How to Co-Create With the Universe to Manifest Your Desires
Creating Reality

How to Co-Create With the Universe to Manifest Your Desires

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Consider this – what if your reality is in truth only a dream you are having. What if you can embellish your dream with certain props – a beautiful home, a job you love, material possessions that light you up – whatever you want. And what if you can include other people to play out complementary roles.

Since your reality is YOUR dream, you can dream it anyway you want. You can change the script anytime you want, bring in new actors, and make your dream turn out in any way you can imagine it. Your reality is not as rigid as you might believe. You can change your circumstances more easily that you might think. You can create a life of joy, abundance, peace, happy people, whatever you want; there are no limits to what you can have. You can create anything you desire that serves your highest good.

You and everything around you is part of the Infinite Intelligence of the Universe. This Higher Intelligence exists in perfection and creates your thoughts, beliefs, and inner pictures as the world you experience. You can learn to connect with the Universe and draw to you vibrant health, abundance, harmonious relationships, knowledge, and anything else that you desire and is for your highest good.

Because the Universe creates what you think about, the best use of your connection to this limitless, creative, intelligent consciousness is to focus your thoughts on what you want rather than what you don’t want. Consistently focus on your goals, dreams, visions and hopes, and intend to have them. Allow your mind to be directed by your Higher Self and have clear, positive, and creative thoughts.

How to Connect with the Universe to Manifest Your Desires

You can learn to consciously link with the Universe by doing “energy work” before you take any physical action to create what you want. The Universe contains the unmanifest essence of all forms before they appear in your physical reality. When you work with energy you are consciously co-creating with the Universe.

Energy work involves using thought, imagination, and visualization before taking physical action. It uses the power of light, magnetism, and your connection with the higher dimensions to create results.

You can do energy work by using your imagination to turn what you want into patterns, colors, symbols, or a feeling. Then imagine it to be even more beautiful, open, and harmonious. As you mentally picture and play with the image of what you want to create, you are working with it as energy.

When you do energy work and then add light, there is no limit to what you can create. Doing energy work before you take physical action will bring the events, circumstances, and things you desire into your life more quickly and in better ways than when you don’t take the time to do this step. Working directly with the essence of what you want will bring things to you in their highest form.

Creating with energy can produce such immediate and powerful results that many would call it “creating miracles.” Before you do energy work, first concentrate on the results you want to create. Then, imagine a gridwork of light, extending straight upward from your mind. The higher it goes, the finer the gridwork becomes. You might picture this gridwork as a screen whose mesh grows finer the higher it reaches. Or you might see it as a fabric of woven light, the weave becomes closer and finer in the higher dimensions.

Send your awareness upward through this gridwork and imagine that you are linking with the higher aspects of the Universe. Imagine you are meeting with what you want to create in its energy state, and mentally work with whatever image comes into your mind to make it more beautiful. When it feels good as energy, you can “draw” it into your reality by imagining you are turning this energy into subatomic particles of light that you harmonize with and bring into your being. You can learn to do this within seconds, and doing this can create amazing and rapid results.

When you work with energy it may feel as if you are “making it up.” That’s okay. You can create real results by imagining you are working with the energy of what you want to create.

Your creativity and imagination are two important keys in making a better reality for yourself. You need to be creative to work with things as energy, and you need to use your imagination to picture the results you want. When you use your creativity and imagination, you can expand your ideas of what is possible for you to have and create a better life for yourself.

Take time to daydream, fantasize, relax, and think about what you want to create. Practice thinking in new, expanded, unlimited ways. Unlimited thinking puts you in touch with the larger picture of your life and links you with the expanded vision of your Higher Self. Enlarge your vision of what is possible. Think positively, and imagine yourself having more than you have now.

If you want a relationship to be more loving, picture that relationship as you want it to be rather than focusing on the way it is. If you want money, abundance, your soul mate, or good health, imagine you already have whatever you want and thank your Higher Self in advance for bringing it to you.

Work with the energy of what you want and believe it is possible to have. Use affirmations in the present tense that affirm you already have what you want. For instance, you can say, “I am now enlightened; I now have abundance; I am loving, kind, and open,” and become these things. Although these things may not be true while you are saying them, as you continue to say them they will become true. Trust that once you affirm having something, everything that happens is preparing you to have it.

As you picture your success and affirm that you already have it, the Universe works with you, creating perfectly for you the things you think about and believe in.

You are a co-creative force with the Universe. It creates for you the best that is possible within the boundaries of your current ability to receive what you are asking for. If you think in expanded, creative, and open ways, the Universe will reflect this by giving you the more expansive things you think about. You can have the best life you can imagine — a life filled with joy, abundance, loving relationships, and vibrant health.

Think of an area in your life you would like to improve; take a moment right now to picture it just as you want it to be. Affirm that what you want WILL happen, and trust that it will manifest for you in the perfect time and in the perfect way. Create it as energy and take the time to do the energy work to manifest it into your reality.

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