7 Ways to Focus Yourself Into Alignment
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7 Ways to Focus Yourself Into Alignment

To successfully manifest your ideal life, it is important to know how to focus yourself into alignment with Source Energy (God) and who-you-really-are (an extension of Source Energy). When you are in alignment, there is nothing you cannot be, do or have.

When you are in alignment, you are a vibrational match to your desires. To be a vibrational match, you must keep your focus on feeling good.

For many, this may be easier said than done. “Reality” can be a stifling distraction and beckon you off your course if you are not steadfast in your commitment to thrive.

In addition to daily challenges, it takes time to unravel years of negative conditioning and retrain yourself to act and think in more positive ways.

Make a decision that the only thing that truly matters is feeling good.

Choose to make it easy and fun, then take inspired action. With consistent practice and effort, you will become an effective allower of a joyful life and an irresistible magnet to everything you ask for.

Practice Focusing Yourself Into Alignment Daily

To help keep you positively focused, it is recommended to set time aside every day with the intention of raising your vibration, so you can stay “tuned in, tapped in, turned on” – as Abraham-Hicks would say.

Your daily focus time can be as simple or involved as you want it to be, but make sure you choose processes and activities that you enjoy and feel good when you do them.

If you feel resistance, it will be of no value to you. It may take time to develop the skill for some activities, such as meditation or EFT Tapping, but it is well worth the time to master because of the benefit in raising your vibrational frequency.

Ideally, it is best to set aside a minimum of 15 minutes a day for your focus time, preferably in the morning if possible, to help set the tone for the rest of the day.

If you have a busy schedule and time is an issue, ask you Inner Being, “What would it take to have some daily focus time to raise my vibration?” Then follow your inner guidance.

To prevent boredom and to keep your focus time fun and interesting, rotate the processes you use from time to time.

My own personal focus time changes often. Sometimes I including journal writing or reading inspirational books, but my current routine takes about 30 minutes and goes something like this:

I begin with 15 minutes of meditation, and allow my mind to be still and quiet. Next, I spend time visualizing my life as I want it to be. I imagine having everything I want and speak quietly to myself in the present tense. “Thank you Universe for my beautiful beach house in Maui. I love being here. I love feeling the warm sand under my feet in the morning as I take my walks. I love feeling the gentle ocean waves around my ankles…” Sometimes I get so involved in the scene in my mind, it makes me laugh or even cry with pure delight. And I ask, “How does it get any better than this?”

If you are having a particularly busy day and are not able to have your focus time, at the very least, connect with your Inner Being and fill yourself with light. This only takes a minute and is a powerful step in keeping your vibration up through the day.

And remember, above all else, stay positive, be happy and feel good!

Suggestions to Focus Yourself Into Alignment

Below is a list of activities and processes that I have collected from various sources, and have personally used myself at one time or another. Feel free to add your own, or make up new ones if you feel inspired. The important thing is to make time and “just do it!”

1. Meditation

Meditation is a powerful tool to improve your focus because it allows you to calm your mind and get into a “zone.”

There are many forms of meditation including breathing, mindfulness, guided, spiritual, and activity-oriented meditation, just to name a few. You can meditate while sitting, standing, lying down, walking, and even dancing.

All of the teachers of spiritual growth and law of attraction recommend meditation as a way of raising your vibration.

2. Journal

Writing in a journal offers a level of reflection and organization where you can express your feelings, and sort out what’s going on in your mind.

It is a place to capture ideas, plans, and actions, and can help you find patterns, work through challenges, and focus your thoughts.

A journal is a source of inspiration and a record of your progress. You can journal online or with a paper and pen.

Journaling is not limited to simply writing words. You can add photos, magazine clippings, or drawings. Your journal can be an actual journal, or you can use a notebook (my personal preference), or your computer.

It is the perfect place to write your affirmations, and rampages of appreciation, among lots of other fun writing activities.

3. Abraham-Hicks Processes

In their book Ask and It Is Given, Abraham offers 22 proven processes that will assist you in raising your vibration and improve your point of attraction.

Of the 22 listed, I recommend the following to specifically increase your focusing power: Rampage of Appreciation, Focus Wheel, Creative Workshop, Virtual Reality, The Book of Positive Aspects, Scripting, and Clearing Clutter for Clarity.

Check out their book to view the entire list.

4. Vision Board

Creating a vision board is a fun and easy way to keep you aligned with your dreams, imprinting your brain with the images and words of your ideal life.

Having this visual representation in constant view is a potent reminder of what your values and priorities are, and keeps you inspired and excited.

5. Affirmations

Louise Hay, the queen of affirmations, used positive statements of intent to help heal herself of cancer.

Repeating positive affirmations can help to override your limiting beliefs and negative self-talk, and move you in the direction of the life you want to create for yourself.

6. Abraham-Hicks Videos

One of my favorite ways to stay on track is to listen to the Abraham-Hicks videos. Since I add them regularly to my Law of Attraction Resource Guide website, I have listened to hundreds of them and never get tired of hearing their teachings. They inspire me and keep me tuned in, tapped in, and turned on!

Visit Law of Attraction A to Z for Abraham videos and to learn more about subjects of interest to you.

7. Inspirational Books

Reading inspirational books is an excellent way to help you stay focused, and you can learn new things along the way!

You will attract whatever you focus on, whether it is what you want or what you don’t want. Learn to keep your focus on track to manifest the life you desire.

What processes or activities do you do to stay focused? Leave a comment below.