How to Build an Emotional grid
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How to Build an Emotional Grid

If you’re familiar with the teachings of Abraham (via Esther Hicks) then you’re probably aware of the “emotional grid.” Learning how to create an emotional grid is an easy and valuable skill for conscious creators. If you’re not familiar with the emotional grid, keep reading 🙂

Abraham teaches that the emotional grid is vibrational in nature and the starting point of creating our desires. It is the foundation and framework for our manifestations. Once the emotional basis is established, the grid will fill in with all kinds of things that match our vibration.

What is an Emotional Grid?

An emotional grid is a point of attraction and a vibrational signal to the Universe.

After 17 seconds of holding a thought, the Law of Attraction is activated. You then begin attracting the essence of what you are thinking about. This is the starting point of your emotional grid.

If you hold that thought for at least 68 seconds, there will be enough momentum to create a substantial grid to attract other, specific thoughts that merge with your beginning point of attraction.

“You’ve got a point of attraction going on. You’re choosing a grid. The grid. The framework that will fill in. The framework that is going to fill in with conversations, with ideas, with insights, with others, with interaction from others, with behavior from others. Everything that happens that has anything to do with you is your grid filling in, and every bit of your grid filling in is not about somebody else, it’s about what you’ve been doing vibrationally with your grid.” – Abraham-Hicks

What Does an Emotional Grid Look Like?

Abraham says the grid is like the framework of a house, but I visualize it as black and white checkered board. My daughter imagines a green sort of computer/matrix-like grid. You can choose whatever resonates with you.

“We would like you to think about that vibration you’re offering as your grid. And by your grid we mean it’s like the framework of the house before the walls are put in, even before the roof comes on, before the electric wires are strung, and before the plumbing is put in. There is that skeleton of the house that is the grid. It’s the framework of what will come next. And without realizing it, you stand all day, every day, in a point of attraction, offering a grid, and you practice that grid into beingness.” – Abraham-Hicks

Filling in the Grid

Everything you think about automatically makes a grid. If you are thinking positive thoughts, your grid will continue to fill in with more positive thoughts and experiences that feel good.

If you have opposing thoughts about a subject, you could have two different grids filling in at the same time. The one that you focus on the most will fill in the fastest, and you will begin to see evidence in the form of manifestations, good or bad.

How to Create an Emotional Grid With Intention

To begin creating a grid, choose a subject. It could be money, a relationship, a job, anything that you want to deliberately focus on. If you were to write your grids down in a notebook, it would enhance the process, but is not necessary.

Next, establish your emotional starting point. How do you want to feel? If your subject is about money, perhaps you can start with the word ease. “I want to feel financial ease.” “I like feeling easy about money.”

“The grid is knowing how I want to feel. I know how I want to feel. I don’t know how I’m going to do it, or when it’s going to come, or where it’s going to come from, or who’s going to bring it, but I know how I want to feel when it gets there.” – Abraham-Hicks

Keep it General

It is best to keep your words general at the beginning of building your grid because there is less resistance, and it is enough to get the momentum going. As you focus your attention on your chosen starting point, more good feeling-thoughts will flow to you.

Avoid trying to fill in your grid with specifics. Keep your focus on how you want to feel and let the Universe fill in the details. The Universe can manage things much better than you and will open avenues and opportunities that matches the vibration you are offering.

“We don’t want you to try to fill in the grid at all. We don’t want you to apply any specifics to the grid. We want you to create an emotional grid and trust that the Universe will fill in the specifics.” – Abraham-Hicks

Harmonizing With Your Grid

As you harmonize with your grid, you will feel a vibrational shift, evidence will starting showing up, and your grid will continue filling in with vivid detail until it eventually manifests.

In the mean time, let go of caring about the manifestations. You will trip your self up if you let your attention drift to what your current reality. Instead, relax and trust in the power of the Universe. Use meditation to quiet your mind and allow yourself to feel easy about it. Keep your focus on how you want to feel.

The Universe Responds to the Vibration of Your Emotions

Doing grid work gives you excellent practice to keep your thoughts in a good feeling place. Not only will you be feeling good nearly all of the time, but you will find your dream life finally becoming your reality.


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