Basic Meditation for Conscious Creators
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Basic Meditation for Conscious Creators

Meditation is one of twenty-two processes that Abraham (also known as Abraham-Hicks), a non-physical group of spiritual teachers, offers in the book Ask and It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks.

A quote from the book explains why they teach meditation:

“We playfully tell our physical friends that the reason we teach the process of meditation is because it is easier for most of you to clear your minds, having no thought, than it is for you to think pure, positive thoughts. For when you quiet your mind, you offer no thought; and when you do so, you offer no resistance; and when you have activated no resistant thought, the vibration of your Being is high and fast and pure.”

Abraham’s technique is a passive form of meditation, also known as Basic Meditation. It is simply turning your attention inward, letting go of your thoughts and focusing on your breath. Whether you are new to meditation or a seasoned meditator, this technique can be very powerful.

Meditating in this simple way will quiet your mind, train your vibration away from patterns of resistance, and help you to release anything that is contradictory in your vibration. As you focus your mind, there is an absence, or a decreasing, of resistant thought, and you come into a state of allowing where your vibration naturally rises. This brings you closer to being in alignment with your Source, and to the frequency of your Inner Being—and under those conditions you will thrive.

Meditation Exercise

Set aside fifteen minutes for this exercise. As Abraham advises, “Life is for conscious, aware, joyous living; and so, 15 minutes of daily meditation is quite enough.”

The basic steps for this meditation process are as follows:

  • To begin the mediation exercise, wear comfortable clothing and sit in a quiet space where you will not be interrupted.
  • Sit in a chair, on the floor, or lie down on your bed (unless you tend to fall asleep). The important thing is that you are comfortable.
  • Close your eyes and allow yourself to relax.
  • Breathe slowly, drawing air into your lungs, then releasing the air comfortably.
  • As your mind wanders, gently release any thoughts, and refocus on your breathing.
  • If your mind continues to wander, try mentally counting your breaths, or listen to a steady or soothing sound in your immediate environment, like the ticking of a clock or the birds chirping outside.
  • Hold this focus for fifteen minutes.

You can read a more detailed version of the Abraham-Hicks process for meditation in their book Ask and It Is Given, and also in the following article on the Law of Attraction Resource Guide website: Abraham-Hicks Process for Meditation

Abraham-Hicks also offers a guided meditation CD and user guide called Getting into the Vortex. This is an excellent resource for all meditators, but especially beginners. It offers four 15 minute meditations: General Well-Being, Financial Abundance, Physical Well-Being, and Relationships. As you breathe in sync with the rhythm of the background music, your body will experience optimal breath and non-physical alignment.

You can order Getting into the Vortex on the Abraham-Hicks website or on Amazon.

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