Birthing a Dream is Like Birthing a Baby
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Birthing a Dream is Like Birthing a Baby

Birthing a dream, whether it’s an idea, a business, a relationship, or a whole new life, is much like giving birth to a baby. The process is similar:

  • An idea or dream is “conceived”
  • There is a gestation period
  • The idea or dream is “born” (manifested)

And whether you’re birthing a baby or a dream, there are:

Seasons of Preparation: The seed that has been planted inside of you is growing and developing. The more you know about the “birthing” process (conscious creation), the better the outcome will be. I believe a holistic approach is best for a healthy gestation period and successful easy “birth”, which includes nurturing yourself by practicing extreme self-care, and staying focused and committed to birthing your dream.

Times of Discomfort: Change is often challenging and may cause emotional discomfort, or even pain, before experiencing the joy of giving “birth”. Just like when a baby is making its way down the birth canal, you may feel the discomfort of your life contracting and expanding. But if you remember that your dream is on its way to being born into your new reality, you will find the strength to carry on.

Periods of Waiting: Most often the hardest part of giving birth isn’t the labor and delivery, but rather the long months of waiting. However, if you have completed the preparation and are focused on your dream, there is nothing you need to do during this time other than be patient and persevering, and stay positive. Do your best to relax and enjoy the process while you wait with happy expectation.

Even as you endure the “contractions,” you can find peace within yourself if you remember to trust the Universe. Follow your inspiration and surrender to the natural process of birth. In that surrender, and in the center of your own heart, is a willingness to trust in the unknown as you make your way to birthing your dream.

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