Journal Prompts to Explore Your Spirituality
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52 Journal Prompts to Explore Your Spirituality

One of the most important things in my life is my spiritual growth. I have found in my personal experience that when I am connected to Source and my Higher Self, I feel so much more in tune with life and who I really am. And as a conscious creator, I have learned that this connection can accelerate my spiritual growth and create my very best life.

“Spiritual growth gives you the tools to make your everyday life work and bring increasingly higher levels of order, harmony, clarity, and love into every area of your life. Spiritual growth is the single most important thing you can focus on if you want a joyful, peaceful, and loving life.” – Orin

Spiritual growth is an ongoing process and is different for each person. Journaling is a great way to explore your spirituality and to clarify your thoughts, your perspective, and your desires regarding this important area of your life.

If you would like to explore your own spirituality, I have created and collected the following journal prompts to help you get the process started. These prompts will help you to examine your spirituality from a new perspective, think about things you wouldn’t normally consider, or just provide inspiration.

So grab a pen or pencil, pull out your journal (or notebook) and take a deep dive into your spiritual life.

1. What does spirituality mean to you?

2. When it comes to my spiritual life, I believe…

3. I continuously strive to grow spiritually because…

4. When I am connected to Source, I feel…

5. Having a strong connection with Source helps me to…

6. My daily spiritual practice includes…

7. Having a consistent spiritual practice helps me to…

8. My favorite quotes about spirituality are…

9. One question I would like to ask God/Source is…

10. Knowing God/Source loves me unconditionally makes me feel…

11. I feel most connected to God/Source when I…

12. Receiving impulses from my Higher Self feels like…

13. How do you practice spirituality?

14. Where does your spiritual side show up in your daily life?

15. What person (people) has had the biggest impact on your spiritual life? Why?

16. When have you felt most connected to your spiritual self?

17. What are some of the mantras you use in your spiritual life?

18. Write about a moment in your life in which you felt connected spiritually. Where were you? What happened?

19. What does it mean to be a “spiritual person”? What behaviors do you associate with being spiritual?

20. What does it mean to grow spiritually and how do you know if you have grown?

21. If you were to focus more on growing spiritually, what changes would you need to make in your life?

22. I find I feel God’s presence most when…

23. To become more like my Higher Self, I need to make the following changes…

24. My spiritual gifts are…

25. An area of my spiritual life where I need to seek Source/God’s guidance is…

26. Write a letter of appreciation to Source/God.

27. Write a love letter to you from Source/God.

28. Think of a time you consciously asked Spirit for something and got it. Write about it.

29. What area of spiritual study would I like to explore more?

30. How connected do you feel with Source/God?

31. Do you feel that Source/God hears you? Why or why not?

32. How can you improve your relationship with Source/God?

33. What, if any, supernatural or angelic experiences have you had? How did they make you feel?

34. Do you believe afterlife (non-physical) communication is possible? Why or why not?

35. What do you currently need spiritually?

36. Where do I feel out of alignment?

37. What are some of the signs and symbols the Universe has given to you throughout your life?

38. Spirit communicates to me mostly through…

39. What is the most important lesson you have learned in your spiritual growth and development?

40. What message has Spirit been sending to you that you have been ignoring? Why?

41. What are your beliefs about prayer?

42. What is your “next step” in your spiritual growth?

43. What does your Higher Self look like? How does she (he) feel?

44. What does your Higher Self want you to know right now?

45. Set a timer for five minutes and ask your Higher Self a question, then write. Don’t judge your writing, just keep going. You can reflect after you’re finished.

46. What does your Higher Self love about you? Write from the perspective of your Higher Self.

47. Do you believe in angels? Why or why not?

48. Who am I?

49. Why am I here?

50. Where am I going?

51. What is my purpose?

52. What are my spiritual values?

I hope these journal prompts are helpful on your journey as you explore your spirituality and expand your growth. Remember always to enjoy the ride!

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