Creating With Light
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Creating With Light

“Light is one of the most powerful forces in the universe. You might think of light as a living presence that can be anywhere or everywhere at once. It responds to your thoughts of it. Light is present in all known universes, although not in exactly the same form as in yours.”Orin & Daben, Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer

Light is a powerful force of transformation and is creating changes as it moves through our Universe. You can call upon light to transmute energy and raise your vibration. When you link with it and harness its power, you amplify the strength of your positive thoughts and create goodness all around you.

The amount of light on our planet is increasing and growing stronger every day. That means that the loving, positive thoughts you think and actions you take are more influential now than any that might be perceived as negative. And as the forces of light grow stronger, even the smalls steps you take towards spiritual growth will take you further faster than ever before.

You intuitively know what light is and how to connect with it. If someone said to you, “Connect with the light,” you would instinctively know how to do that since your Higher Self (also known as your Inner Being or Soul) is always connected with light. As you think of light you begin to vibrate with your Higher Self.

You can bring more light into your life by thinking about it. Light responds to your thought of it and is immediately drawn to you. The more you think of light, the more you will become charged with it, building a radiant body of light all around you. The more light you can hold, the higher your vibration and the greater your ability to transform the energy around you.

Imagine and feel light flowing through your body. Just thinking about it will rejuvenate you at a cellular level and increase your energy. It can dramatically change what you experience and lift you to your next level of growth.

“Every time you connect with light you are building a bridge between yourself and the higher realms. As you build this bridge of light you will become more radiant and effective on the earth plane in whatever you are doing.” –  Orin & Daben

Bringing more light into your life strengthens your connection to your Higher Self and raises your vibration.

Here are 7 additional ways to harness the power of light:

1. Transform Everything Around You

Imagine a sphere or cocoon of light around you, which extends above your head and below your feet. This is not for protection to keep things out, but a powerful energy that raises the vibration of everything around you. You can use this image to create feelings of strength, harmony and love within you.

2. Set The Tone For Others

When you surround yourself with light, your higher energy will set a tone that others around you can pick up. If you are gathered with other people and want to change what is happening, sit quietly and call in light. Imagine it all around you and extend it to encircle all the people present. Hold this thought of light and increase your own sense of harmony, inner peace, and love.

Although not everyone is capable of responding to your higher vibration, you make it available to others so that they too can raise their frequency. Also, it will be easier for you to stay calm, centered, loving and compassionate, no matter what is going on around you.

3. Create Harmony In Your Relationships

If you feel separated from someone you care about for any reason, you can change the energy between you by working with light. If someone is upset with you, instead of working hard to calm them, call light to you and charge yourself with as much light as you can. Then send light from your heart to the other person’s heart. Keep doing this, and sooner or later you will notice a positive shift in the feeling between you.

It is important to know that you cannot control or manipulate others in this way, and you cannot control the outcome. However, by raising your vibration the outcome will be different than what it might have been.

4. Create Feelings of Safety

When you are traveling, put light around yourself and your car so you feel safe and protected. As your loved ones leave home each day, put light around them. Your images of light and loving thoughts will be with them throughout the day, serving to keep them safe and improving their ability to draw good things to themselves.

You can put light around yourself when you are with someone who is angry or makes you feel uncomfortable – take a deep breath, connect with your Higher Self and send light to the person’s heart. The energy will shift within a short time.

5. Change Your Future

You can change your future by imagining what you want to happen, and adding light to the image. You can think of a future day, month, or year, and send light to that time. Light will make everything you experience at that date easier and more enjoyable, as it will be aligned with your Higher Self.

6. Heal Your Body

Light is a powerful source of healing, you can call upon it to heal your body. If there is any place of discomfort in your body, send it light. Simply focus on the area of discomfort, get a clear image of the pain, then call in light and imagine it all around the area in need of healing.

Also, ask that part of your body if there is anything else you can do that would assist it in letting go of this pain or discomfort.

7. Heal Others

If anyone you know is in pain — emotional, mental, or physical — you can assist by sending them light. To heal others with light start by contacting your Higher Self. Draw in as much light as you can imagine and put it all around you. Imagine light going out from your hands, your heart, or the top of your head as if you are sending a stream of light to him or her. That’s it – your higher self will handle all the details. You only need to set the intention to send healing energy as you transmit light, and you will.

You can also assist them by sending light and holding a positive vision of them. When you do this, you increase your own radiance even more. The more radiant you become, the more you will be able to assist others simply by your increased light.

“Increasing the amount of light you can hold and radiate is a great gift to yourself and the world. As you become more radiant and charged with light, people will be drawn to you. Those who are ready will shift to a higher consciousness simply by being in your presence. All the light you send others will come back to you multiplied…Every moment you spend sending out light increases your radiance. As you make your energy beautiful, charge yourself with light and then radiate it, you are being your higher self.” – Orin & Daben

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