About Inspired Action
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About Inspired Action

There are two kinds of action:

1. Uninspired Action

When you take action that is uninspired, you:

  • Take action in order to make something happen.
  • Spend a lot of time trying to figure out what action to take.
  • Research the options and make lists to decide which ones are the best.
  • Feel frustrated, overwhelmed and tend to get minimal results.
  • Feel weary and depleted. It feels like “work”. It feels like a struggle.
  • Don’t want to do it, but you feel that you have to in order to make it happen.
  • Are continuously stopped or slowed down by obstacles. Things just don’t seem to be moving ahead.

Taking action before the inspiration comes is like trying to make toast in the toaster without electricity. You’ve gone through the motions but didn’t connect to the electricity first. You’re taking action when you’re clearly not connected to the current.

2. Inspired Action

When you take action that is inspired, you:

  • Are moving with the natural flow of your energy.
  • Get an idea or impulse to do something that feels easy and comes naturally, often at an unexpected moment.
  • Feel excited, enthusiastic – it sounds like fun.
  • Feel drawn or called towards it. It appeals to you.
  • Don’t have to justify it, it just feels right.
  • Feel energized – it doesn’t seem like “work”. The process is enjoyable.
  • Make progress quickly and with little effort.
  • Are allowing things to happen naturally and letting the Universe orchestrate the events.

Inspired action isn’t always an obvious action step related to your goal or dream and it may not always be clear how it contributes to your success. It might be sleeping in, taking a road trip, having lunch with a friend, or reading a book. It’s simply following what feels good – whatever it is.

Follow Your Excitement

Bashar explains:

“Your excitement is telling you that’s the next thing you need to do. Following your excitement is actually the shortest path to what you want.

Act on your joy to the best of your ability. If you look at all your options and realize that taking a walk or driving your car or calling a friend is the most exciting, then THAT is the thing to do. When you can take no more further action on that thing, then look around for the next exciting thing you have the greatest ability to take action on and do it.”

When to Act, When to Chill

Abraham-Hicks advises never to take action when there is a feeling of resistance. If you’re feeling resistance it means you are not in alignment and the action you take will be more difficult.

You don’t have to figure out what to do next. Instead, chill out and wait until the inspiration comes. When you can identify what feels good, follow it. It doesn’t matter what “it” is, as long as it feels good.
It’s all about the vibration. Trust it. Act on what excites you. Follow your joy. Do what sounds fun and feels like the next best thing.

Your work is to go forth into this physical environment looking for things that are a vibrational match to joy, connecting to Source Energy, and then following with the inspired action.” – Abraham

So remember, you have two choices when taking action – you can ‘make’ things happen with a lot of hard work, struggle and sheer determination. Or you can feel good, be in the flow and manifest far more than you ever imagined with ease by taking inspired action.

Want to know more? Listen to this inspiring Abraham-Hicks video:

Video Credit: Abraham-Hicks Rampage


  • Marjorie

    Great post, thank you so much for this important reminder. I am currently unemployed and not in a good place financially. I often find myself wondering what more I can do but I know I’m doing all that I can (as far as my job search, I’m actively applying and interviewing–never forcing myself and only applying to jobs I want). I’m enjoying my time off and follow my joy like Bashar and AH say to do…your reminder was right on time 🙂

  • Christa Smith

    Thanks for sharing Marjorie! It sounds like you’re doing everything you can – just be easy about it, stay focused on what you want and everything will work out for you. 🙂