularly with strong positive emotion, you will achieve what you have visualized. There are many different ways that visualization meditation can be used: Creating your desired life Achieving goals you set Modifying unwanted behaviors Enhancing positive feelings and emotions Improving physical performance Healing yourself and others Cynthia Stafford…