How to Make a Conscious Connection With Your Inner Being
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How to Make a Conscious Connection With Your Inner Being

There are a few key elements to creating a joyful, fulfilling life, such as being clear on what you want, believing it’s possible, and feeling like you’re already living it. But the most important one of all, the one that most teachers fail to tell you about, is the conscious alignment and connection with your Inner Being.

“It is our absolute knowing that until you make this connection between your physical being and your Inner Being, you cannot satisfy the intentions that you held as you emerged into this physical body.” – Abraham-Hicks

The Key to a Spectacular Life

As a deliberate creator, connecting with your Inner Being (also known as your Higher Self, or Soul) is crucial to creating your life on purpose.

You may have some degree of success on your own but without this connection, there will be limits to what you can accomplish, and your life experience will be less meaningful, satisfying, and considerably less productive. Making this conscious connection is the key to creating a spectacular life with consistent results.

Your Inner Being is always with you, loves you unconditionally, and is in every moment guiding you to your very best life. It is your expanded, loving, and compassionate self – the wise teacher within you that knows everything about you, including why you have the challenges you have.

Your Non-Physical self is the essence of who-you-really-are, has no limits, and assists you in knowing your true identity. When you make this connection with your Inner Being you will live a more harmonious and fulfilling life.

The Benefits of Merging Your Inner and Outer World

When you allow the broader perspective of your non-physical Inner Being to merge with your physical perspective, you will:

  • Access the power of the Universe to assist you in your creations
  • Be free of creative limitations in your physical world
  • Experience the fullness of this life
  • Live a continuously joyful, ever-present, blissful growing experience

The Connection Process

The process below is the most effective way to open the passageway between the conscious physical you and the inner you. It is easy and only takes about 15 minutes of daily meditation.

It is not necessary to meditate at the same time every day, but it is beneficial to be consistent. It is a progressive process and the amount of time to accomplish it varies from person to person.

You can invite your Inner Being to facilitate the opening of this passageway. There are two requirements to begin the process:

  1. It is important that you have a desire for the opening of this passageway; it must be something that you want and willingly intend to do.
  2. You must set aside 15-20 minutes every day for the meditation process. The amount of time is critical for establishing a clear and strong connection. You have likely spent years, perhaps your entire lifetime, disconnected from this part of you. It is necessary to slow down, be still, and make room for the channel to open.

During this process there is nothing for you to do other than sit calmly and silently with the intent to quiet your mind. If you try to become too involved in the process you will interfere with the work of your Inner Being.

Your Inner Being will begin to align your energies, merging the higher frequency energy of your inner world with the slower, lower frequency energy of your physical world. Trust that your Inner Being is fully capable of this task.

You can learn more details about this blending process in Esther & Jerry Hicks’s book A New Beginning II. Even though it is no longer being published, you can still buy a copy on Amazon.

Connection With Your Inner Being Meditation

Before you begin, set a clear, conscious intention to quiet your mind for the purpose of opening the pathway from your outer world to your inner world. Your Inner Being will do the rest.

  1. To begin the mediation exercise, wear comfortable clothing and sit in a quiet space where you will not be interrupted.
  2. Sit in a chair, on the floor, or lie down on your bed (unless you tend to fall asleep, then remain upright!). The important thing is that you are comfortable.
  3. Ask your Inner Being to open the passageway between your inner world and your outer world.
  4. Close your eyes and allow yourself to relax.
  5. Breathe slowly, drawing air into your lungs, then releasing the air comfortably.
  6. As your mind wanders, gently release any thoughts, and refocus on your breathing.
  7. If your mind continues to wander, try mentally counting your breaths, or listen to a steady or soothing sound in your immediate environment, like the ticking of a clock or the birds chirping outside.
  8. Hold this focus for fifteen minutes.
  9. When you are finished, thank your Inner Being for aligning your energies.
  10. That’s it!

You were born into your body to live a life of joy and freedom. Making a conscious connection with your Inner Being is a key factor in achieving that, and more.

Get ready for your life to transform! Enjoy 🙂