Journal Prompts for Positive Self-Reflection
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62 Journal Prompts for Positive Self-Reflection

Self-reflection is an essential part of personal and spiritual growth and transformation. When you take the time to think about, evaluate, and meditate on your behaviors, thoughts, attitudes, motivations, desires, and experiences, you gain perspective and self-awareness.

In my article 7 Positive Journaling Techniques for Conscious Creators, I pointed out that focusing your attention on the positive aspects of your life helps to train your thoughts into a better feeling place and empowers you to create your best life.

With that in mind, I created 62 journal prompts for positive self-reflection to help you focus on the good things about yourself and your life.

“Reflection is a deeper form of learning that allows us to retain every aspect of any experience, be it personal or professional — why something took place, what the impact was, whether it should happen again — as opposed to just remembering that it happened. It’s about tapping into every aspect of the experience, clarifying our thinking, and honing in on what really matters to us.” -Geil Browning, Ph.D


1. What makes you feel good right now?

2. When was a time you followed your intuition? How did it work out for you?

3. When do you feel most inspired?

4. What activities make you lose track of time?

5. If you had endless money, how would you use it?

6. What causes or movements are you most passionate about and why?

7. What is your favorite part of your day? Favorite part of the week? Of the year?

8. What were your favorite activities as a child?

9. What about your daily routine are you thankful for?

10. Where is your “happy place”? Describe it.

11. What’s your passion, and how did you discover it?

12. What do you value most in your friends? Do you offer the same sort of support you prefer to receive?

13. What are your favorite things in the natural world?

14. What commitments do you want to make for yourself from here on?

15. What are your spiritual beliefs? Have they shifted or changed in recent months or years?

16. What in your life has given you the greatest fulfillment?

17. What is your ideal working environment?

18. If you could live anywhere, where would you live? Why?

19. What do you deeply enjoy doing alone?

20. When was the last time you learned something new that excited you and lit you up?

21. In what ways do you enjoy moving your body? Do you prefer movement/exercise in groups or by yourself?

22. In what ways do you like to offer help others? Consider both strangers and loved ones.

23. What 5 songs are you thankful for? Why?

24. What situations can rapidly shift your mood in a positive direction?

25. Write a letter to your past self.

26. Write a letter to your future self.

27. What’s your favorite place in the world and why?

28. What do you wish you were doing more of?

29. What type of person are you most drawn to?

30. What creative pursuits make you feel most recharged?

31. What was the most fun you’ve ever had?

32. If you didn’t need money, how would you spend your time?

33. What are you proud of this week? This month? This year?

34. What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

35. If you could spend a day doing absolutely anything, what would you do?

36. What do you love most in the world?

37. List everything you’re thankful for right now.

38. List 10 normal, everyday occurrences that make you happy.

39. List five qualities you have that you are proud of.

40. Describe a time when you felt like you were thriving. What contributed to that feeling?

41. What makes you feel calm?

42. What makes you feel powerful?

43. How have you grown in the past year?

44. What’s the most memorable conversation you’ve ever had?

45. What could you not live without?

46. What one discipline sparks your personal growth the most?

47. If you had $150,000 to spend in 24 hours or less, how would you spend it?

48. Create a schedule for your dream life.

49. What are you most excited about right now?

50. What is your favorite way to start the day?

51. What would you like to be remembered for?

52. List 3 of the best compliments you’ve received.

53. Write about a mistake that turned out to be a blessing.

54. If you could spend twelve hours doing anything you want, anywhere you want, how would you spend them?

55. List 10 of your favorite things.

56. How could you laugh and play more?

57. What are your core values?

58. When do you feel most free?

59. Who triggers positive emotions in you? Why?

60. How can you be kinder to yourself?

61. List 5 things that spark your curiosity and inspire your interest.

62. What makes you laugh so hard you get tears in your eyes?

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