Mind Movie Visualization Technique
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Mind Movie Visualization Technique

Visualization is a powerful manifestation technique and a fun way to bring your dreams to life. But no matter how many times you visualize your desires, if done without feeling or emotion, you will unlikely produce the results that you want.

For example, if you are visualizing having your perfect body, what would that feel like? You might feel excited, confident, beautiful, sexy, strong. It’s important to include these emotions into your visualization practice.

A fun and easy way to help supercharge your emotions while visualizing is to create a mind movie.

What is a Mind Movie?

Basically it is an audio-visual method of visualization, similar to a vision board, but instead of being on a board it is on your computer, smartphone or TV screen. A mind movie is a collection of inspiring photos and images reinforced with positive affirmations that represent your best life, and is shown on a digital screen with emotionally motivating music in the background.

How to Make a Mind Movie

Here are two options to making a mind movie:

1. Mind Movie Software

There are various software packages available on the internet but they come at a price.

One such software is The Mind Movies Creation Kit. It is an online tool that allows you to quickly and easily create your own mind movies. Each one is personalized to fit your own dreams and desires. Just select your images or video clips, music and affirmations, and let the software do the rest.

Once you create an account and login to their online platform, you have access to their extensive library of powerful affirmations, beautiful images, motivating video clips and uplifting music; or you can upload your own. Then just drag-and-drop each element to create a supercharged movie of your ideal life.

“In just 3 minutes a day, your Mind Movie is designed to ‘reprogram’ your subconscious mind for greater self-confidence, positivity, creativity and productivity; while melting away the mental or emotional blocks that may be sabotaging your career, finances, health or relationships.”

2. Create Mind Movies on Your Computer

Another option, that is free and enables you to build as many mind movies as you want, is to make movies on your computer. Anyone can do this. All you need is an internet connection, a computer/laptop/tablet, and a couple of hours free time. The longest part of the process is actually gathering the pictures, affirmations, and the music you want to include in your movie. The rest is easy and fun!

Here is the step-by-step process:

1. Design your mind movie with Windows Movie Maker (a free program) or Photo Story 3 or a program for slide shows of pictures, like Power Point. Mac users can work with iMovie. A “slide” can last as long as you want, but 3 seconds works well.

2. Upload the photos and images you want in your story. The great thing about creating your own mind movie is that you can use actual photos of yourself, your family members, your friends, your significant other, your pets, or anybody you choose. Upload these photos from your camera or Smartphone onto your computer and save into a folder. You can name your folders for a specific desire, for example, Money Movie, Love Movie, Car Movie, House Movie, Travel Movie.

3. Add inspiring affirmations to your images describing the future as if it is happening now. They should state your goal(s) or intentions and what life is going to look like once you get there. You can also include what your reasons behind the goal are, such as: freedom, more time for yourself.

4. Add a song that supercharges your emotions and makes you feel whatever positive emotion you choose, such as love, happiness, excitement, joy, peace, harmony, or confidence. Your song choice also depends on the type of movie you want to make. If the topic is finding your soul mate, choose a romantic love song. If you want a new car then choose a great driving song. The length of the song is a matter of choice but three to four minutes works well.

5. Once you have added all the components, choose a title for your mind movie and save it to your computer or smartphone.

6. Watch your movie every day – twice a day is even better. Make sure you are on your own in a quiet room with no distractions. Leave your phone in another room or turn it off.

You can create as many movies as you want but I recommend concentrating on one subject at a time. If you are trying to manifest a car, a house, a partner, and good health all at once, it might get a little overwhelming, and that’s when the process starts to become a chore. It must always be fun for you or it will not be beneficial.

Enjoy your mind movie and let me know what you think of this technique!

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