Powerful Games to Manifest Money
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6 Powerful Games to Manifest Money

If you’ve been having a hard time manifesting money, you may be approaching it from the wrong angle. Trying to create anything from a place of neediness, scarcity, or too much seriousness will slow down, or even halt, your manifestations. Those kinds of vibes will get you nowhere, or make things worse by attracting more of what you don’t want.

A much better approach is to generate feelings of playfulness. Having an attitude of fun and excitement is the best vibe for manifesting money.

Here are 8 games to help you get the playful vibes flowing.

1. The Wallet Game

This game is one of twenty-two processes in the book Ask and It Is Given by Abraham-Hicks: Put $100 in your pocket or purse and keep it with you at all times. $20 or $50 will work too, but $100 is better. As you go through your day, think of things that you could buy with the money: “I could buy that. I could do this.” If you spend that $100 mentally one thousand times, you have vibrationally spent $100,000. By mentally spending this money again and again, you practice the vibration of financial abundance and the Universe responds to your vibration by matching it with manifested abundance.

2. The Prosperity Game

This is another game offered in the book Ask and It Is Given: Start by establishing an imaginary checking account. There will be no actual bank involved but you will be making deposits and withdrawals just as if it were an actual account. You can use an old checkbook, a notebook, or a spreadsheet on your computer. Make it feel as real to you as possible.

On the first day, make a $1000 deposit entry into your checkbook register, then write checks to spend that money. You can spend it all on one thing or on several different things. On the second day, deposit $2000 and spend it. On the third day deposit $3000 and spend it, and so on. If you play this game for one year you will have spent more than $66 million.

You can play this game for a short time or for a year or more. Over a period of a few weeks your ability to imagine will expand tremendously as it will begin to take real concentration to spend that much money. Since it is an imagination game there is no fear of overspending.

“Playing this game will cause you to offer a more expansive, expectant vibration. And it is our promise to you that manifestation will begin to arrive in response to your changed vibration.” – Abraham-Hicks

3. Bills Become Checks

Instead of dreading opening your bills, you can get excited by pretending the bill is a check. If the amount due is $40, add a ‘0’ and visualize it as a check written out to you for $400! I like to keep track of my “incoming money” in a notebook and feel thrilled to see that money comes to me regularly in abundance.

This will change your vibration regarding your bills, making it a more pleasant experience.

4. Happy Money

I love this game! It comes from the book Happy Money by Laina Buenostar: Write an uplifting message on a sticky post-it note and adhere it to a small note of currency (in the US it is a dollar bill). Find a place to hide the money (stores, parks, public restrooms, libraries) with the message attached where it can be found by an unknown, random person. Affirm this money will come back to you then leave. Don’t wait around to see who finds it.

On the note you can write “This is happy money! Enjoy!” or “Isn’t it FUN to find money?” You can also use affirmations, blessing, appreciations, quotes or anything that feels good to you.

Play this game once a week and bask in the good feelings of it! It really is fun!

5. Magic Money

Melanie from Magic and Wisdom offers this game on her website: Consider how much money you would like to manifest by the end of the month then write as many examples as you can of how that money might come to you. She says no idea is too crazy – the crazier the better!

Here is one of her examples: “I’m out for a walk and discover a beautiful, impeccably groomed dog hiding under a hedge. I take him home and give him some food and water, taking the time to love on him a bit. I call the number on his collar and his very rich and very appreciative mommy comes to pick him up. She is so happy to have her much loved, and prized, show dog back that she writes me a cheque for $5k to say thanks.”

This game will get your imagination flowing and open you up to new ways of receiving money.

6. The Allowance Game

This game comes from Nneka Kelly at Woo Biz Coach: Remember getting an allowance when you were a kid? Well this time your parents are not the ones dictating whether or not you get an increase. This time you get to decide! Throughout the day say the statement “I am increasing my allowance.” It’s a great pun on the word allowance and opens you up to the abundance of the Universe.

Nneka says “It’s a soft, but effective affirmation.”

Do you know of any other money games that are not listed here? I would love to hear them. Please share below.