“The Basis of Your Life is Freedom, the Purpose of Your Life is Joy.”
– Abraham-Hicks

Optimize the 12 Key Areas of Your Life

Your Spiritual Life >>
Spiritual growth is an ongoing process, but the ultimate goal is spiritual maturity. When you are growing spiritually, you are consciously connecting with a higher power and using that connection to accelerate your growth.

Your Ideal Self >>
This life area is all about the Self – character, personality, your inner nature, your behaviors, your temperaments, your tastes, and anything else that goes into shaping and coloring your identity.

Your Emotional Life >>
You were born with an internal GPS navigation system that will guide you along your way! It’s called emotions. Emotional states can be created consciously and you can choose which emotions you want to experience every day and which emotions you are unwilling to allow into your life.

Your Intellectual Life >>
The greatest measure of true intelligence is how intelligently you live your life and your mind is your greatest asset. It’s important to exercise it, nurture it and take care of it. Also, your thoughts expand and become your life so think through your life in a conscious, deliberate way.

Your Creative Life >>
Each and every one of us is born a creator with tremendous creative potential and creativity is the route to being our authentic selves. Creativity is not just about making art. Creativity is a whole way of being.

Your Health & Body >>
There’s not a single aspect of your life that your physical health doesn’t affect. It’s intimately connected to everything else: the way you feel emotionally, the way you think, the way you view yourself, the way others view you – everything in your life is affected by your health.

Your Love Life >>
You were born to love and be loved. You are worthy of unconditional love and can have an extraordinary relationship with a partner who is perfect for you in every way. If you want to create a relationship or transform one, it starts with you – and your vibration.

Your Family Life >>
Positive family relationships are enjoyable for their own sake – it just feels good to be part of a warm and loving family. But positive family relationships are important for other reasons too. They contribute to our mental growth, well-being, and stability.

Your Social Life >>
Spending time with friends and doing enjoyable things is fun, but it may also yield a multitude of other benefits. Research shows that friends are important to our psychological well-being and often brings more happiness into our lives than virtually anything else.

Your Work Life
Finding and doing work that you love allows you to create abundance and money easily. When you love what you do you feel alive, happy, and fulfilled. You can make money doing what you don’t like, but it will take more effort and diminishes your flow of abundance.

Your Financial Life >>
Money and freedom have become synonymous for many people, and since the basis of our life is freedom, the relationship you have with money is one of the most important subjects of your life experience.

Your Quality of Life
This category is about your happiness and fulfillment. It’s about having leisure time to explore your interests, to enjoy time with loved ones, to have adventures and create unforgettable memories. It’s about having great stuff, good times and loving your life!