Love Your Life EFT Tapping Script
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Love Your Life – EFT Tapping Script

The Love Your Life tap-along-script below is a wonderful reminder to embrace your life as it is. By loving what you have at this point in your life, you allow more wonderful things to flow to you.

I highly recommend doing this tapping sequence in the morning to help set the tone for your day. It will make you feel good and help to draw more things throughout your day to be grateful for.

Note: If you are not familiar with the basics of EFT, Gary Craig’s book The EFT Manual is the perfect place to start.

For those familiar with EFT,  you can use this tap-along-script as written or change the set up and sequence statements to better suit your situation.

Love Your Life Tapping Script

Truth Statement: When you say “I love my life” – how true is that for you on a scale from 0-10 (10 being the most true). Make note of this number.

While tapping the Karate Chop spot repeat these phrases:

“Even though my life is not exactly how I want it be right now, I deeply and completely accept myself”

“Even though my life is not perfect, I do have a lot to be thankful for.”

“Even though there is room for improvement, I love my life and am thankful for what I do have.”

Round 1

Eyebrow: My life is not perfect
Side of Eye: My life could be better
Under Eye: There is room for improvement
Under Nose: I could be happier
Chin: I could use a lot more money
Collarbone: I wish things were better
Under Arm: My life is far from perfect
Top of Head: But it could be a lot worse

Round 2

Eyebrow: I really do have a lot to be thankful for
Side of Eye: I choose to be grateful for what I do have
Under Eye: I appreciate the person I am and who I am becoming
Under Nose: I choose to love my life as it is
Chin: Every day is an opportunity to make my life the best it can be
Collarbone: And today my life is right where it’s supposed to be
Under Arm: Each day brings new opportunities for growth
Top of Head: I love my life and am thankful for all I have.

Take a deep breath. Focus on your life and how you feel. On a scale from 0-10 how true is the statement “I love my life”?

If the number went up, awesome! You have raised your vibration to a level of drawing more reasons to be happy about your life.

If your number did not change, or changed very little, try another round using specific statements of things in your life you do love – such as “I have an awesome husband/wife, I am thankful for my children, I am grateful I have an income (job, business, social security…), etc.

Everyone has something that is good about their life. This morning routine will help you to get in the habit of remembering on a daily basis.

Tip: Write one of the following affirmations on an index card and carry it around with you. Say it out loud through the day while tapping – either in a round, or on your favorite tapping point(s):

I love my life, life loves me. I now choose to allow joy and abundance to flow freely to me.

I love my life. I now create a life filled with joy and abundance.

Happy tapping!








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