How to Cut Energy Cords
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How to Cut Energy Cords

There may be times when you feel you want to unhook or let go of something or someone from your life. And although you can release, cut or diminish cords that are depleting you, it’s important to remember that when your energy is strong and clear, and your vibrational frequency is attuned to Source, negative cords shrink without you having to do anything.

Before cutting and releasing cords, there are some things to keep in mind:

> Randomly cutting cords without clear intention of why you are doing it and understanding the underlying reasons for those cords can sometimes cause an imbalance in your energy. It’s important to have a conscious awareness of why you want to sever a connection and also respect the sacred process of releasing a cord.

> To truly be free, it’s valuable to explore the roots of the attachments you have before you begin cutting cords. The energy cords can re-establish themselves and may keep coming back if you don’t understand and heal why they are there in the first place.

> On some level you have chosen the attachment of the cords of energy that you have, even the unhealthy ones. Most likely it wasn’t a conscious decision to have negative cords, but from a spiritual perspective, you may have “signed up” or have a “life contract” for those cords to attach to you. (Life contracts are choices that you made about your current life before you came into your physical body, while you were in the spirit world, usually with the intent of spiritual growth.)

> Sometimes negative strand attachments can represent something in yourself that you aren’t owning or acknowledging. You can have an energy cord connection with someone who has qualities that you haven’t yet activated in yourself. As you release your own issues, the people who were attracted or corded to the dysfunctional parts of you will start dropping away.

> It’s important to remember that the person you want to cut away is not a horrible person, nor are you an innocent victim. They wouldn’t be able to cord to you if there wasn’t anything to attach to. Although it can be very difficult to let go of angst when you are around someone who is cruel, unfair, or unkind; in the end this kind of emotion makes it almost impossible to clear their energy out of your energy field.

> The best revenge if you have truly been wronged by someone is to clear them completely out of your energy field. And to do this, you need to let go – surrender your judgment about them and the need to be right. It’s one of the most difficult things for us humans to do, yet it brings great rewards. You will feel lighter and more at peace with yourself and with the world.

> Cutting cords won’t necessarily change a person; if they were a jerk before, they will probably be a jerk afterward. Cutting the cord just means that they aren’t entangled in your energy and therefore they aren’t creating problems for you.

> Sometimes when you cut the cord with someone they will suddenly call you right after you release the connection, wanting to reconnect. On an energetic level, they felt the disconnection and want to reel you back in to their life. If this is a dysfunctional relationship from the past, the call doesn’t necessarily mean they want you back in their life; it might mean they want to continue to pull energy from you or even control you. If a person you have just released tries to get back into your life, it’s best to simply wish them love and light and ignore their calls.

> Sometimes you don’t have to actually cut the cords; just simply shifting a few things can make a huge difference. For example: spending less time with someone you feel drained around can help weaken the cord connection. Or if you have cord attachments to objects in your home that have negative associations, some clutter clearing can move them out of your energy field.

> Just because you cut cords with someone doesn’t mean that you don’t care or that you don’t want to be friends with that person, or can’t have a wonderful relationship. It just means that any damaging or depleting cords are released and it frees you to have more energy and vitality. It also allows you to set clear boundaries. Your emotions will be your emotions. Your thoughts will be your thoughts.

> Cutting cords needs to be done with compassion and intent. If you are upset or angry while you do it, you might be able to cut the cord, but your anger will adhere the person’s energy to you and the cord will reattach. It may not be easy but the more you can detach and become the “sacred observer,” with the understanding that there was a reason for the attachment and on some level you gained value from it, the easier it will be to release it.

Cord Cutting Technique

1. Drink plenty of water. It’s important to be hydrated.

2. Write it down. Be clear on who and what you want to release.

3. Sit in a comfortable location. Close your eyes and relax. You might want to have some ambient music in the background.

4. Take a few deep breaths. With each inhalation, imagine fresh energy is filling you and all that is not needed is being released with every exhalation.

5. Call upon your Inner Being, spirit guides or angels, to offer support and guidance. Ask that they help you release what is not needed, for the highest good of all.

6. Visualize. Once you feel relaxed, imagine that you are at the top of a high grassy hill. In the far distance, you might see mountains or the ocean. Imagine that the grasses are slowly waving in a gentle breeze and see white fluffy clouds overhead. Take a moment to feel strong and grounded. There is a meandering pathway that leads to the top of the hill. Anyone or anything that has attachments to you can come up the pathway to you, as you desire.

7. Cut and release. You notice that in your hands you have large sharp shears, scissors, or a knife. It feels sacred. As the first person you desire to cut cords with appears on the path, imagine that they are standing in front of you. Look at the cords that connect you. If they are brightly colored and vibrant, you may consider leaving them. If you see any that look dark and dull or shriveled, take your shears (or scissors or knife) and cut that cord. If your knife begins to feel dull, hold it above your head to be sharpened by the light of the sun. Sometimes you’ll cut a cord and it seems to come back. Just keep cutting again and again, or even pull it out. Eventually it will stay severed.

8. Affirm. As you cut, with a clear intent say, “What is mine is mine. What is yours is yours.” Or you can say:

  • “I, (state your name), hereby release and sever all cords to you that do not serve and support our highest good.”
  • “As I cut the ties to you, I honor my space . . . and I honor your space. We each stand free in our own light. I am free. You are free.”
  • “Only that which is beneficial and empowering remains.”

When you state your verbal intent you should feel an immediate lightening of your energy field.

9. Offer Appreciation. Thank the person (or object or situation) for being in your life, then send them sincere blessings for their own journey. This is an important part of the process. It completes the cycle and makes it easier for you to go forward in your life without the attachment.

If you try this cord cutting technique or if you have tried other techniques, please share your experience in the comments below.

*I wish to express my appreciation to Denise Linn, author of Energy Strands: The Ultimate Guide to Clearing the Cords That Are Constricting Your Life, for the insights and information contained in her book. If you would like to know more, I strongly encourage you to read Energy Strands.

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