How to Win at the Game of Life
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How to Win at the Game of Life

“All power is given man (through right thinking) to bring his heaven upon his earth, and this is the goal of the “Game of Life.” – Florence Scovel Shinn

Playing the Game of Life:

The object of the game of life is to create and experience joy, and to release all resistance that stands in the way of achieving it.

The rules of the game are simple: fearless faith, nonresistance and love!

In every moment, every hour, every day, you are making choices, either consciously or unconsciously. You choose:

  • your thoughts
  • your emotions
  • your words
  • your beliefs
  • your action
  • who you want to be
  • what you want to do
  • what you want to have

Most people are playing the game of life unconsciously, unaware of the rules and letting circumstances dictate their next move.

When you take the time to learn the rules and how to play on a conscious level – it is literally a game changer!

The unfolding of your life is a direct result of the choices you make as you move along your path.

Tips for Playing the Game of Life:

Remember, acknowledge, and accept who you really are – a confident, powerful, joyful, physical extension of Source Energy/God.

Step into your power and know that there is nothing that you cannot be, do or have. It’s all a matter of preference, intention and allowing.

Keep your focus on what you want. Always move toward your desires and reach for the feeling of joy or well-being.

Pay attention to the signals of your emotions. They will let you let you know if you are moving toward (feels good) or away (feels bad) from you desires. If you are moving away from what you want, choose better feeling thoughts to get you back on track.

Be aware of your beliefs. Choose empowering beliefs that support your dreams and release any that are not serving you. If you can desire it, the Universe can produce it. Believe and prepare for what you have asked for, even when it isn’t in sight. Hold your vision and give thanks that the end is accomplished.

Give what you want to receive, commonly known as karma. If you give hate, you will receive hate; if you give love, you will receive love; if you give criticism, you will receive criticism. This is the basis of the Law of Attraction.

There is power in your words. You can change your conditions by simply changing your words. Be conscious of your conversations and speak words that are positive, uplifting and empowering.

Train your imagination. Create vibrational harmony with your desires by training your imagination to focus only on what you want. It is the most powerful tool you have to bring your ideas and dreams into physical form.

Live in the present. Bless the past and forget it if it keeps you in bondage, bless the future knowing that it has endless joys in store for you, but live fully in the now. Live suspended in the moment. Be alert and follow your intuition, take inspired action and take advantage of opportunities.

Make decisions. Indecision is a stumbling block on your path, so make a decision, speak your intention, then follow your hunches. Intuition means to be taught from within. It is your unerring guide.

Release resistance. What you resist will persist. When there is no emotional response and you are undisturbed in an adverse or inharmonious situation, it will fade away.

Pursue perfect self-expression. There is a place in life that only you can fill and awaits your recognition. If you are not clear on what that is, you can ask Infinite Spirit to show you and open the way. It will bring you the most happiness and will never feel like work.

Substitute faith for fear. The only thing that stands between you and your desire is fear and doubt. Fear is simply misdirected energy and can be redirected or transmuted into faith.

Love and appreciate everyone and everything. When you are in a state of love and appreciation, no matter what the circumstances are, you are already a winner!

How to Win the Game of Life:

Winning at the Game of Life is simple – make choices that are in alignment with your highest self and what brings you the most joy. Boom! That’s it.

The most important thing to remember is this: you always have a choice – choose what feels good. It really is as simple as that. With consistency, you will win at the game of life!

*I wish to express my appreciation to Florence Scovel Shinn’s, author of The Game of Life and How to Play It, for the insights shared in her book, which is the inspiration for this post. For more information, I strongly encourage you to read The Game of Life and How to Play It – this is one of my favorite books!


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