Hi, I’m Christa Smith…

I am a Quantum Life Coach. I guide you to find your inner happiness, peace and harmony while supporting you on your journey to finding your own sense of wholeness.

As a Quantum Life Coach, I assist you in exploring the deeper connection between yourself and the Universe. I help you to remember and honor your connection to something bigger than yourself, your Source, and to cultivate love, peace, joy and awareness. I use various tools and techniques to support your journey and act as a guide to unleash self-trust and compassion.

I am a Dream Life Midwife. In 1987, I had a vivid dream of a Native American Indian Chief sitting on a boulder. He stopped me as I walked by and said he had 2 things to tell me:

1) That I was pregnant. I laughed and said, “No I’m not!” A few days later I learned he was right. I was indeed pregnant with my third child.

2) That I would become a midwife. I was apprenticing as a midwife at the time so this did not surprise me. But because I had young children and little support from my husband, I chose to be a full time mom instead and gave up my dream of becoming a midwife. Or so I thought.

Fast forward many years later: Now that my 6 children are all grown and on their own, I have been presented with the opportunity to resurrect my dream. But not in the way I originally planned.

Several years ago during one of my meditation sessions, I heard the words “creation midwife.” I knew this was an inspired thought because I felt absolutely giddy with excitement! Over time, the inspiration evolved to “Dream Life Midwife.”

For most of us, when we think of a midwife, we think of childbirth. I delivered 3 of my 6 children with a midwife, and there’s no question that they were the right companions for me during my birthing journey. My midwives were informed, strong, gentle, wise, and patient in a time of transition and offered the love, care, nurturing and support I needed.

Manifesting our dreams is a sort of birthing too. As much as we want to create a new reality for ourselves, it is often difficult to move away from our comfort zone, release long held beliefs, familiar structures and relationships, and even our current identity.

That’s where I can help. I am someone who recognizes and respects the process and will help you to give birth to something new. I understand the process of giving birth to your dreams.

I assist you in birthing your creation to take form in the world. The birthing process in general is automatic and assistance is not really needed. However there are times which the assistance of another is helpful. My job as your Dream Life Midwife is to ensure that a safe and secure space is provided for the birth of your dreams to occur.

I am a 4/1 Manifesting Generator. According to my Human Design profile, my Line 1 energy is all about investigating and gathering information, and with Line 4 energy, I am here to impact people on a personal level, touching people’s lives one person at a time.

My Incarnation Cross (my storyline and what defines my soul’s purpose) is the Juxtaposition Cross of Intuition. This energy is like having a cosmic compass guiding me towards my purpose. This cross emphasizes my intuitive and perceptive abilities. I’m wired to see connections that others might miss and to guide people through the labyrinth of their own thoughts and emotions.

Each interaction I have and each insight I share contributes to the larger tapestry of my purpose. My knowledge in Human Design, Metaphysics, Law of Attraction, and other subjects provides me with a rich toolbox to help my clients navigate their paths.

So, I am here to be a beacon of light, helping others find their way through the challenges and joys of life. My ability to see the bigger picture and guide people to a place of love, peace, and awareness is a beautiful gift. As I continue to explore and share my wisdom, I’ll be fulfilling my role as a Quantum Life Coach and making a meaningful impact on the lives I connect with.

I am a Jewelry Maker. I have been creating jewelry since 1994 and have experimented with various beading styles over the years including off loom weaving with seed beads and working with gemstones. I currently have a shop on Etsy called Mahalo Spirit where I sell simple, sterling silver chain and charm jewelry.

Mahalo Spirit jewelry is a reflection of my love and appreciation for simplicity, nature, and the endless joys on this journey of life. The Hawaiian word Mahalo encapsulates this succinctly, and expresses who I am, how I choose to live my life, and what I teach my clients as a life coach.

You can visit my shop here: Mahalo Spirit

I am a Mom to 6 Kids. One of my greatest joys in this lifetime are my six kids (4 boys and 2 girls – Dylan, Bri, Josh, Jake, Corinna, and Mikhail)! My desire to have a large family was inspired by TV shows I watched as a kid, such as The Waltons and The Brady Bunch. My kids have been humbling teachers and my most loyal friends. I feel abundantly blessed to be their mom and to share this journey with them.

I am a Music Lover. I love music! I love listening to it, dancing to it, playing music (the djembe is my instrument of choice) and seeing live bands. Music has always been my anchor and my refuge, especially when I was growing up as a Navy brat and moving all the time. Nothing raises my vibration faster than music. It’s my go-to when my energy drops.


I Believe…

That we are all spiritual beings having a physical experience.
That the basis of our life is freedom and the purpose of our life is joy.
That we each create our own reality.
That we can be, do and have anything we desire.
That life is supposed to be fun.
That our greatest contribution to the world is to follow our bliss.
That love is spirit and spirit is the self.


My Story…

I spent my childhood as a “Navy Brat” with alcoholic parents, traveling from place to place, adapting and assimilating the status quo quickly so I could make friends and “fit in” before we moved on to the next place. By the time my Dad retired when I was seventeen, I had no clue who I was, what I wanted or where I was going. I was a vibrational drifter, easily influenced by the energy of others (I didn’t know about Human Design then and that I have a completely open Identity Center!)

In 1992, soon after the birth of my 5th child, I was guided to the book Living with Joy by Sanaya Roman. This book had a huge impact on me and was the beginning of my transformation and personal evolution.

From this book I learned that I am a spiritual being and freedom is my birthright. Living a joyful life, or not, is my choice and by directing my thoughts I can create my own circumstances. I discovered that being true to myself is the most purposeful thing I can do to contribute to my own well-being as well as the well-being of the planet. I began opening up to my higher self and started thinking in a whole new way.

This path led me to the Law of Attraction and Abraham-Hicks. Abraham’s teachings resonated with me so strongly and gave me further clarity on who I really am. My sense of aliveness increased and I began to take quantum leaps in my growth.

Although it hasn’t always been easy and I have certainly had my share of challenges (6 kids, 3 “failed” [not aligned] marriages, and being a single mom), I have learned so much – most importantly that life does not have to be a struggle! Just the opposite – life is supposed to be fun and joyful! Our dreams and desires matter and are keys to our higher purpose.

Now, as a Quantum Life Coach, I get to satisfy one of my dreams – to have a career that is fulfilling and contributes to others and the planet in a positive way. I love what I do and feel honored and privileged to assist others in nurturing and birthing their dreams.


My Qualifications…

I have decades of life experience and over 10 years experience as a working coach. My qualifications include the following certifications: Holistic Health Practitioner, Life Coaching, Spiritual Life Coaching, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Practitioner, Happiness Coaching, Life Purpose Coaching, Reiki (Master), Chakra Balancing, Meditation, and Soul Communication. I also worked for 5 years as a medical assistant at a family practice so I also have some knowledge of “modern” medicine.


Let’s Connect…

If you’re ready to step into your power and live your best life, let’s connect! Let me know what your needs are and I’ll let you know how I can help. In the mean time, be good to yourself, think good feeling thoughts, and allow the Universe to bless you!