Conscious Creation Glossary
Creating Reality

Conscious Creation Glossary

Below is a list of terms commonly used among conscious creators.

Abraham: A group consciousness from the non-physical dimension who speak through Esther Hicks.

Alignment: Vibrational harmony, the absence of resistance.

Allowing: The state of alignment with the Well-Being that flows from Source. Allowing is deliberately giving your attention only to that which causes a vibration of alignment with Source. When you are allowing, you always feel good.

Belief: A thought that you keep thinking or practicing as if it were true.

Connection: Being in vibrational alignment with your Source.

Contrast: Anything you don’t like, doesn’t feel good, or causes you to feel negative emotions.

Creator: Anyone who focuses creative energy to manifest things and experiences.

Deliberate Creation: The intentional focus on something that is wanted with the purpose of creating a
desired outcome, while being consciously aware of one’s vibrational state and connection to Source.

Disc: A flying disc is an analogy used by Abraham-Hicks to describe vibrational frequency. A high-
flying disc are emotions like contentment, enthusiasm, fascination, eagerness, or joy. A low flying disc
are emotions such as sadness, frustration, anger, or worry. You can choose which disc you want to be

Expansion: Becoming bigger or making something bigger. To become greater in size, extent, volume,
quantity, or scope; to get larger and more encompassing.

Grid: The emotional grid is an analogy taught by Abraham-Hicks. It is vibrational in nature and the
basis of your attraction. It is the foundation and framework for your manifestations.

Inner Being: Also known as Higher Self or Soul, your Inner Being is the non-physical part of you that
holds a broader perspective and is always guiding you to your ideal life.

Intentions: Something that you plan to do or achieve, an aim or purpose. These are affirmative
statements or thoughts of what you DO want to have, be, do, experience, or would like to have happen,
made in advance.

Law of Attraction: Every thought vibrates, every thought radiates a signal, and every thought attracts
a matching signal back. This process is called Law of Attraction. “That which is like unto itself is
drawn.” – Abraham-Hicks

LOA: Acronym for Law of Attraction.

Manifestation: A perceptible, outward, or visible expression of vibrational energy. Anything (positive or negative) that comes into physical reality that had previously been only a desire, idea, wish, thought,
vision, or plan (sometimes, not even in your conscious awareness.)

Momentum: The build up of energy, intensity, and speed behind any topic you have feelings or
opinions about.

Point of Attraction: What you are focusing on. The balance of vibrational energy and focus which
dictates what is being manifested.

Resistance: Pushing against something; negative thinking, negative thoughts, habits, attitudes,
thoughts, feelings, expectations, and beliefs that are in opposition to, or against, whatever is happening
at the time, or to what could happen.

Source/Source Energy: God, The Universe, Higher Power, Divine, Absolute Being, Creator, Spirit.
The eternally expanding vibrational stream of well-being from which All-That-Is flows. It is the
unseeable energy that flows through everyone and everything; it is the life-force of thoughts, ideas, and
consciousness, and is synonymous with pure love.

Vibration: The response of either harmony or discord of all things to all things.

Vibrational Escrow: An energetic version of an escrow account, where all of one’s “yet to be
manifested” desires are said to be held in vibrational reality. It is the temporary, energetic “holding
zone” where thoughts and desires are collecting and gathering, if and until until such time that one is in
alignment with them, at which time they become manifested into the physical realm.

Vibrational Match: Everything vibrates and has its own vibrational frequency, including thoughts,
feelings, emotions, beliefs, intentions and physical things. A vibrational match is when the vibrational
frequencies are the same.

Vortex: Sometimes used as a synonym for one’s “Vibrational Escrow” or “Vibrational Reality,” the Vortex is a vibrational place where everything you have ever desired is manifested and held for you
until you become a vibrational match to it. It is also the positively aligned state of being; akin to being
“in the flow” or simply very happy, blissful, content or supremely peaceful.

Well-Being: The universal natural state of feeling good. It is the essence of who we really are at the
Soul level.