Reading List

I love reading! First and foremost I read because it brings me joy. Secondly, I read to acquire the knowledge, ideas and strategies to evolve my life. And evolving my life brings me even more joy!

I love reading books to learn from those who have gone before me, which is the fast track to transforming my life. I love acquiring new ways of thinking and new techniques that I can pass on to my clients.

On rare occasions I’ll read a fiction book but mostly I read about my favorite topics which are Human Design, holistic living, the law of attraction and conscious creation, spirituality, personal growth and money.

Below you will find books that I have personally read and recommend, listed in alphabetical order. This page will be updated regularly, so check back often!

Reading List

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Abundance For All: The Lightworker’s Way to Creating Money and True Wealth
by Caroline Oceana Ryan – This book was channeled from The Collective, a group of higher beings who are here to support us as we Ascend into fifth dimensional living. Topics include dealing with the energies of the current money system, changing your abundance blueprint, releasing “struggle and hard work” programming, manifesting from a Fifth Dimensional level, dealing with the poverty mindset of loved ones, understanding the timing of manifestations, keeping money in perspective—and what true wealth and abundance look like.

Afformations®: The Miracle of Positive Self-Talk
by Noah St. John – A step-by-step guidebook to living the life of your dreams using afformations, which are  empowering questions that change your subconscious thought patterns from negative to positive.

Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires
by Esther & Jerry Hicks – This book presents the teachings of the nonphysical entity Abraham, to help you learn how to manifest your desires so that you’re living the joyous and fulfilling life you deserve. It includes 22 different powerful processes to help you achieve your goals. I love this book! A must have for all conscious creators.

Attracting Perfect Customers: The Power of Strategic Synchronicity
by Stacey Hall and Jan Brogniez – The authors outline a simple strategic process for making businesses so highly attractive that perfect customers and clients are naturally drawn right to them. They take you step by step through the entire strategic attraction process and reveal the six success standards of strategic synchronicity and share simple, fun, and easy-to-follow exercises that can be applied to any organization.

Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One
Joe Dispenza – You are not doomed by your genes and hardwired to be a certain way for the rest of your life. Not only will you be given the necessary knowledge to change any aspect of yourself, but you will be taught the step-by-step tools to apply what you learn in order to make measurable changes in any area of your life.

Colors & Numbers: Your Personal Guide to Positive Vibrations in Daily Life
by Louise Hay – “We each have our own personal number vibrations and personal color vibrations. Some of these numbers, such as our date of birth, are permanent. We also have temporary personal colors that change with the calendar. By consciously surrounding ourselves with our personal colors, we become more in tune with the cosmic forces.” I love this little book!

Connections: The Collective Speak on Romance and Friendship
by Caroline Oceana Ryan – Channeled from the Collective, each chapter answers a different question from a Lightworker on how to navigate a challenge they are having with a spouse, friend, or partner — or with relationships in general. Topics include Understanding what twin flames are–and how to contact your twin flame, desire in the fifth dimension, dealing with unrequited love and lost friendships, finding friends who are on your wavelength, creating true and authentic partnerships, singlehood and being on your own, breakups, divorce, and releasing those you love, the co-creative power of sexuality.

Conversations With God: An Uncommon Dialogue (Trilogy)
by Neale Donald Walsch – When Neale Donald Walsch was experiencing a low point in his life he decided to vent his frustrations in a letter to God. God responded. The result, written over several years, is a series of 3 books dealing with a wide range of topics, including life, death, marriage, sex, health, education, politics, process of creation, ecology, evolved societies of the cosmos, and so much more!
Book 1 deals mainly with personal topics, focusing on a person’s life challenges and opportunities.
Book 2 deals more with global topics of geopolitical and metaphysical life on the planet, and challenges facing the world.
Book 3 deals with life on other planets, universal truths of the highest order, and the challenges and opportunities of the soul.

Creating Money: Attracting Abundance
by Sanaya Roman & Duane Packer – This is one of my favorite books about money and I highly recommend adding it to your conscious creation library! This step-by-step guide to creating money and abundance was given to Sanaya and Duane by their guides, Orin and DaBen. The book is infused with Orin and DaBen’s consciousness of abundance that is available to you as you read to increase your ability to create money and abundance. The processes taught will help you to improve your financial condition, move out of lack and limitation, overcome obstacles, and become more magnetic to abundance.

Creating on Purpose: The Spiritual Technology of Manifesting Through the Chakras
by Anodea Judith PhD & Lion Goodman – Learn how to make use of the top-down flow of energy between chakras with this this unique, step-by-step approach that guides you through a rich study of the inner self, the outer world, and how to connect the two to make your dreams come true.

Creative Visualization: Use the Power of Your Imagination to Create What You Want in Your Life
by Shakti Gawain – Creative visualization is the art of using mental imagery and affirmation to produce positive changes in your life. Includes simple yet powerful techniques to achieve financial, creative, medical, career, relationship goals.

Energy Medicine: Balancing Your Body’s Energies for Optimal Health, Joy, and Vitality
by Donna Eden & David Feinstein – Donna Eden shows readers how they can understand their body’s energy systems to promote healing. An alternative health classic!

Energy Strands: The Ultimate Guide to Clearing the Cords That Are Constricting Your Life
by Denise Linn – In this book Denise Linn shows you how to release the cords that bind you and strengthen the ones that heal you. She shares methods she’s personally practiced over the years to help you achieve peace and balance in your life. I love this book!

Happy Money (Increase the Flow of Money with a Simple 2-Step Formula)
by Laina Buenostar – This book will help you understand how money works and what is keeping people from attracting prosperity. It will show you how you can have a life that is free from money worries.

How to Heal Yourself When No One Else Can: A Total Self-Healing Approach for Mind, Body, and Spirit
by Amy B. Scher – This book was born from the author’s healing journey of over 10 years. When nothing worked to heal her from a list of chronic illnesses and conditions she had an epiphany that led her to taking healing into her own hands. Using energy therapy and emotional healing techniques this book shows you how to achieve complete and permanent healing. Her approach includes removing blockages, changing your relationship with stress, and coming into alignment with who you truly are.

How To Win The Lottery With The Law Of Attraction: Four Lottery Winners Share Their Manifestation Techniques
by Eddie Coronado – The author, a lottery winner using The Law of Attraction, shares the metaphysical tools and insights that are necessary to win lottery and contest prizes through the creative power of thoughts and feelings. Includes interviews with actual winners who have used the Law of Attraction to win lottery prizes.

It Works: The Famous Little Red Book That Makes Your Dreams Come True!
by RHJ – This little book presents a concise, definite plan for bettering your conditions in life. It shows you how to use the Mighty Power within that is anxious and willing to serve you if you know how to use it.

Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives
by Michael Newton – Using a special hypnosis technique to reach the hidden memories of subjects, Dr. Newton discovered some amazing insights into what happens to us between lives. He shares the stories of 29 people who recalled their experiences between physical deaths and the “travel log” by these people of what happens between lives on Earth. They give specific details as they movingly describe their astounding experiences. This book is fascinating and highly recommended!

Law of Attraction: The Science of Attracting More of What You Want and Less of What You Don’t
by Michael J. Losier – Learn how to use the Law of Attraction deliberately and integrate it into their daily life with its easy-to-follow 3-step formula (Identify Your Desire, Give Your Desire Attention, and Allowing), complete with tips, tools, exercises, and scripts.

Life Visioning: A Transformative Process for Activating Your Unique Gifts and Highest Potential
by Michael Beckwith – The author (featured in The Secret) offers his complete Life Visioning Process―transformational technology for applying deep inquiry and spiritual practice to enable the growth, development, and unfoldment of your soul.

Living with Joy: Keys to Personal Power and Spiritual Transformation
by Sanaya Roman – This is one of my favorite books of all time and one I regularly recommend to my clients. In the tradition of Jane Roberts and Esther Hicks, gifted channel Sanaya Roman presents Living with Joy, given to her by Orin, a timeless being of love and light. Learn how to love and appreciate yourself, open to receive, experience more self-confidence and self-esteem, live in higher purpose, take a quantum leap in any area, change negatives into positives, gain clarity in your relationships, increase your sense of aliveness and well-being, and so much more. Highly recommended!

Love Money, Money Loves You
by Sarah McCrum – The author was asked a question in a book she was reading. “What does money want to say to you?” She started writing a response and found words coming out of her pen that weren’t her own. They started with, “I would like to tell you to love me.” She went on to write in the same way every day for 3 months and ended up with a collection of advice, apparently from the energy of money itself. This book offers a different perspective on money.

Mind to Matter: The Astonishing Science of How Your Brain Creates Material Reality
by Dawson Church – In this book Dawson Chorch explains the science showing how our minds create matter. The thoughts and energy fields we cultivate in our minds condition the atoms and molecules around us. We can now trace the science behind each link in chain from thought to thing, showing the surprising ways in which our intentions create the material world.

Money, and the Law of Attraction: Learning to Attract Wealth, Health, and Happiness
by Esther & Jerry Hicks – Esther, who present the teachings of the Non-Physical consciousness Abraham, explains that the two subjects most chronically affected by the powerful Law of Attraction are financial and physical well-being. This book has been written to deliberately align you with the most powerful law in the universe — the Law of Attraction — so that you can make it work specifically for you.

Moving Through Parallel Worlds To Achieve Your Dreams: The Epic Guide To Unlimited Power
by Kevin L. Michel – With research from quantum physics, psychology, biology and behavioral epigenetics, as well as many great spiritual teachings, this book will guide you on a path to achieving your grandest ambitions. “It is human awareness that causes matter to fix into a single position, and reveal a single reality. The science is showing that at every moment we become aware of our reality, the universe splits into unseen parallel dimensions and we become trapped in just one of these many parallel realities.” Learn how to access and move through parallel realities in order to master all things in the physical world .

Power vs. Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior
by David R. Hawkins – The Scale of Consciousness is a map created by David Hawkins that assigns a numerical value to every human emotion. According to Dr Hawkins, everything that physically or energetically exists, whether it’s a person, an object, an idea or a belief vibrates somewhere on this scale. This book is fascinating! Highly recommended!

Rich As F*ck: More Money Than You Know What to Do With
by Amanda Frances – If money has always been a problem for you then it’s time you know the truth about money. It’s time for you to have more money than you know what to do with. This is your blueprint! Amanda demystifies the topic of money, cracking the code of financial liberation and abundance. In her no-nonsense style, she tells it like it is (be prepared for a lot of F bombs) in a way that inspires and makes you believe becoming rich is easy and totally doable! This is a great book!

The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent
by Esther & Jerry Hicks – This book presents the teachings of the nonphysical entity Abraham and is about having deliberate intent for whatever you want in life, while at the same time balancing your energy along the way.

The Angel Experiment: A 21-Day Magical Adventure to Heal Your Life
by Corin Grillo – In this 21 day adventure you will learn: A powerful way to talk to angels so they can hear you and help you, how to hear, see, and feel the angels in your life, which specific archangels to call upon for your unique needs, 21 daily angel invocations to help you manifest miracles, 21 healing meditations to detox your heart, mind, body, and soul. I loved this book and definitely felt a shift in my life after the 21 days was completed.

The Ascension Manual: A Lightworker’s Guide to Fifth Dimensional Living
by Caroline Oceana Ryan – This book is a collection of channelings from the Collective, a group of fifth and sixth dimensional beings who are assisting Earth and humanity in adjusting to the higher frequencies of the Golden Age. Topics include money and abundance, life partner relationships, food and eating, manifesting what you desire, releasing third dimensional thoughts and emotions, releasing third dimensional outer forms, and Many other ascension / life issues.

The Ascension Manual – Part Two
by Caroline Oceana Ryan – I love the wisdom that flows through this book! It is a helpful guide to living our most joyful life. It covers: dealing with the ascesion process, dealing with old pain and anger, how to speak with your Spirit Team, creating greater financial abundance, improving diets, health and well-being, romantic relationships and how to contact our twin flame, life on fifth dimensional earth, extraterrestrials and other lifeforms, and discovering our life purpose.

The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles
by Bruce Lipton – Former medical school professor and research scientist Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., presents his experiments, and those of other leading-edge scientists, which examine in great detail the mechanisms by which cells receive and process information. The latest and best research in cell biology and quantum physics has shown that our bodies can be changed as we retrain our thinking.

The Creation Frequency: Tune In to the Power of the Universe to Manifest the Life of Your Dreams
by Mike Murphy – At the darkest moment of his life, Mike Murphy was shown a simple yet powerful method for manifesting his heart’s desires. He used it to change his own life: A broke, desperate, divorced, alcoholic young man became a wealthy businessman, loving husband and father, and passionate philanthropist. In this book he shares the process that enabled him to make this extraordinary transformation. He will teach you how to tune in to the Creation Frequency and use it to create lasting fulfillment, prosperity, and happiness.

The Desire Map: A Guide to Creating Goals with Soul
by Danielle LaPorte – Danielle LaPorte brings you a holistic life-planning tool that will change the way you go after what you want in life. Identify your “core desired feelings” in every life domain and create practical “Goals with Soul” to generate your core desired feelings. It includes self-assessment quizzes, worksheets, and complete Desire Mapping tools for creating the life you truly long for.

The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity: Forces That Bring Riches to You
by Catherine Ponder – The author is an American Unity Church minister and spoke about positive thinking, affirmations and the Law of Attraction before they became popular, though she used different words: radiation, attraction, visualization, circulation, and the Law of Creative Prosperity.

The EFT Manual
by Dawson Church – Step by step, this manual will teach you the “evidence-based” form of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). You’ll discover how you can identify the hidden roots of emotional problems, and how to alleviate them using EFTs “Basic Recipe” as well as advanced techniques. Clear, concise and comprehensive, it includes over 100 case histories showing how people have found rapid and immediate healing with EFT, and how they’ve applied it for love relationships, health, money problems, career challenges, and spiritual obstacles.

The Game of Life and How to Play It
by Florence Scovel Shinn – First published in 1925, this book asserts that life is not a battle but a game of giving and receiving, and that whatever we send out into the world will eventually be returned to us. With this classic book, Florence Scovel Shinn established herself as one of the most down-to-earth, practical, and helpful prosperity writers of her era. This book is one of my all time favorites! Highly recommended!

The Gene Keys: Embracing Your Higher Purpose
by Richard Rudd – The Gene Keys is an ambitious and sophisticated system for shaping our destiny. Based around 64 archetypes, it resembles the I Ching. The author shows how there are two ways to approach the Gene Keys – the analogue (holistic) way and the digital (detailed) way. It is the combining of both analogue and digital that results in contemplation – the primary pathway into the Gene Keys. Since our beliefs shape our genes, when we change our beliefs, we change the chemistry of our body. The Gene Keys are an inner language whose central purpose is to transform our core beliefs about ourselves, thus raising our lives onto a new level of awareness.

The Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham
by Esther & Jerry Hicks – Learn how all things, wanted and unwanted, are brought to you by this most powerful law of the universe, the Law of Attraction (that which is like unto itself is drawn).

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing
by Marie Kondō – Japanese cleaning consultant Marie Kondo takes tidying to a whole new level, promising that if you properly simplify and organize your home once, you’ll never have to do it again. With detailed guidance for determining which items in your house “spark joy” (and which don’t), this bestselling book will help you clear your clutter and enjoy the unique magic of a tidy home — and the calm, motivated mindset it can inspire.

The Life You Were Born to Live: A Guide to Finding Your Life Purpose
by Dan Millman – Find new meaning, purpose, and direction in your life with this modern method of insight based on ancient wisdom. A client turned me on to this book and it’s amazingly accurate! I bought a copy for each one of my kids.

The Magic of Pray Rain Journaling
by Jeannette Maw – Jeannette gives you all you need to know about this simple, yet powerful, manifestation method she learned from an energy worker years ago. It really is simple: write a page a day about what you want as if you already have it. She says, “this is way different than just plain old journaling where all we do is write about reality – what’s already happened. This is a whole new gig.” She has had great results for herself and her clients. I recommend this technique to conscious creators who enjoy writing.

The Map: To Our Responsive Universe – Where Dreams Really Do Come True!
by Boni Lonnsburry – This book shows you, step-by-simple-step, exactly HOW to get from Point A (where you are) to Point B (where your greatest heartfelt dreams are found). Through the steps given, the author transformed her life from poverty to abundance, loneliness to love, and failure to success. “If you can imagine it,” she says, “you can create it.”

The Master Key System
by Charles F. Hannel – The author discusses everything from how to feel healthy to how to become wealthy. Using precise logic and a consistent, common-sense frame-work, Haanel shows us how to achieve that what we most desire. I love this book!

The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life (Before 8AM)
by Hal Elrod – This book is a game changer! By implementing the six parts of the SAVERS routine (silence, affirmations, visualization, exercise, reading, and scribing)  you can improve your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual self. This ritual is now a part of my morning routine.

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind
by Joseph Murphy – This book gives you the tools you will need to unlock the awesome powers of your subconscious mind. You can improve your relationships, your finances, and your physical well-being.

The Science of Getting Rich
by Wallace D. Wattles – Written in 1910, and the inspiration behind the bestseller The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, this is the original guide to creating wealth and the life you deserve.

The Secret
by Rhonda Byrne – The movie The Secret was my first introduction to the law of attraction. In this book, you’ll learn how to use “The Secret” in every aspect of your life—money, health, relationships, happiness, and in every interaction you have in the world. You’ll begin to understand the hidden, untapped power that’s within you, and this revelation can bring joy to every aspect of your life. This book contains wisdom from modern-day teachers who have used it to achieve health, wealth, and happiness.

The Tapping Solution: A Revolutionary System for Stress-Free Living
by Nick Ortner – In this book, readers get everything they need to successfully start using the powerful practice of tapping — or Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).Tapping is one of the fastest and easiest ways to address both the emotional and physical problems that tend to hamper our lives. Tapping is the best tool I know of to release negative emotions.

Sprit Led Instead:The Little Tool Book of Limitless Transformation
by Jenai Lane – In this book the author gives you eighteen simple, non-dogmatic tools to let your spirit lead you to your limitless potential.

Spiritual Growth: Being Your Higher Self
by Sanaya Roman – This book teaches how to move to higher consciousness, when to be an active force, and when to surrender and let things happen. It also teaches how to: be your Higher Self in everyday life, create a vision of your higher purpose, and manifest what you want quickly and easily. These easy-to-learn processes taught by Orin, a wise and gentle spirit teacher, will accelerate your spiritual growth, and help you live your life with more joy, harmony, peace, and love. One of my all time favorite books!

Tapping In: A Step-by-Step Guide to Activating Your Healing Resources Through Bilateral Stimulation
by Laurel Parnell – The author gives step-by-step instruction in bilateral stimulation (a core component of EMDR, or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), and teaches you a clinically recognized system for tapping both sides of the body to overcome trauma, boost confidence, calm the body on a deep, physiological level, and to respond better to stress.

Think and Grow Rich
by Napolean Hill – Originally published in 1937, this book is a classic! “The most famous of all teachers of success spent a fortune and the better part of a lifetime of effort to produce the Law of Success philosophy that forms the basis of his books and that is so powerfully summarized and explained for the general public in this book.”

Understanding Human Design: The Science of Discovering Who You Really Are
by Karen Curry – Author Karen Curry walks you through the sometimes complex and intimidating Human Design chart with simple, direct language. You will learn about each level of Human Design, from the most basic elements of the chart to the deeper, more nuanced insights Human Design offers, all in an approachable and interesting way. Understand how every line, intersection, and symbol correlates to a personality trait that can directly affect your life with an experienced guide by your side.

Visualization for Weight Loss: The Gabriel Method Guide to Using Your Mind to Transform Your Body
by Jon Gabriel – This powerful technique helped Jon drop 220 pounds without dieting or deprivation because it didn’t depend on calorie counting or extreme exercise—rather it changed his biochemistry and neural pathways. In turn, this helped lower stress and its associated inflammatory chemicals in his body, allowing him to lose weight easily and naturally.

The Vortex: Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships
by Esther & Jerry Hicks – Esther Hicks, who presents The Teachings of Abraham®, will help you understand every relationship you are currently involved in, as well as every one you have ever experienced.

Write It Down Make It Happen: Knowing What You Want and Getting It
by Henriette Anne Klauser – The author explains how simply writing down your goals in life is the first step toward achieving them. This book is a simple and effective guide to turning your dreams Filled with down-to-earth tips and easy exercises. I love this book!

You Can Heal Your Life
by Louise Hay – Bestselling author, and an internationally known leader in the self-help field, Louise Hay’s message was: “If we are willing to do the mental work, almost anything can be healed.” The author has a great deal of experience and firsthand information to share about healing, including how she cured herself after being diagnosed with cancer.