How to Create Your Best Year Ever
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How to Create Your Best Year Ever

Personally, I’ve never been much of a “New Year’s Resolution” person. Rather than setting goals, I prefer to set intentions. And my intention for the coming New Year is to create my best year ever!

This year I intend to make feeling good and being in alignment with Source my number one priority. Some of my other intentions include following my bliss, growing my coaching practice and jewelry business, and moving to Maui. I’ve already done some of the energy work and now I get to just go about my business of being happy, taking inspired action and allowing the Universe to deliver my desires to me.

If you feel inspired to follow my lead in dumping resolutions and setting intentions instead, here’s how you too can go about creating your best year ever:

Connect With Your Inner Being

Your Inner Being, also known as your Higher Self or Soul, is the non-physical part of you and can see your life from a broader perspective. It knows everything about you and what you want, and knows the easiest path to get you there. Without this conscious connection, getting where you want to go is more challenging, and the journey a lot less satisfying. If you prefer to take the path of least resistance, let your Inner Being lead the way.

Establish Your Emotional Grid

An emotional grid is a process Abraham-Hicks suggests we use as a means to manifest our desires. They teach that the grid is vibrational in nature and the starting point of creating what we want. It is the foundation and framework for our manifestations. Once the emotional basis is established, the grid will fill in with all kinds of things that match our vibration.

To build the foundation for your best year ever, decide how you want to feel throughout the year and choose positive emotions, such as happy, free, prosperous, confident, etc., to get the momentum going. I recommend writing these down in a journal or posting them on a vision board so you can be reminded daily what your intentions are.

Clarify Your Intentions

Once you have connected with your Inner Being and established how you want to feel, it’s time for some specifics. What would you like to accomplish in the coming year and why? What will bring you joy? If you’re not sure, your emotional grid is enough to create an epic year, but it is so fun clarifying what you want and watching it unfold just as you intended. Again, I recommend writing it down and adding more details as you they come to you.

Act On Your Inspirations

As the days unfold, you will be guided by your Inner Being through impulses, synchronicity, and your emotions (feeling good means you’re moving in the right direction, not feeling good means your heading the wrong way). Pay attention and follow your inspirations as they arise. In the mean time, practice alignment (meditation, appreciation, visualization, scripting, etc) and go about your day with joy and a positive attitude. Being happy is fertile ground for your desires to manifest.

Enjoy The Journey

Like a painter or a potter, it’s fun to create and watch your ideas take shape. But there is more to it then the end result. As you wait eagerly for your manifestations to take form, remember to enjoy the journey, because truly, that’s where the satisfaction is. All the fun and joyous moments along the way are what life is all about. When you stay conscious of this every day, you can’t help but create your best year ever – every year!

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