52 Positive Affirmations for Joy
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52 Positive Affirmations for Joy

Joy and laughter are the elixir of life. Joy raises your vibration and contributes to your vitality. Here are 52 positive affirmations to claim your joy and the joyful life you deserve!

1. I am joy!
2. I am joyful.
3. I feel joyful.
4. Joy is my natural state.
5. I choose to live joyfully.
6. I only accept things that bring me joy.
7. Living joyfully is easy.
8. My life is blessed with joy.
9. I am willing to grow through joy rather than through pain or struggle.
10. The joy of my innermost being shines through me.
11. I express the joy of my soul as I move through the day.
12. I am joyful right now.
13. I love feeling joyful, and I feel this way often.
14. My joy brings joy to others.
15. I choose to do those things that bring me joy.
16. I am free to be around joyful people, and I am!
17. I deserve to have a wonderful, joyful life of abundance, good friends, and meaningful activities, and I do.
18. I am doing what brings me joy for a living.
19. I recognize and acknowledge all the joyful moments in my life.
20. When I embrace joy, everything else in my life falls into place.
21. I choose joy in every moment.
22. My life is wildly joyful.
23. I release anything that is not in alignment with my joy.
24. My days are filled with joy.
25. I bring joy to the people around me.
26. I set my intention to experience joy every day.
27. My joy increases with every passing day.
28. I find joy in every situation.
29. My presence is uplifting and joyful to others.
30. I find joy in the simple pleasures of life.
31. My life is overflowing with joy.
32. I find joy in my time with others.
33. I find joy in my time alone.
34. I attract joy and joyful situations to me.
35. I deserve to be abundantly joyful.
36. I radiate joy wherever I go.
37. I begin every day with a joyful heart.
38. Limitless joy is my birthright.
39. I am worthy and deserving of a lifetime of joy
40. I choose joy and joy chooses me.
41. I choose joy and will settle for nothing less.
42. Joy is the essence of my being.
43. I experience joy in everything I do.
44. The joy I feel is felt by everyone around me.
45. I create the possibility of joy for others by being joyful.
46. I am meant to live a joyful life.
47. My inner joy expands when I share it with others.
48. My joy is reflected back to me in everything I attract.
49. Joy flows through me.
50. I attract joy into my life.
51. My life is easy and filled with joy.
52. I am surrounded by joyful people.