Being Your Higher Self
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Being Your Higher Self

“Spiritual growth is the process of becoming your higher self.” – Orin, Sanaya Roman, Spiritual Growth

Spiritual growth means growing through connecting with your higher self and a Higher Power (Source, God/Goddess, the Universe, Spirit, All That Is, etc) and is different journey for each person.

This connection will help you manifest a life you love. It will bring you the feeling of aliveness, a healthy body, loving relationships, a supportive environment, and opportunities to make a difference in the world.

When you connect with a Higher Power and are being your higher self:

> You are able to see the bigger picture of your life. You will gain more awareness of the path of humanity’s evolution and your part in it.

> You discover your life’s work and gain the skills and understanding to carry it out. Your life’s work will make a meaningful contribution to the world and it will be something you love to do.

> The veils of illusion are lifted and you see the world through the eyes of your higher self.

> You are able to express truth and love in all that you say.

> Your receive divine ideas and thoughts.

> Your emotions will be harmonious as they are under the influence of the peace and harmony of your higher self.

> You attract and create better, more loving relationships and connect with people in higher ways.

> You keep your heart open, trust more, and reach new levels of sharing and intimacy.

> You have deeper, more meaningful connections with your loved ones.

> You know how to send light to strengthen and empower others.

> You trust your ability to sense energy and feel safe wherever you are.

> You hear your inner guidance clearly and take action on it.

> You easily harmonize with the energies of all kinds of people.

> You know how to become transparent to or even transmute “negative” energy.

> You experience friendly smiles, love, and peace wherever you go.

> You are more aware of subtle energies. You have the ability to feel, sense, and even see the subtle vibrations of other dimensions, life-forms, and the auras that surround people’s bodies.

> Telepathy, and other psychic abilities are enhanced, although they are only tools to further your growth and not ends in themselves.

> You are able to create rapid, positive changes in your physical body and gain greater skill in healing yourself.

> When a fear comes up you do not react with even more fear. Instead, you know how to work with the fear so that it does not control your life or thoughts. You are able to return more easily to a balanced, centered, and calm state.

> You have self-confidence, self-love, clarity, and other important qualities.

> You add clarity, harmony, and light to everything around you.

> Your inner illumination grows; you know your true identity as a spiritual being.

> You come into greater attunement with increasingly higher aspects of Divine Energy.

> You experience peace and harmony more frequently.

> You will have increasing confidence in yourself and greater trust that the Universe is always working for you and with you.

> You experience more abundant supply, enjoyable and meaningful activities, and all that you need to live a fulfilling life.

Spiritual growth comes from increasing connection with your higher self and allowing it to become the director of every part of your life. Once you begin this path — seeking, learning, exploring who-you-really-are, and uncovering the mysteries of the Universe — you will never be the same.

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