Inspiring Quotes and Affirmations From Catherine Ponder
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Inspiring Quotes and Affirmations By Catherine Ponder

Catherine Ponder is an American minister and founder of Unity Church Worldwide, affiliated with the Unity Church, and author of several New Thought books on mainly focused on the theme of prosperity.

She is the author of several books including The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity and Open Your Mind to Receive.


“Whatever you notice, you are inviting into your life. Whatever you talk about, you are inviting into your life. Whatever you identify with in your thoughts, words, and actions, you are inviting into your life.”

“The word “receive” means “to accept.”

“If people only knew the healing power of laughter and joy, many of our fine doctors would be out of business. Joy is one of nature’s greatest medicines. Joy is always healthy. A pleasant state of mind tends to bring abnormal conditions back to normal.”

“Thoughts of your mind have made you what you are and thoughts of your mind will make you what you become from this day forward.”

“Realize that your dreams of financial independence have already come true on the mental plane, by the time you desire them or become aware of them.”

“Why settle for so little in life when you can have so much just by daring to be different in your thinking.”

“You should be prosperous, well supplied and have abundance of good because it is your divine heritage. Your creator wants you that way.”

“What you praise you increase.”

“Failure is nothing but success trying to be born in a bigger way. Most seeming failures are just installments toward victory!”

“Everything in your world is filled with intelligence, even the so-called inanimate objects. Treat them intelligently if you wish to obtain intelligent, harmonious results.”

“What you radiate outward in your thoughts, feelings, mental pictures and words, you attract into your life.”

“It is through the imagination that the formless takes form.”

“The desire to be self-supporting and financially independent is a divine desire.”


Nothing is too good to be true. Nothing is too wonderful to happen. Nothing is too good to last.

All that is mine by divine right comes to me speedily, richly, freely. I am receiving now. It is finished. It is done.

I let go of everything and everybody that is no longer part of the divine plan of my life.

I now expand quickly into the divine plan of my life where all conditions are permanently perfect.

I now move forward into my expanded good divinely directed and lavishly prospered.

All things conform to the right thing for me now quickly and in peace.

God is so good, life is so wonderful, and I am so richly blessed.

Today and every day I expect the best.

Wonderful things are happening to me now.

Everything I do turns into good for myself and others.

No person, thing or event can keep from me that which the Universe has for me now.

All that has been done against me now helps me.

I grow along with my good. I flow along with my good. The work of my hands and the plans of my life are now moving quickly toward a sure and perfect fulfillment. I anticipate the good.

In God’s right action, I now place my full trust. This is a time of divine completion.

I now harvest my good as miracles follow miracles, and wonders never cease.

With expectant faith, I am optimistic and confident.