Love is Spirit, Spirit is the Self
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Love is Spirit, Spirit is the Self

I want to share with you one of my favorite quotes of all time. This quote helped me to put love in perspective, shifting it from something outside of myself, to something within. In fact, love is not something I’m here to do, it’s who I am.

Love is who we all are.

I’ll let the quote from Deepak Chopra speak for itself. Get ready to have a serious “aha” moment!

“Love is Spirit. Spirit is the Self…

Self and spirit are the same. Asking “What is spirit?” is just a way of asking “Who am I?” There isn’t spirit outside you; you are It. Why aren’t you aware of It? You are, but only in a limited way, like someone who has seen a glass of water but not the ocean. Your eyes see because in spirit you are the witness to everything. You have thoughts because in spirit you know all. You feel love toward another person because in spirit you are infinite love.

Restoring the spiritual dimension to love means abandoning the notion of a limited self with it’s limited ability to love and regaining the Self with its unbounded ability to love. The “I” that is truly you is made of pure awareness, pure creativity, pure spirit. Its version of love is free from all memories or images from the past. Beyond all illusion is the source of love, a field of pure potential.

The potential is you.”

– Deepak Chopra – The Path to Love

Amazing, right? Let me know your thoughts about this in the comments below.

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