Changing the Negative Into the Positive
Your Emotional Life

Changing the Negative Into the Positive

It is common to hear people complain about being a victim and go on and on about all the negative things that have happened to them. So much of our society, whether it’s on TV, in private and public conversations, center around what is bad and going wrong. There are strong overtones of righteousness and anger that have developed as a way of thinking and interacting with others. This has its root in our system of polarities, where something is either good or bad, positive or negative, up or down. Learning to change the negatives into positives is part of spreading the belief in the higher good and contributes to a life of more joy for you.

The Gifts of Your Past

Your past can act as an anchor until you let go and release any negative beliefs or memories about it. For example, you may have had a past relationship you feel you didn’t handle in the best way you could. Maybe you have a feeling of being let down or having let the other person down.

You can change the negative memories by going back and looking at the gifts they offered you and seeing the good you did for them. You can then telepathically transmit forgiveness and to those people at whatever age they were when you knew them. Also, think kind thoughts and forgive yourself. You will heal yourself and them by doing this. The healing can also stop you from projecting these negative patterns into your future.

Let Go of Regrets

You may hold negative images about your past selves and look back with regret, but if it had not been for those incidents in the past, you would not be who you are now. Those incidents provided you with the growth that allows you now to see a better way of behaving. You have grown, evolved, and learned new ways to handle your energy. Everything that happened was meant to help move you into your higher self.

Look at the Bigger Picture

You have the ability to look at the bigger picture of your life and see each incident not as a separate event but as a part of your entire life-path. To reframe the negative into the positive, the conscious mind needs to see the larger picture. If you take the time to do this, great gifts await you if you are willing to see your life from this larger perspective. Your Inner Being already sees the larger picture. By learning to move into that larger perspective and out of the emotional and mental body, you can see your life more positively.

The World’s Belief Systems

Your emotions may be affected by the world’s belief systems that create fear and pessimism. Mass media often communicate a feeling of doom that pervades the feeling tones of the whole nation. But, when you reframe the negatives into positives, there actually are good reasons why this is happening.

If you look at the world from a bigger perspective, you will see that humanity is changing the path it’s on partly because of these fear-based messages. People respond to certain kinds of messages, and it seems that fear works more effectively to change people than hope. But the energy of our planet is shifting and some of our belief systems are undergoing change. We are entering into a new time of hope and optimism.

Some positives that are coming out of the past fear-based belief systems are:

  • On a mass level, we are letting go of the belief that growth comes through pain and struggle. However, many people are not yet ready to exist without pain and struggle, so they must be allowed to live in that arena until they are ready to let go and move on.
  • There is a mass belief that the outer world is more important than the inner world, and this is also changing.
  • We are letting go of the mass belief in scarcity, that there’s not enough for everyone. This belief has been a source of competition and power struggles.

Bring In New Thoughtforms

You can help bring in new thoughtforms, such as the thought that it’s possible to evolve through joy rather than pain or struggle. Once you recognize the mass beliefs that you subscribe to, you can choose whether you agree with them and want to live by them or not. Are you willing to believe in new ideas of abundance and of learning to grow through joy?

What Did You Learn From Your Experiences?

Starting with your own past, think of a time that something happened that you didn’t understand, Now, as you look back as an older, more mature adult, you can understand more clearly why you drew that incident to you and what you learned from it.

For instance, as you look back with the bigger picture in mind to a time when you didn’t get what you thought you wanted, you now see there was a reason for not having it. Maybe having it would have held you back in some way and changed your life path. Maybe the desire came from a smaller, less-evolved part of you. As you look back at your memories, think about how they served you. What you have and who you are now would not be possible without those experiences.

You Chose to Be Here

Here’s food for thought – before you came into your physical body you chose to experience many of the events of your past with the people you had the experiences with. Your predestined plans were for the purpose of growth. Knowing this may make it easier to accept your past.

You Chose Your Parents

Before you entered your body in this lifetime, you chose the people who would be primary players in your life story, including your parents. Your parents may have helped you to develop your strength, or your inner will, by imposing their will on you or creating obstacles. Similar to people who use weights to push against to develop muscles, your parents acted as a “weight” for you to push against to develop your inner strength. Even though it may be hard to accept, everything in your past happened for your higher good. If you can believe that the Universe is friendly, that it it is always helping you to create your highest good, you can live a life of more peace and security.

Choose Freedom

If you have regrets or hate your past, it binds you to it. The more you hate it, the more bound you are to it. The more you love something, the freer you are. So as you love your past, you become free from it. As you change your negative memories into positive understanding, you can move faster into your new future.

Your Emotional Body

Your emotional body has the most to gain from reframing everything into the positive, because every time you say a negative word to yourself or make yourself wrong, your emotional body changes its vibration and your energy drops. When your vibration lowers, your magnetism changes, and you attract to yourself people and events that amplify this drop in energy. When you take responsibility and attune your awareness to higher thoughts, creating more joyful images in your mind, you raise the vibration of your emotional body.

Release Power Struggles

Do you tend to get into power struggles or competition when you sense a difference between yourself and a loved one or friend? If, instead, you can accept their worldview as simply different from yours, you will not need to do anything other than love them. You don’t need to convince them you are right – that only draws you into power struggles with them. Nor do you need to be convinced that they are right. Simply be willing to recognize the good in others and turn the focus away from what is different or wrong (to you).

Your Higher Self Watches Over You

You may think that your job, or lack of one is a problem, or wish you could change your career or create a new one. Your higher self is always watching over you and monitoring you to see if who you are developed enough (at the personality, the emotional, and mental levels) to have what you want. If it sees you are not ready, it will offer you growth opportunities to evolve those parts that need to be developed. You may need certain skills, to meet new people, or to change your environment. Your Higher Self will guide you in the right direction so that you can make the changes you are asking for to have what you want. If you come from the larger perspective, you will understand that what is happening to you right now is preparing you for more.

Halt People’s Negative Energy

When you catch people you’re with complaining, simply say to them, “Stop.” Learn to use your voice to halt people’s negative energy when they start complaining. If you listen to them gripe, you put yourself in a position where you can be affected by their lower energy. You don’t need to listen. By stopping people from telling you their negative stories, you assist them in coming out of it.

Pay attention and observe what people are talking about when you’re with them. If they go on and on about their sad stories and act like a victim rather than taking responsibility for their part in what is happening, you are connecting with them at the personality level. Instead, relate to them in a higher way. Ask them what they want and where they’re going. What higher purpose can they create? Help them to refocus on the positive, and you’ll be doing the same for yourself.

Tune Out the Negative

When you listen to conversations in public places and you notice that they are not positive, tune them out. First, if you choose, mentally send people love for who they are and know the thought level of development they are at now will evolve.

Also, take notice of the TV, newspapers, and books you read — do they use positive words? Notice if they bring up your energy or take it down and plant negative images in your mind. You are free to choose what you read and hear. Use that freedom and free will to put yourself in the highest, most supportive environment you can create.

Carry Light

Observe and watch what level people are coming from. You have so much to offer by helping others into a higher space. Know that you can carry light and bring it to all those people you come in contact with.

Intend to Be a Positive Person

Set the intention to be a positive person today and everyday. Intend to say positive, uplifting things to the people you’re with. Change any negative thoughts that come into your mind to positive thoughts. Observe how your positive attitude changes your feelings about yourself and the world around you. As you affirm your intention to view the world in more positive ways, you’ll attract to you those people, events, and circumstances, including books, articles, and audio programs, that will lift you higher and raise your vibration.

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