• Clearing Clutter For Clarity
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    Clearing Clutter For Clarity

    “If you could just go through and release those things you are not wearing, release those things you are not using, release them and leave your experience in a clearer place, then the things that are more in harmony with who you are now will more easily flow into your experience.” – Abraham-Hicks One of the easiest and most effective ways to attract something new into your life is to create some empty space. Being surrounded by clutter can negatively affect your life experience and when your environment is clogged with stuff that you no longer need or want, the new stuff is slower to come. “A cluttered environment can…

  • How to Use the Clarity Through Contrast Technique
    Tools & Techniques

    How to Use the Clarity Through Contrast Technique

    In his book Law of Attraction, Michael Losier offers the Clarity Through Contrast process to help us get clear on what it is we want. This technique is one of my personal favorites, and one I use regularly with my coaching clients. The concept of contrast was introduced by Abraham-Hicks and is anything that you don’t like and causes you to feel negative emotion. “You don’t need to suffer in negative emotion when you understand that contrast is essential to expansion and you are eternal beings, and so expansion is essential to your eternity.” – Abraham-Hicks Even though contrast doesn’t feel good, it is helpful because it launches desire and…