“When two or more minds come together that are positively focused upon a subject, those two minds are many times more powerful…the attraction of ideas and solutions goes beyond the sum total of the two individuals.
It is truly exhilarating. And it is really what co-creating is all about.”

- Abraham-Hicks



Christa has helped me with a total 180 degree turnaround...
“Christa Smith is worth her weight in gold. I had been looking for over a year for a coach but for several reasons none ticked all the boxes in terms of what I was looking for. I have two streams of income , one of them being trading stocks. I have been doing this with varying degrees of success for 40 years. I wanted clear repeatability in my winning trades. I have a vast self help library and came to Christa through her books which are wonderful. Whenever I have had issues (the frequency is lower now) Christa has worked extremely hard and come back to me with detailed solutions. I trade in extremely volatile markets and Christa has helped me with a total 180 degree turnaround. I owe a large part of my Success to HER BRILLIANCE , PATIENCE AND GENEROSITY where she has always worked her heart out for me, a total stranger, half way across the globe. I wish Christa, her family and all those who have the GREAT KARMA to meet her every success. From Sorrow , Confusion and Chaos to being.” – Pirojgar, India


Thank You!
"When I think about everything we’ve covered and how you made it all so clear and doable, I am amazed and filled with gratitude and appreciation for your time, talent and skills. Thank you for answering all of my questions and for exceeding my expectations. I have no hesitation in recommending you and I would be happy to return to you for more coaching in the future." - Ava, United Kingdom


Christa’s approach to life in general is refreshing…
“I started meeting with Christa weekly, eager to get a handle on my life so that I could enjoy each day to the fullest. She helped me to focus my attention on the positive things instead of on things I did not want. The results of my work with her have paid off exponentially in all areas of my life. Instead of tens of thousands of dollars in debt, I now have a full savings account! Instead of never having enough time for vacation, I take 8 (short and long) vacations a year to anywhere I want to go. Instead of worrying about my business floundering, I enjoy absolute prosperity – being a newly-published author in my field, and managing the highest rated business in my community. I feel so empowered to prosper everyday in my business, in my relationships, in my finances, and in all my endeavors. I would recommend (and do recommend her all the time!) Christa to anyone that wants to become happier, healthier, and more prosperous. Christa’s approach to life in general is refreshing, easy and 100% doable! Don’t wait another minute to achieve an easier path to joy!” – DuAnn, Idaho


Thank You So Much!
“With your help, I have been able to neutralize some very painful memories, clear issues that have bothered me for years, and I have had many profound, uplifting revelations. Thank you so much!” - Brianne, California


I am moving forward and gaining momentum…
“Through many events of my life, I was exploring and learning how to be happier, calmer, letting go and getting more of what I wanted. Even though, I was on the right path and making advancements there were things still missing in my life. Then I received Christa’s number from my Cousin. Since then we have worked together on multiple issues, including resistance and awareness of my thoughts. Through all my negative emotions and situations, Christa always remained calm, present and available. (Someone had to be calm because there were times it wasn’t me!) With the ease of each session, free of judgment, and the calm sensation afterwards, I knew I needed to stick with my new discovery. She stuck to the basics and was dedicated to her work of LOA (law of attraction) during our sessions. Currently, I feel more advanced than I did when we started. My work with LOA is leading me to the life I want to live! I know I am moving forward and gaining momentum in areas of my life. I am thankful for Christa’s time, experience and willingness to coach others like me.” – Jeni, Georgia


Christa helped me get to the root of my issues…
"Christa helped me get to the root of my issues by asking questions and identifying the emotions connected to them. She also helped by showing me a written exercise I can do on my own to improve my business. The result was a lighter overall feeling in regards to those deep rooted issues from childhood. I liked her kind and gentle demeanor. She is so compassionate and I felt very safe and supported. I found the experience to be very freeing and therapeutic! I would recommend Christa to people who need any kind of help with problems in their life that they are having trouble tackling on their own. Physical, emotional, situational, you name it – tapping with Christa could help!" - Jenny, Hawaii


Thank you infinitely!
"My experience with the Dream Life Coaching sessions has had a profound and resounding impact on my life, my wellbeing, my clarity, and sense of direction and purpose. My spiritual self feels uplifted and supported in a way that I’ve never before felt. This is the ultimate feeling in personal growth – Empowerment. Thank you infinitely!" - Corinna, California


I’m much more positive about life…
“I find I’m much more positive about life and now I realize that I have control of my health, relationships and general happiness!”
- Patty, Washington