10 Tips to Improve Your Focus for Successful Manifestation
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How to Improve Your Focus to Manifest Your Dreams: 10 Tips for Conscious Creators

Staying positively focused on what you want is a primary element of the Law of Attraction and becoming a successful conscious creator. If you are too easily distracted and need some tips to improve your focus, keep reading!

You are always focusing on something, whether intentionally or by default. Our society has become addicted to stimulation and most people allow the distractions of the day to dictate what they think about. This causes scattered thoughts and dwindling attention spans.

A past survey of my newsletter subscribers was asked the question: “What are the main obstacles regarding the implementation of the Law of Attraction in your daily life?” The number one answer was lack of focus (41%).

10 Tips to Improve Your Focus

To apply the Law of Attraction deliberately and successfully, it is important to develop the ability and skill to focus your thoughts. The following ten tips will help you to improve your focus for successful manifestation of your desires.

1. Prioritize Your Goals

Make a decision on which area of your life you would like to work on first; health, money, relationship, etc. Then break that down into manageable goals, concentrating on 1-3 intentions at a time within that area. If you want to clean up your vibration about money, you could set the intention to pay off your debts, find a better paying job, or start your own business. When you get the hang of manifesting you can increase the number of goals to work on.

2. Minimize Distractions

Take an honest look at your lifestyle and schedule and decide what your distractions are. What can you give up to help you feel more at ease? A relaxed environment allows for a relaxed mind, and a relaxed mind allows for clearer focus. For starters, consider turning off the television and avoid reading the news for a while. These can be positive energy robbers and can draw your attention away from the joyful life you are trying to create.

3. Have a Routine

Get into the habit of deliberate focusing. Making a commitment to set time aside every day will help immensely in creating lasting changes. Use this time to meditate, imagine, repeat affirmations, or use any other process or game that helps you focus your attention.

4. Meditate Daily

If you are used to constant stimulation and are new to meditation, it might be a challenge for you at first. But it is truly worth taking the time to learn. Meditation is an invaluable process to enhance your focusing power, and to train your vibration away from patterns of resistance and towards patterns of allowing.

5. Release Resistance

Your belief that you are unable, or don’t have time to focus is resistance to your ability to do so. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), also known as Tapping, is the best tool I know of to release that resistance and change you habitual thinking. You could use statements such as “Even though I have trouble focusing…” or “Even though my thoughts feel scattered…” To learn more about EFT check out my EFT Tapping page.

6. Do a Focus Wheel

In the book Ask and It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks, Abraham offers the Focus Wheel Process to help you focus your attention on what you want. To make a Focus Wheel, draw a small circle in the center of a piece of paper with a larger circle around it reaching to the edges of the paper. Write your desire in the center circle and positive statements and phrases around the outer circle that match your desire. This process will help you improve your feeling of clarity and shift the energy of your emotions.

7. Create a Vision Board

If you are a visual person like I am, a vision board is the perfect way to capture your attention on a daily basis. Create a board that represents what you are focusing on and put it somewhere where you will see it often. This will be a continual reminder for you to keep your thoughts flowing in the direction you want them to flow.

8. Repeat Affirmations

Repeating affirmations throughout the day will help keep your thoughts in alignment with your intentions. It is a powerful way to change your beliefs, and therefore manifest what you want. Keep it simple. Choose one or two and repeat often throughout the day.

9. Have a Support System

It is helpful to have someone to inspire and uplift you, and who can gently keep you on track. Choose someone who is supportive and encouraging, who holds the highest vision of who you really are. This can be a spouse, relative, friend, or coach.

10. Seek Inspiration

Immerse yourself in positive energy resources about the topic you are focusing on. Listen to videos, read books, etc. to keep you motivated and excited. I highly recommend any or all of the teachings of Abraham. You can find books on Amazon (written by Esther and Jerry Hicks) or videos on YouTube (search for Abraham-Hicks).

Be Easy On Yourself

Remember, it took a period of time for you to get to the place of scattered thinking, so don’t beat yourself up if you have trouble staying on track in the beginning. If you find yourself drifting off course, just gently bring yourself back.

It takes time to retrain your mind to think in ways that are more in alignment with your desires. You can improve your focus for successful manifestations. Whatever you do, don’t give up! Your ideal life is ready and waiting for you!






  • tom sobol

    Thanks for your mail. I am looking forward to the next one. I am going through a devasted period in my life right now as my girlfriend of 12 years just left me. Hopefully some of your material will help me. I am 71 years old. Thanks.

  • Mike

    I want to change my life, it’s been a very sad year having lost a precious Grandson, and now being made redundant (I’m 56). I want to feel ALIVE again – my family needs me back and it feels like I’m in a cocoon they can’t break me out of – I’m desperate for this to work.

  • Christa Smith

    Thanks for you comment Tom. I hope my articles will help you through this difficult time. Keep in mind, when one door closes, another one opens. Joy awaits you – allow yourself to tune into it.

  • Christa Smith

    You’re welcome Mary 🙂 Thanks for taking a moment to leave your comment of appreciation. Many blessings to you!

  • Christa Smith

    You are already on the path of changing your life by speaking your intention “I want to change my life.” Good things can come out of what we perceive to be negative experiences. Go within and ask your Inner Being how you can feel alive again. The answer will come to you. Everything you want is yours for the asking. All it takes is some shifting of thoughts and energy. All is well. May your life be filled with joyful blessings.

  • Sharon Ballantine, Life Coach

    You are providing some excellent tools for people to learn to apply the Law of Attraction.

    Just as you suggest in your first point that people should focus on 1-3 intentions at a time, I find that true with all tools. I encourage people to start with 1 or 2 tools, rather than trying to incorporate them all at once which could lead to feeling overwhelmed.

    Choose the ones that “speak to you” and use them frequently (several times a day) until they have become a part of your routine.

    One word about affirmations, especially for people who are facing emotionally charged life challenges as Mike and Tom mention, be sure that you BELIEVE your affirmations. Repeating something over and over without positive energy (belief) behind it is actually affirming the negative. If needed, alter your affirmation until you have one that you believe is possible–even if it seems really tiny.

    Starting small allows for success. Success allows for more success. By building on each success you will be amazed at how magical your life can become!

  • Richard

    In my 4 decades of researching how the universe/energy/the All That Is works this Top 10 List is basic and complete. Many people forget the basics as they get further into studying and this reminder is beautiful! Thank you for sharing. Namaste.

  • Yiannis

    Hi. I have read a lot suggestions about the tools must used for the law of attraction. You are the only one is says clear that needs time to work the law and that in depend from each person. Most says it worked instantly!! How ever i will try yours because i believe is the most clear way! I let you know if worked or not. Thank you for the email.

  • peter

    Liam has really hit the jack pot and is providing us with some wonderful tools to help us become more focused and deliberate in how we need to address issues in our daily routine and work ethics.

  • Dwayne

    I am a 50 years young~~:0) ,most people tell me I look 28 or in my 30’s I am blessed with this youth i feel/and possess..but i must share something with you..all my life I told myself since I was about 20..and i mean that literally,that I am young,happy healthy and wealthy.. and I put my belief into these words,
    My life has been very blessed,not so much in the area of money i am not rich,but I noticed that I possess a lot of life’s treasures and they were all from thoughts i carried with me daily..I would like to share some with you
    I play guitar ,I play very well I also play piano and many other instruments..
    i have been married to my lovely wife for 28 yrs now ..and still love her to pieces
    I have a muscle car a hot rod ,just because i always wanted one..
    I have a mortgage ,for a condo that we live in ~:0) it’s ours..
    We have 3 vehicles in total..I have been at the same job now for 24 yrs ~:0)
    i write and perform songs ,because that is also one of my dreams..
    when the internet came out ,i made a channel on you tube..I have well over 200 videos on it:0)
    I own many instruments and have a private studio right here at home..
    I have great friends …Beautiful kids …and two grand kids..this is not a list to impress you
    this is my life :0) and its magical.. you see if you really look around and i mean just look at the world
    you might see this .. that it is all a Miracle ,an amazing miracle ,and we are all amazing miracles too.
    but this too is a great tool .. you see every day when i wake up I give thanks for all these wonderful
    things that I possess ..and then I go forth chasing my new dreams :0) so thank you all for sharing
    and I love these letters …they definitely are going help me stay focused and on track..
    best wishes to all much success .. and much love I send out to you ..((hugs)) oh by the way
    if you wish to look me up on you tube i am KKasper007 ~~:0)

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