Your Inner Being - The Non-Physical Part Of You
Your Spiritual Life

Your Inner Being – The Non-Physical Part Of You

There are two different aspects of you – your physical being and your non-physical being. The non-physical part of you is your Inner Being, also knows as your Higher Self, Source Energy, Soul or God.

Before you were born into your physical body you were pure, non-physical energy. When you decided to come here in physical form your Inner Being projected its consciousness into the physical you. While you live, breathe, think and be, your Inner Being is doing the same, minus the breathing part.

As your life expands through your experiences, your non-physical self is experiencing the expansion with you. When you consciously or unconsciously decide what you want, your Inner Being gives its undivided attention to the newly expanded version of your life and becomes the vibrational equivalent of it.

Your Inner Being is Always Guiding You

You non-physical self is always guiding you and  constantly calling the physical part of you towards your desires. When you are feeling enthusiasm, passion and joy, you know you are on the right path and moving in the direction of what you want.

Your Inner Being Communicates Through Emotions

Your emotions are your indication of how you are blending with your non-physical self. They are letting you know if you are being a vibrational match to your evolved self or not. When you are feeling wonderful you know the signals match. When they don’t match you do not feel so good.

Anytime you are feeling positive emotions, like love, joy, or peace, you are in harmony with your Inner Being and being the expanded version of you.

When you are feeling anger, fear, or despair, you are not allowing yourself to keep up with who you have become.

Your Inner Being Only Thinks Positive Thoughts

To join this expanded version of you and stay connected you must be in allowing mode. Staying connected to your Inner Being is the key to living a joyful life.

When you maintain your alignment with your Inner Being, everything else in your life will also fall into alignment. Your Non-Physical self has the ability to merge all of the factors needed and can deliver the perfect guidance for you to have the life of your dreams.

Your Inner Being Feels Only Love and Appreciation For You

You are loved unconditionally at all times. There is nothing you can do that will ever change that.

Your Non-Physical self is the only one who knows the total you, the beliefs you hold, and is always reminding you of your value as a powerful creator. Your Non-Physical Self knows that there is nothing you can’t be, do, or have.

When you release your resistance and fully allow your Non-Physical Self to flow through your thoughts, decisions, and intentions, you will rediscover who you really are and enjoy your life as you intended before you came into physical being.

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