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Energy Cords: What Are You Attached To?

Do you sometimes feel drained after spending time with certain people? Or uplifted and energized when you’re around others? Have you ever met someone who you felt like you knew yet you’re certain you have never met them before? Or been to a location for the first time that feels oddly familiar?

These are all examples of how energy cords affect your life.

What Are Energy Cords?

Energy cords are invisible strands of energy that connect us to people, places and things. These strands can ebb and flow with energy, and can be thin and transient, or they can flow like an ample river.

When two people interact with each other, energy cords are formed between them. These energy cords can be beneficial and allow us to feel more vibrant and alive. Others are not so helpful and can deplete and weaken us. Most people are not consciously aware of these energy cords, but they can feel them on a subconscious level.

When you are in close physical proximity with someone, the energy currents between you strengthen and even act like magnets pulling you together. The more emotions involved in the relationship, the stronger the attraction. Negative emotions often create a stronger pull than positive ones.

The longer you have known someone, and the closer you are to them, the thicker and stronger the cords are. If you haven’t been in touch with someone for years, the cords between you may lie limp and loose; yet when you’re in close proximity (or you connect via phone, letter, or internet), the cords can plump up and strengthen, and even pull you together.

We live in a universe of constant changing energy, and at every point, this energy is influencing and affecting you. Most people are completely unaware of the effect energy cords have on their life and well-being.

Emotions such as love and fear travel quickly through these linkages, as well as physical pain, physical pleasure, knowledge and wisdom. The stronger the emotional connection between two people, the stronger the cord is.

Energy cords allow us to feel another person, even if they are thousands of miles away. Sometimes we can even sense what another person is thinking or feeling through the cord. Energy cords can pull people together and they can also make it difficult to separate when a relationship is no longer constructive.

What Are You Attached To?

Energy cords of attachment exist between you and almost everyone with whom you have ever been in a relationship. Sometimes these strands are thin and faint and sometimes they are strong and flowing. You can reactivate a limp cord with someone by simply thinking about them. Information, energy, loving feelings, and toxic thoughts can flow back and forth through the strands. There are cord like energy connections to locations and objects as well.

Here are some attachments that can be affecting you:

Family Cords

You have cords connecting you with all of your family members. These can have a strong affect on your emotions, even from a distance. Strong cords of attachment can be connecting you with your parents, even if you didn’t know them and even if they have passed over. The cords between mother and child are usually the strongest, as are the strands between twins. Children who were adopted, even if they don’t know who their parents are, can still have a cord connection with their biological parents as well as with their adoptive parents.

Ancestor Cords

You are connected to your ancestors through ancestral cords. Emotions, experiences, and thoughts of those who have lived before you can travel to and through you. These strands can be great for you if all your ancestors were high-minded, gracious and noble beings. But if some of your ancestors were less-than-honorable or experienced massive extended fear, trauma, anger, lack of confidence, or sadness, then these emotions can travel through the ancestral cords and have an effect on you. Fortunately, these ancestral cords can be released so you are not carting around baggage from your ancestry, and also you won’t send it forward to future generations.

Lovers and Sexual Encounters

You have cords with all of your lovers and even with anyone you had a casual sexual encounter with. These strands can be beautiful, strong, and clear, but they can also be muted, stringy, and dull, especially if there are any issues around sexuality or the relationship. If you have had numerous lovers and sexual encounters (especially if there is any guilt or shame involved) and you haven’t cleared these attachments, the numerous strands can get tangled and intertwined, and can even get in the way of meaningful relationships in the future.

If you have an old lover whom you haven’t seen for a while, but you never truly disconnected from, the cord between you both may have been coiled and dried, yet it can become taut and strengthened when you are in contact, or even if that ex-partner thinks of you.

It’s important to examine sexual energy cords from your past and clear them; otherwise, the cords may stay for a long time, which can interfere with your current and future relationships. Even if you are in a loving relationship and plan on being so for a long time, it’s valuable to periodically clear the strands between you and your partner, to keep your relationship harmonious.

Friends and Acquaintances

Cords can form between you and your friends, or even between you and your acquaintances. And if the strands are thick and strong, it’s not uncommon to feel your friends’ emotions as they feel them. You can have strands between you and another person even if you are just casual acquaintances.


Unless your energy is strong and vibrant, when you are in a crowd, threads of energy can attach onto you from strangers or people you pass on the street, even if you are not aware of the individuals.


Some of the strongest energy cords are between humans and their animal companions. Emotions can travel in a fluid manner from the owner and the companion. The pet can sense the emotional tone of their owner, and often responds by mimicking the same emotion. Although it’s not always the case, it’s often easy to tell the emotional state of an owner by observing the emotions of the pet. Pets can also buffer physical ailments by subconsciously “taking them on” as a way to reduce the effect on the owner. Often a symptom will appear in a pet before it shows up in the owner.

Wild Animals

Not only do we have cords connecting us to our pets, we can also have strands that connect us to wild animals. When you connect in a spiritual way to a wild animal, often you will find that you are connected to the collective spirit of that species as well. As a result, wherever you go, it’s not unusual for the animal to show up in your proximity.

The Earth

You have cords connecting you to the land, mountains, valleys, trees, plants, animals, rivers, streams, and seas. Many earth-based cultures believe that when you are born, not only are you connected by the umbilicus to your mother, but there is also a cord connecting you to Mother Earth. The longer you live in your birth location, the stronger and thicker the cord becomes and the more disruptive it is to your energy field to leave. When you move to a new area, your earth-cord reaches out and begins to anchor into the earth. For this reason, when you move to a new location, it’s valuable to walk barefoot on the earth. This makes it easier for your earth-cord to sink into the land and anchor you there. Once you are “rooted”, your body and your energy will be more grounded and balanced.

Childhood and Your Past

You can have cording to past experiences even back into early childhood, both the traumatic and the wonderful events. From an energetic point of view, it’s best not to have too many cords connecting you to your past. It just clogs your inner circuitry. Most of us have hundreds and even thousands of cords connecting us to the past, which can become activated in an instant. These cords can make it extremely difficult to be present in the here and now.

Past Life Cords

Have you ever been in a new location and had a strong feeling of déjà vu? Or met someone that you felt like you knew, but you didn’t know from when or where. You can have cords that travel through time, connecting you to other lifetimes. Past-life cords can be released or increased in the exact same ways that ordinary strands can.

Contracts, Promises and Commitments

Whenever you make a commitment, a pledge, a promise, or sign a contract with the intent to fulfill its requirements, a cord connects you to the energy of that commitment. That to which you pledge has a consciousness, just as people and animals have consciousness. A cord to a concept can have just as much impact as a cord to another person. For example, when you were married, if you said, “I will love and honor you until death do us part,” in that moment when you really meant those words, a strong commitment cord connected you and your beloved. Even if things didn’t work out, the cord usually will stay intact, unless it is consciously dissolved. This is why it is often hard to let go of an old relationship, even if you know it’s time. The commitment cord still conjoins you.


Just as your commitments have energy and consciousness, so do ideas. This is why sometimes several people at various places have the same idea at the same time. The consciousness of the idea emerges and then floats around the ether, looking for someone to connect to. If several people are oscillating at the same frequency as the idea, it will cord to those individuals. This includes all ideas: artistic, scientific, industrial, commercial, ethical, religious, and political. If you don’t cord with them, they will find someone else who will.

Collective Unconscious

The collective unconscious is a term coined by Carl Jung. It refers to the unconscious mind shared by all of humanity. It is a kind of collective reality that we all are connected to and influenced by. For example, there are strands that connect us to particular cords from political or religious groups, ethnicities, and nations, depending on what you identify with. Sometimes there are hairlike filaments between you and these groups, but sometimes these cords can grow into almost log-sized cords.


Your dreams can indicate cord attachments that you may not even be aware of, but that nevertheless are draining your energy, so it’s valuable to remember and examine them. There are not usually strands connected to your actual nocturnal dreams, but the things you are corded to will often appear in your nighttime dramas. Also, it’s not unusual for the thoughts and emotions of those with whom we are corded to show up in our dreams.

Patterns, Addictions, and Obsession Strands

You can have cord attachments to addictive patterns, habits, or obsessions. These kinds of cords can occur with any kind of unhealthy attachment to things, such as to food, drugs, alcohol, or even to a person. There is an energetic field for every addiction, and if you are plugged into one, it’s difficult not to be influenced by it. Once you are hooked into the collective frequency of a pattern, the energy that flows to you from the field increases within you and then flows back to the collective energy field to pick up more energy, and then back to you again. It becomes a vicious cycle, which is why it’s so hard to stop when there is an addictive pattern, habit, or obsession. These are some of the most important energy cords to remove. And if you don’t, they drag you into unproductive, repetitive behaviors.

Healer/Therapist/Teacher/Doctor Strands

People who are in a helping or healing profession, such as a massage therapist, teacher, spiritual mentor, or doctor, can have cords attached to their clients. If you are in a helping profession, and you feel your energy dip after working with your clients, you may want to learn how to immediately release strand attachments, so you don’t take on any imbalances.

Mantras, Chants, and Prayers Strands

Anytime you say a prayer, such as the Lord’s Prayer, or chant the Sanskrit word om, a cord unfolds and connects you to the collective unconscious of the prayer or chant. Everyone who chanted a particular mantra or has said a specific prayer increases the vibration and life force of the collective energy. The more people who chant a mantra or say a prayer, the stronger the life force of that chant or prayer becomes. This is one of the reasons why ancient chants are so powerful.

Computer and Social Media Strands

A modern kind of cording exists within the realm of the Internet. You can have connecting cords to Facebook friends whom you have never met in person, so it’s a good idea to make sure your social media friends are people you feel good with. The e-mails that come into your computer (and stay in your archives) can be connected to you by thin strands of energy. By keeping the messages, you are keeping a bit of their energy. Eliminate any that you don’t feel good about. Also, the people you have in your address list, even if you don’t often think about them, are connected to you by strands of energy. Is there anyone you have a less-than-positive association with in your address book? If so, it might be a good idea to delete them from your list.

Objects in Your Home

You can have cords connecting you to objects as well as to people, animals, and plants. Physical matter has the ability to absorb emotional signatures of the people around it and can even carry echoes from the past. Your energy is also strongly connected to photos in your home, as well as to your mementos and heirlooms. If any of these have negative associations, they can bring your energy down, even if they are not on display. This is one of the many reasons why it’s important to keep your home free of clutter. It is best to keep only the things you use and that bring you joy.

Plugging Into Source

The most beneficial energy cords are the ones that connect you to the greater forces of the Universe. There are many names for that force: God, Goddess, Creator, Source, Cosmic Consciousness, Great Mystery, Divine Benefactor, Universal Life Force, Mother Nature, Love, and so on. Whatever name you use for this force, it is what sustains us; it is the force that connects all things and all beings. You have a cord that connects you to that force. It might be as thin as a thread or as wide as a giant tree, but you are already connected to your source. The stronger this connection becomes, the more balanced your life is. There are many ways to widen and strengthen the connecting cord with the creative force. For some, it’s meditation or yoga; for others, it’s music, painting, or dance; for others yet, it’s time in nature or in retreat and solitude. No matter what your path is, it is worth exploring. Expanding your cords to the Creator may be the most valuable pursuit of life.

If you want to learn more about energy cords, I highly recommend reading Energy Strands: The Ultimate Guide to Clearing the Cords That Are Constricting Your Life by Denise Linn.

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