The Best Quotes From Creating Money
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The Best Quotes From Creating Money

In a recent post I shared some of my favorite quotes and excerpts from the book Living With Joy. This book was “given” to Sanaya Roman by a non-physical being she calls Orin, whose guidance she has been channeling for many years.

Another book I love and recommend to my clients is Creating Money. It was also “given” to Sanaya Roman by Orin, and co-authored with Duane Packer and DaBen, Duane’s spiritual guide.

This book helped me to shift the way I think about money. It offers practical, simple, step-by-step processes and teaches how to create unlimited abundance and prosperity in your life doing what you love through focusing on the feelings you want, sensing the energy and essence of what you want to attract, and learning how to draw it to you.

I chose 5 of my favorite excerpts from each chapter to portray the essence of the book. There is so much wisdom and many powerful key points that it was really hard choosing which quotes to include in this post.

If you want to master creating money in your life I highly recommend that you read this book!

You Are the Source

1. “You are the source of your abundance and money. Through working with your feelings, thoughts, and intentions, you can become a master at creating whatever you want. You are the source of your riches, not your job, your investments, investments, your spouse, or your parents. By linking with the unlimited abundance of your soul or higher self, by opening your connection to the higher forces (sometimes called God/Goddess, the Presence, the All-That-Is, or the Universe), by expressing and radiating your higher qualities of inner peace, joy, love, well-being, and aliveness, you become the source of your abundance.”

2. “Your thoughts have real substance, although your scientific instruments cannot yet measure them. You might imagine your thoughts as magnets. These magnets go out into the world and attract the substances that match them; they duplicate themselves in form. Everything around you was a thought in someone’s mind before it existed in your reality. Cars, roads, homes, buildings, and cities all existed as thoughts before they became realities.”

3. “Your thoughts set up the model of what is to be created, and your emotions energize your thoughts and propel them from your inner world to your outer world. The stronger your emotions are, the more rapidly you create what you are thinking about. Your intent acts to direct your thoughts and emotions, maintaining a steady focus on what you want until you get it.”

4. “You create your prosperity no matter what the economy is like. Your challenge is to keep your thoughts about your economic future positive and not be affected by what large groups of people are thinking or saying. Even during the worst economic times there are businesses and people who do quite well. You are the source of your abundance, and you can have a wonderful, positive, and abundant life regardless of the economy or other outside conditions.”

5. “Since your thoughts create your reality, you can create an even better life for yourself by learning to think in bigger and unlimited ways. Unlimited thinking increases creativity, expands possibilities, draws opportunities to you, and allows you to have more. Unlimited thinking lets you experience in advance the feelings you will have when you have received the abundance you want, and these feelings are the vehicle that brings abundance to you. Use these visions to open your mind to greater possibilities.”

Becoming Abundant

6. “Money and objects by themselves will not automatically fill your needs or give you the feelings you want. If you think that having more money will give you inner peace, allowing the quality of inner peace into your life is your key to becoming magnetic to more money. Whatever you think having more money will give you — aliveness, peace, self-esteem — is the quality you need to develop to become more magnetic to money and abundance. View money and things not as something you create to fill a lack, but as tools to help you more fully express yourself and realize your potential.”

7. “Stop for a moment and ask yourself what you think having more money will give you that you do not now have. What deeper needs or desires would be satisfied if you had a large sum of money? Would you have more security, freedom from worry, a simpler life? Would you be able to stop doing activities you do not want to do, have no problems, or the freedom to do what you want with your life? What higher qualities or feelings do you think you would have more of — inner peace, love, self-esteem, well-being, happiness? If it is not a large sum of money you want but an object object or item that you do not yet have, what needs will this item satisfy in your life? If there is not anything material that you want, what higher quality or feeling would you like to experience more frequently?”

8. “As you express the higher qualities you think more money will give you, radiating those qualities outward with your words, actions, and being, you will become magnetic to money and objects that are physical expressions of your new level of consciousness. Developing any higher quality — be it love, inner peace, well-being, happiness, courage, personal power, or self-respect — will change your vibration and make you magnetic to whatever matches your new vibration. You will become magnetic not only to more money, but to all the forms that will help you express your new level of growth.”

9. “You cannot live on Earth and avoid lessons, but you can learn them easily and with joy rather than struggle. Developing the qualities of inner wisdom and peace will help you see your problems as opportunities for growth, which will help you deal with them more easily than having money ever will.”

10. “If you are in touch with the needs you want money to fulfill and the higher qualities you hope it will bring you, and as you work on developing those qualities, the money and objects you attract will bring you joy and self-fulfillment. If you do not know what deeper needs and higher qualities you want to express by having something, you may or may not be satisfied with it when you receive it, even though you are able to attract it. You may be making more money right now than at another time of your life, and yet not feel any more abundant or rich than you did at a lower income. If your inner needs are not satisfied, no amount of money will feel like enough.”

Discovering What You Want

11. “You may have many ideas about specific objects, sums of money, and other things that you want to create. Some of these things you want can help you express your higher qualities more fully, and some may not. You may have experienced this when you got something you thought you wanted and it did not bring you the satisfaction you thought it would. You can learn to attract only those things that are best for expressing your higher qualities and fulfilling your deeper needs, and be satisfied with everything you create.”

12. “You can effectively draw things to you whether or not you know the specific form, amount, or appearance of the items you want. You do need to know their essence, however. The essence of something is the function you want this item to perform, the purposes you will use it for, or what you think it will give to you. Many things other than what you picture might give you the essence of what you want, so be open to letting what you want come in whatever way, size, shape, or form is most appropriate.”

13. “If you ask for something indefinite, such as to be rich or happy, ask yourself, “How would I know if I were happy? How much money would I have in the bank to consider myself rich? How much monthly income? How much extra money to spend on certain items I want?” When you ask for extra money but you do not say how much, you may get an extra dollar rather than the larger but unstated amount you were thinking of. Ask for the specific amount of money you want; magnetize that sum or even more. Also picture the essence of what that money will give you and the higher qualities you want it to help you express.”

14. “To magnetize successfully, focus on creating what you want, not on getting rid of something you do not want. Many people do not know what they want, yet they are very clear on what they do not want. If you do not know what you want, you can start by looking at the circumstances in your life you do not like, and ask for opposite circumstances to appear.”

15. “You are motivated to create the things you love — the things that bring you delight and not just relief. Many of you say to yourselves, “I should create money to pay off my debts, get my car fixed, or get this or that.” “Shoulds” do not give you enough emotional energy to create abundance, and do not come from your higher self. Thinking you should pay off your debts is not enough motivation for most people, unless there is also some joy in doing so, such as a feeling of well-being and satisfaction in watching the debts disappear. It is better to acknowledge that you do not really want some of the things you have on your list, so you can focus instead on getting what you really do want.”

Magnetizing What You Want

16. “Drawing the objects, forms, money, and people you want into your life is easier when you work with energy and magnetism before you take action. Creating with energy is done by getting quiet and relaxed, and then bringing images, symbols, and pictures of what you want into your mind. Magnetizing what you want requires generating a magnetic force to draw things to you.”

17. “You work with energy and magnetism all the time, though usually not consciously. You can learn to consciously work with energy and magnetism to amplify the power of your thoughts and create what you are picturing. A few moments of energy work, combined with magnetism and done with a sense of clarity about what you want, can create greater results than hours of hard work.”

18. “Before you attract something that has much larger energy than what you have now, learn to harmonize with its energy. For instance, if you want a sum of money that is much larger than what you have, you will want to be ready for it, to know in advance how you are going to store it, what you will use it for, and how it will help your life. You will want to imagine how you will feel when you have it, and resolve any concerns you may have about receiving it.”

19. “Before you magnetize anything that is much larger than what you have now, play with “wearing” the energy of what you will draw to you. Imagine that you already have it, and look at how your life is different because of it. You can learn to harmonize and become familiar with things before you have them; as you do you will become more magnetic to having them.”

20. “The more you feel comfortable with money — or anything — at an energy level before you magnetize it, the more easily it will come to you. Observe closely how your thoughts about yourself might change, how your feelings and your lifestyle would be different. Doing this will draw out any hidden fears, such as “Having this might mean too much responsibility,” or “I will have to worry more about taxes and accountants; people will want my money,” and so on. As you deal with these doubts or worries, you make it possible to become more magnetic to what you want.”

Following Your Inner Guidance

21. “Learn to listen to your inner guidance. After you have worked with energy and magnetized what you want, your inner guidance will lead you to it in the quickest, simplest way. When you listen to and act upon your guidance, you follow your natural flow of energy. It is that effortless, easy flow that leads you to all the things you have been asking for.”

22. “Inner guidance comes from your higher self and speaks to you in the form of feelings, insights, and inner knowing. Inner guidance brings you information from sources other than those that can be detected by your physical senses. By getting quiet and listening to your thoughts and feelings, you can tap into a much larger spectrum of information than is ordinarily thought to be available.”

23. “As your thoughts about what you want go out into the universe, your higher self looks over past, present, and future events; it views the connections and the situations that will need to be created for you to have what you ask for. It then finds the best way to bring them to you. It begins drawing to you certain people, opportunities, and events. It creates opportunities for you to meet people who might assist you and will also benefit from knowing you, for the universe works for the greater good of all.”

24. “Inner guidance about your future path and directions often comes to you when you are in a quiet, reflective state, performing activities that take you out of your normal awareness. This kind of guidance can be a thought, feeling, picture, or daydream of what you would like to be doing. It may grow and build on itself each time you get quiet.”

25. “The actions your inner guidance urges you to take are the logical next steps for you, or are steps you can carry out with the knowledge you now have. Sometimes you will have an urge to acquire new information, and later the guidance to take action based on that information will come. True inner guidance brings with it all the enthusiasm, energy, and resources you need to carry it out. There is seldom urgency connected with such directives; you are given plenty of time to carry them out at a pace that is comfortable for you.”

Allowing Success

26. “As you magnetize what you want and follow your inner guidance, you will want to allow success into your life so you can receive what you have asked for. Mastering manifesting involves learning to make the choices and decisions that hold the most light for you and put you onto your higher path. As you choose the path of most light, you are also choosing success at its highest levels. You create the reality you experience by the choices and decisions you make.”

27. “You can begin now to make more conscious, aware choices. Acknowledge that where you are today is a result of your past choices, and realize that at every moment you are truly creating your reality. If you are not happy with what you have created so far, you can learn to make different choices and change your life into one that brings you joy, aliveness, or whatever else you want.”

28. “When you have a choice to make and the highest option is not immediately obvious, ask yourself a series of questions. If all choices look equally good, ask, “Which decision holds the most joy for me? Which seems to call to my heart as something I would love to do?” Then pick the option that brings you the most joy. Even if the joyful path does not appear to promise you as much money, in the long run it will be far more profitable than the choice that is not as joyful. Do not make your choice based on how much money it appears you will make; following the path of your heart will always bring you more abundance.”

29. “To develop your mastery of abundance more quickly, start by recognizing how successful you already are at creating what you want, at honoring your integrity, and at making good choices. Build on what you know you can do. Thank and love yourself for the strength and vision you have right now. Take a moment to tell yourself you are already a success. You can feel successful right now, without depending on meeting certain goals to give that feeling to you. You can recognize all the wonderful things you are already doing in your life.”

30. “Acknowledge all the successful things you are doing right now. As you acknowledge your success in other areas, it becomes easier to view yourself as successful with money. Your body is your vehicle for manifestation, for it creates the actions that bring your thoughts and emotions into form. As you bring the feeling of success into your body more frequently, this feeling will draw further success to you in every area of your life.”

Transforming Your Beliefs

31. “Your beliefs create your reality. Beliefs are assumptions about the nature of reality, and because you create what you believe in, you will have many “proofs” that reality operates the way you think it does. For instance, a person who believes that the universe is abundant will act in such a way that he or she experiences abundance, and a person who believes that money comes only from working hard will receive money only from hard work. Each will have many experiences to prove that their belief about reality is really a fact about reality. You can change what you believe and thus change what you experience.”

32. “Your beliefs about money determine how you attract it, spend it, and relate to it. Do you believe it is possible to make money doing what you love to do? Or do you believe that making money requires hard work and struggle? If there is something you want and you do not yet have it, you may have a belief that is keeping you from having it.”

33. “Within every belief you are living out, there is the seed of the opposite belief that you have not yet manifested. Within the belief that you do not deserve money lies its opposite — the belief that you do deserve money. As you take your attention away from the negative belief and begin activating the positive one, you change what you experience.”

34. “After you discover a belief that is holding you back, let go of it and create a new belief. One way you can do this is to get quiet, close your eyes, imagine light all around you, and in some symbolic way remove the old belief. You may see written out in front of you, “I do not deserve to have money.” Now erase the letters one by one. Picture the new belief in its place, perhaps in big letters: “I deserve money.” To further implement a new belief, write it down, say it to yourself when you think of it, and put it where you will see it frequently in your house or at work.”

35.Your emotions and the way you use your imagination either strengthen or weaken the beliefs you have. Do not ignore or deny old beliefs. Accept the old beliefs you discover as your thoughts about the nature of reality, not facts about reality itself. Then imagine yourself having the opposite belief. If you believe that is hard to make money, imagine that it is easy.”

Letting Money Flow

36. “As you grow and become sensitive to more and more aspects of creating abundance, you will recognize that money flows in and out, like ocean waves. You will experience times when the tide is in and times when the tide is out. Your universe is made of energy, and energy moves in waves and cycles. There will be times when your magnetism has a larger result and times when it has a smaller result. Some months you will receive more money than usual, and some months you will have more bills than normal. Some weeks your business may be booming, and other weeks you may have very few customers.”

37. “There is a natural rhythm to money, just as there is a natural cycle to everything in your life. Every business has an ebb and flow. Every person has cycles in life, times when money is coming in more than it is going out and times when it is going out more than it is coming in. Your challenge is to not go up and down emotionally with the natural ebb and flow of money in your life; use these natural cycles in a way that further builds your prosperity.”

38. “Blocks in money can be caused by places where your energy is not flowing, such as in your physical body, your emotions, or your relationships with other people. If you are in a calm or flat state with money and you want the energy to begin moving, observe your life for a while and ask your higher self to show you where your energy needs to flow more.”

39. “Everyone looks forward to the flow, when more money is coming in than going out. You experience this many times during each month. When you receive your paycheck or any sum of money, before you spend it you have created a flow. Start by acknowledging that you already have a flow in your life, and that what you want is even more days when more money is coming in than going out.”

40. “If you acknowledged yourself every time you had even one day of more money coming in than going out, you would find the flow increasing in your life. If you have reached a level where you consistently have an excess of money coming in, congratulate yourself! You have reached a level of mastery of abundance. Take a moment to appreciate and acknowledge your accomplishment.”

Coming Out of Survival

41. “If you are experiencing an ebb, with more money going out than coming in, do not panic. Do not lose confidence in yourself or think that somehow you have failed. The challenge of an ebb state is to believe in your future prosperity. Everything on Earth is cyclical, and all phases are temporary. For every ebb, there is a flow that will follow.”

42. “The more you can appreciate the gifts you are receiving while the tide is out, the more rapidly the tide will come back in. Focus on the abundance you have rather than all the bills. See what new soul qualities you are developing, such as patience, trust, and love. Remember, you create what you focus on, and down cycles are always followed by up cycles.”

43. “When you are living at a survival level, barely able to pay your bills, do not feel that you are a failure. This is simply the way you have chosen to learn many important lessons and experience the essence of who you are. You may be growing rapidly from this experience. You may be learning that you deserve to have abundance by experiencing the lack of what you want.”

44. “Constant worry about money blocks your creativity and clear thinking. Getting yourself to a level where your bills are manageable and your basic needs are met will help you find and create your life’s work more rapidly. Your soul does not care what job title you have. As long as you bring love and consciousness to your work, you will grow spiritually. If you decide to take a temporary job, do not think that you have sacrificed your ideals in some way. You may find that you are more effective in helping others if you are not struggling to survive yourself.”

45. “It is better not to speak of failure or financial disasters to others; if you do not have money right now, do not complain of your lack. Talk about your visions and your dreams. Speak of what is good in your life right now, and how positive you feel about the future. Speak to others of your confidence and trust in yourself, without emphasizing your lack. Your friends carry an image of you, and when you think of yourself you pick up their pictures. If you speak to others of your prosperity, they will think of you as prosperous; they will carry positive mental pictures of you that you can tap into whenever you want. If you do not have money right now, speak as if you do.”


46. “Trust is opening your heart, believing in yourself and in the abundance of the universe. It is knowing that the universe is loving and friendly, and supports your higher good. Trust is knowing that you are part of the process of creating, and believing in your ability to draw to you what you want.”

47. “If you are worrying about money, work on increasing your sense of well-being rather than thinking about money. Rather than asking, “How much money do I need today?” ask yourself, “How can I create money today?” There is an enormous difference in the energy you send out to the universe when you focus on creating money rather than needing money; the first is magnetic to money and the latter is not.”

48. “Trust — expecting the best to happen, believing in your ability to create what you want, and knowing you deserve to have it — can be demonstrated in many ways. It is demonstrated by believing in something even when the outer world seems to reflect something else. It is demonstrated by talking of your abundance even if you do not yet see it around you.”

49. “It is not enough to sit around and believe. Demonstrate trust by listening to your inner guidance and taking action on it. Since you live in a world of form and substance, action is the physical link to having what you want. You can develop trust by putting your ideas into action, getting feedback, and seeing the results. Every time you are willing to take a risk, you increase your ability to trust and believe in yourself. There is a difference between trust and hope. Trusting is believing and knowing that what you want will come; hoping is wanting something but not really believing that it will come.”

50. “Trust is the link between the mental world and the physical world. It provides continuity during the time that elapses between the conception of an idea and its manifestation. Realize that your dreams are already real on the mental plane; they are just awaiting the perfect time to appear in your physical reality. Trust your higher self to bring you the right things at the right time.”


51. “When you want to give or receive love and miracles, all you need do is intend to do so. Reach for the highest and biggest vision; create quality in your experiences. Each one of you is a bundle of loving energy, capable of creating anything you choose. Miracles come from your love. If you are willing to open your heart, to love yourself and others, life will always be a miracle. The degree to which you are open and loving is the degree to which miracles will come your way.”

52. “When you spend and give with love, you create even more ways for money to come to you. A state of love is a state of receptivity to the abundance of the universe. The more love you send out to the world, the more abundance and miracles you will receive in return. Every time you pay a bill or receive money, see it as a gift of love. Make every exchange of money an opportunity to radiate love to those around you.”

53. “Sometimes your mind stands in the way of miracles. The mind is good for planning, setting goals, and visualizing. To speed up the process and create miracles after you have magnetized something, open your heart. Trust and believe in yourself, love others, and demonstrate that love with action every day.”

54. “Miracles are unexpected occurrences that bring you far more than you expect. They are synchronistic events that usually occur when you let go of attachment and trust your inner guidance. Often they come because of a call to the deepest part of your being for help. Crisis frequently creates miracles, for it calls the deepest part of your soul into consciousness.”

55. “The greatest miracle is life itself. You are the miracle, and you can create anything you want, which is another great miracle. There are no barriers, no limits, to what you can have. The only limit is what you can picture for yourself, ask for, and believe you can have.”

You Can Do What You Love

56. “You are a special, unique person, and you have a meaningful contribution to make to the world. Every person is born with a purpose. There is a reason you are here; you have a role to play that no one else on the planet could fill. The special contribution you came to make is your life’s work. When you are doing that work, you are following your higher path, and your life will be filled with increasing joy, abundance, and well-being.”

57. “Finding your life’s work allows you to create abundance and money easily. The job or activities that are meant to be your life’s work involve doing what you love with your time and energy. When you love what you do, you feel alive, happy, and fulfilled. You radiate joy and draw many good things to you. You can make money doing work that you do not like, but it will take more effort. Not liking what you do with your time and energy diminishes your flow of abundance; loving what you do brings abundance more easily and effortlessly.”

58. “You will recognize when you are doing your life’s work by the feelings of vitality and aliveness it gives you. You will feel that your life has greater meaning and that you are making a worthwhile contribution. You will have a compelling vision or goal. You will feel happier in every area of your life. Your work will allow you to express more fully who you are; it will help you grow and evolve.”

59. “You do not need to have a job or even be in business to be doing your life’s work. You can express your life’s work through community activities activities or hobbies. You may be raising a family as your life’s work, helping to guide your children’s life-force energy into a higher order. When your life is filled with meaningful activity, you radiate joy and love and are magnetic to abundance.”

60. “Whatever you love to do will also help others in some way, for it is the nature of the universe that when you use your highest skills you automatically contribute to others. When you serve others, giving fully of your talent and skill to whatever you do, your work and services will be in demand, and money will flow to you. Even if it does not appear that there will be more money in doing what you love, trust your heart and follow your higher path, for there will eventually be much more money and abundance from following this path than any other.”

Discovering Your Life’s Work

61. “One way to discover your life’s work is to observe what you love to do and what you do naturally, noticing which skills you enjoy using. Your life’s work will involve using those skills. Once you have identified them, you can concentrate on using them more, and draw opportunities to you to make money and support yourself through them. You can also find ways to use those skills in other areas of your life, turning all your activities into expressions of your life’s work.”

62. “Everything you enjoy doing — every job, hobby, and activity — involves using certain skills. You can discover what those skills are by asking yourself questions. What things do you love doing in your job? What are your hobbies? What community activities do you do because you love them? What daily activities bring you joy and aliveness? Are you interested in singing, dancing, or the arts? Are you interested in writing, channeling, counseling, or bodywork?”

63. “What do you enjoy most? Healing, helping, teaching, or empowering others? Negotiating, managing, organizing, leading, networking, and so on? Are you drawn to business skills, money management, art production, or scientific or research skills? Do you want to develop creativity, imagination, or your abilities to observe and draw conclusions? Do you want to work with things such as equipment, computers, and machines, or information such as numbers, statistics, or research results? Do you want room to be creative, or do you prefer work that is straightforward and logical? Do you like to work with your hands or voice? Do you enjoy communicating with people in person or on the phone? Get quiet for a moment, and ask for some ideas about the skills you love to use and the talents you express naturally.”

64. “Do not try to figure out what to do with your life by looking at the world and asking, “What can I do for the world?” Look at yourself and ask, “What do I want to do that I love to do? What attracts me? What excites me? What are the issues I am working on in my life? What can I get enthusiastic about doing?”

65. “Do not put any restrictions on your dreams. If you catch yourself saying, “That would be nice, but it’s too much to ask for,” stop. Ask for it anyway! This is a time to engage in unlimited thinking. Do not feel you have to create your dreams instantly; the first step to creating them is just putting the pictures in your mind. Your thoughts are real. As you get specific about what you would like, your higher self immediately goes out and begins to create it for you. You do not have to know when or how it will come. All you need do is get clear about what you want, and dare to think big.”

You Have What It Takes

66. “You can draw your life’s work to you more quickly by developing the inner strengths and resources you will need to successfully carry it out. You do not need to take large risks or big steps that are inappropriate for you. By starting with small steps and developing your inner resources, each move you make will be an easy next step. As you take small steps, you will discover that your dreams are within your reach and easier to accomplish than you imagine.”

67. “Doing your life’s work will require the skills of listening to and following your own wisdom. It will require making yourself rather than anyone else the authority on what is good for you. Creating your life’s work is a process of discovering yourself. You do so by going within, rather than looking for answers outside yourself.”

68. “To create your life’s work you will need to learn to solve your own problems, which you might instead call your “challenges” or “opportunities for growth.” While it is fine to seek outside guidance, make the final decisions from your heart and follow your intuition.”

69. “As you think about how to increase the harmony and flow in your life in small ways, you are developing the skill of creative problem solving. When you encounter challenges on your path, you will already have the skills you need to handle them creatively and to find solutions. Become resourceful; rather than enduring bad situations, look for ways to make them better.”

70. “Learn to love and accept yourself for who you are right now. Love all the things you have already created. You do not need to be perfect before you do your life’s work; accomplishing your life’s work will help you grow and evolve. As you love and accept who you are right now, you make it possible to move in new directions.”

Believing In Yourself

71. “To create your life’s work, believe in yourself and act upon your ideas. If you are waiting for friends, your husband or wife, employer, employees, or coworkers to give you what you want, you are turning your power over to others.”

72. “Do not wait for someone else to give you permission to quit your job and do what you love with your life. If you give up your goals, dreams, and aliveness to be with people, you are not truly doing them a favor. You will in some way demand that they give up the same thing. The only way you can truly love and support others is to support their aliveness and growth, and one of the best ways to do that is to support your own aliveness and growth. Give yourself permission to do what you love and want to do.”

73. “You may encounter resistance from people around you as you begin to move in the direction of your aliveness and growth. It is often threatening to people close to you when you choose to grow or change. They fear a loss of your love. Rather than feeling threatened by their resistance, send them extra love and compassion.”

74. “Do not let other people’s pictures of what you ought to be doing determine what you do. You may want to pursue a career in music while your parents or spouse want you to become a business executive. Realize they mean well and want to see you succeed, but only you can know what your path is. Your life’s work may be quite different from what others picture you doing. It is important to honor your own direction.”

75. “To succeed at anything, you must love it, and only you can know what you love. If you go against your inner messages, trying to succeed at a career you do not love just to please others, you will lose your sense of joy and aliveness. Decide that you will do whatever you are receiving the impulse to do with your life, even if you do not see how there can be any money in it. If it feels right, honors your integrity, and brings you joy, do it. Success comes when you follow your heart.”

Trusting the Flow

76. “It is important to know when it is time to change course. No job, business, or activity will be perfect forever unless you are willing to constantly update it, for as you grow the things around you need to be revised. Sometimes a simple change will do. Other times the only way you will be able to go to the next level will be to let go of everything you have and start over with something completely different.”

77. “No path is ever closed or slowed down unless that is for your higher good. If following your path is a struggle, if it is getting too difficult, take time to reexamine what you are doing. There may be a better way to do things, or something else entirely different may be emerging for you. If one path is giving you difficulty, there is another path you can follow, and it will hold even more aliveness and abundance than the one you are on.”

78. “When you are no longer enjoying what you are doing, it is a sign that something new is needed. If this is so, developing the new will bring you more abundance than holding on to the old. You are always changing and growing, and as you stay in touch with what you enjoy doing, you will draw to you the new forms that match who you are.”

79. “You can leave what you have created joyfully, willingly, and consciously, or you can wait until circumstances reach crisis proportions and you are “forced” to implement new ideas. If it is time to make changes but you are reluctant to let go of the old, your soul will help you by creating circumstances in which the old no longer works.”

80. “It is a challenge to love rather than dislike what you are leaving. If you focus on what you want, what you would love to have, and go toward it, you will have it. The more you dislike something, the more you may be stuck with it. The more you dislike your business, the longer you may be in it. One of the principles of the universe is that every situation in your life is teaching you how to love. You cannot leave something until you love it.”

Moving to Your Higher Path

81. “You do not necessarily need to quit the job you have to get your new work or ideas out to the world. Stay where you are while you begin to take action on your new ideas. Let them have time to germinate and grow at their own speed. Remain in your present job until you have built a foundation for your new work that is solid enough to support you. If you were building a new house, you would want to stay in your old house until the new one was complete enough to move into.”

82. “You can change many situations you do not like by changing something within yourself. The ways people treat you and the opportunities that come your way are determined by your attitudes, energy, and love. If you are not feeling nurtured at your job, it may be because you are not nurturing yourself. If you feel unappreciated by your employer, coworkers, or employees, it may be that you have not learned to appreciate yourself. Once you learn to nurture and appreciate yourself, you will find others do so also.”

83. “If you go to work every day thinking how much you dislike your job, if the problems in your office are beyond your ability to solve, you are not listening to your inner guidance that something better awaits you. Many people stay in jobs long after their positions stop providing them with growth and aliveness, thinking that there is nothing better for them.”

84. “You do not need to know what the job title will be to find your ideal work. You can begin by observing what you do naturally and easily and draw to you those jobs that will allow you to do the activities you love. Once you have a clear model of what your job will give you, you can begin to work with energy to draw it to you. Your higher self will work on finding it, bringing to you whatever job title is most appropriate. It may be a job you have not even thought of, or did not know existed.”

85. “Write down your ideas. As you put your plans on paper, as you design and build them, you will draw to you the people and financial assistance that can help you. There is more money available than there are good projects to invest in. You will create all the necessary contacts, steps, and events with your intention and vision. You will find that anything you need to serve your life’s work will come to you. When you are on your path doing your life’s work, all you need is abundantly supplied.”

Honoring Your Value and Worth

86. “It is important to receive what you think your services are worth, in money or whatever medium is of value to you. If you do not value your time and energy, you cut off your flow of abundance. Your energy determines whether or not money flows freely, harmoniously, and easily for you.”

87. “When you value your services, others will value them also. Determine for yourself what your time is worth, what income or exchange is meaningful to you. Do not depend upon others to do this for you.”

88. “If you are in business for yourself, it is better for you to have two clients who pay you what you feel your services are worth than four who do not. When you receive fair value for what you do, you feel good about yourself; you radiate enthusiasm. A business person who radiates enthusiasm, prosperity, and success is more effective in serving people than one who is feeling poor, depleted, and unsuccessful.”

89. “Offer your work only to those who value it. If you work for an employer who does not value your work, it undermines your self-confidence. Before changing jobs, ask yourself whether you believe that you are a worthy, valuable person and that your services are important. Then look at what you are learning from being in your present situation. Once you understand what you are learning and the beliefs that created your situation, you will be able to find a job that honors you, and you may even find your current employer begins to treat you with more respect as well.”

90. “If you exchange goods or services directly with others, you want to find a way to establish agreements that work for both of you to create a clear, loving flow of energy between you. If you really cannot use someone’s services, it is better to say no than to accept someone’s gift with resentment or a feeling that the exchange is unequal.”

Joy and Appreciation

91. “Imagine that there are many flows coming into you from the universe, and each one offers a way money can come to you. Every time you have a doubt, every time you resent paying a bill, every time you do not believe in your prosperity, you close off one of those flows. Every time you send out your money with joy and love, you open another way for the universe to send you money. The next time you pay a bill, imagine that at least ten times more than the amount you pay out is coming back to you. See your money contributing to the prosperity of the person or institution you are paying.”

92. “Joy is an important attitude that will increase your prosperity. Learn to spend money, even small sums, in ways that bring you joy. When you have larger sums, you will know how to spend them with joy as well. You want your money to bring you happiness and joy. If you do not know how to spend a few dollars in a way that increases your happiness, it will be difficult to increase your happiness by spending thousands of dollars. Begin now to let your money bring you joy, and as the amount of money you have increases, it will bring you more and more joy.”

93. “What you buy gives a message to your subconscious about what you believe you deserve to have. Buy what you really want. Buy one good outfit that you feel wonderful wearing, rather than several less expensive ones that you do not really like. This tells your subconscious that you can have what you want, and it will immediately go about bringing you more.”

94. “All of you have heard at one time or another, “Be appreciative; say thank you.” What is the true value of gratitude? Gratitude acknowledges your power and ability to create. It focuses your attention on what you have, and what you pay attention to increases. It is a constant reminder to yourself of how abundant the universe is and how you can trust its unending flow. Appreciation is a state of mind that magnetizes money and abundance to you.”

95. “Appreciation is reflected in your attitude, and your attitude can either attract or repel money. You may have noticed that many successful businessmen write thank-you letters or send gifts to those who assist them. Thanking the universe for your abundance, either by mentally saying thank you or acknowledging your gratitude aloud, will multiply your prosperity.”

Giving and Receiving

96. “To create many flows of money in your life, learn to give and receive freely. You want to receive as well as give. Many of you love to give to others, yet it is harder to allow yourself to receive from them. You empower others by letting them give to you, for then they have the opportunity to demonstrate their abundance.”

97. “Do not see it as selfish for you to receive; see it as the completion of the circle of energy. The more you open to receive, the more you can give. Receive money from people, receive the form and substance of what they give you, and do so with warmth and graciousness. Imagine ten times the amount of money people give you coming back to them every time you receive money. As you envision success for other people, you increase your own magnetism to prosperity.”

98. “Be open to receiving with gratitude and grace. If you receive a check for ten dollars, thank the universe for it, rather than saying, “This is not enough.” So many people receive money and say, “I do not know how I’m going to make this last; I wish I had received more.” They take the amount and make it less, and less will come next time. If you receive money with an image of more coming, coming, with a feeling of joy and thanks, you create more ways for the universe to give you prosperity.”

99. “Giving is an important part of receiving. The way you give to others is the way the universe will give to you. Giving money or other things is truly a gift to yourself, for it creates a circulation of energy in your life, and the more energy circulates the wealthier you are.”

100. “Giving helps you release beliefs of lack and limitation, for as you give, you begin to picture yourself as more abundant. Giving can include giving material objects, or you can offer love, forgiveness, and kindness to others. Giving is not about the amount or the value of the objects or what you give; it is about the feeling of abundance, the joy of giving that you feel when you give to others.”

Clarity and Harmony

101. “If you are to be satisfied and happy with the outcome of your energy exchanges or financial transactions, be definite from the beginning about commitments, agreements, the time involved, the effort to be expended, the duties to be performed, and the rate of return.”

102. “Make agreements with yourself about money that work to create joy, abundance, and clarity for you. If you are constantly feeling guilty about spending money, review the agreements you have made with yourself and think about changing them, for they are not working for you. You will want to examine whether your agreements are good ones, or if they are based on other people’s values — those of your parents, society, or friends. Make agreements about money that work for you.”

103. “It is important to have terms and agreements that serve your rights and interests as well as serving the other person. Before you sign, do not be afraid to ask for clarification or alteration of terms you do not understand or disagree with. Whenever you enter into exchanges with others, whether or not contracts are involved, be clear about what your agreements are. The clearer you are, the more harmony and light you put into your life. Your clarity is a gift to everyone in your life.”

104. “A lack of clear agreements about money can create conflicts between people, even two people who love each other. If one person has the agreement with himself or herself that it is all right to spend unlimited money on food, and does so, but the other person has the self-agreement to spend only a limited amount on food, there is potential for conflict. Each person is putting a different value on the food. Rather than taking the time to look at their agreements about money, discussing them calmly and lovingly, most people get into power struggles when these kinds of issues arise.”

105. “If someone owes you money, release the money and send the person love. Trust that the money will come from somewhere else, or even from that person once you truly release your attachment to having it. Refusal to pay debts is often a withholding of love, turning the relationship into a power struggle. If you refuse to join in this struggle and send love instead, you create a shift. Once you shift your energy, the other person cannot help but shift his or her energy as well.”

Having Money

106. “True abundance is having all you need to do your life’s work — the tools, resources, and living environment — and to live a life filled with joy and aliveness. Abundance is not an extravagant, glamorous style of living maintained purely to impress others or one that does not support your true aliveness and life’s work. Part of the essence of spirituality is the belief in true abundance — of time, love, and energy.”

107. “If you are worried that it is not spiritual to have money, examine the times in your life when you had money, even if it was just a small amount. Remember how you used your money. You may have been able to help those around you even more. When you felt abundant, you probably felt generous and able to support others in their abundance.”

108. “What is important is having enough money to do the work you came to do, and not having so much that it keeps you from the work you came to do. Having enough money means being able to put your vision into action, to transform the energy around you into a higher order. Some people may need many material things to accomplish their life purpose. They may need to work with a group of people who will only listen to and respect them if they have an appearance of wealth and power.”

109. “It is good to measure people’s success not by how much money they make or have, but by the degree to which they are fulfilling their life purpose, are happy about their lives, have the right amount of money, and believe in themselves.”

110. “As you think in terms of prosperity, your vibration begins to change and you attract other people who think in terms of abundance as well. Do not feel jealous or threatened by someone who is successful. Realize that if you are close to a person who is succeeding, you are beginning to have that same vibration of success yourself.”

Savings: Affirming Your Abundance

111. “Savings give you resources that allow you to be self-sufficient. Savings are also a positive affirmation that you have more than you need at the moment. As you feel abundant, you become magnetic to even more money.”

112. “Money you save is useable energy that is immediately available when you want it, if you have stored it in liquid investments. If you have stored money, you are less likely to be influenced by the ebb in the normal ebb-and-flow cycle. Nature uses this principle; just observe squirrels storing their nuts for the winter, or bears hibernating to save their energy.”

113. “You can take advantage of opportunities when you have money saved. Think of your savings as your “expanding possibilities account” that will allow you more choices and more freedom. Savings allow you to have greater control over the timing of your purchases. Some things you may want may require a large sum of money to acquire. By having savings available, you can usually get what you want when you want it.”

114. “You do not need to make a fortune to start saving money. A little bit of money put away every month can become a sizable amount of cash or an investment with increased value in five or ten years. The greatest benefit of saving money is that it allows you to get used to a larger and larger flow of money and the energy it represents, which is what you are asking for if you want increased abundance.”

115. “Imagine the balance you would like. Feel the joy you will have when you look at the balance. Do not think of it as saving for a calamity or disaster; if you do, you will keep creating emergencies that require your savings. Picture your savings as your wealth account. View it as money that is teaching you how to handle a larger and larger flow of prosperity.”

If you have read Creating Money and it has made an impact on your life like it did mine, please share your experience below. If you haven’t read it, you can purchase it on Amazon.

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