4 Simple Grounding Techniques
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4 Simple Grounding Techniques

The energy in your body consists of the energy from your Inner Being, the Earth and Source Energy. When you are “grounded”, your soul is anchored to your physical body and with the earth, allowing you to feel centered and balanced no matter what is going on around you. It means being fully conscious and present in the moment.

Grounding helps you to:

  • Feel more stable, secure and in control of your life
  • Handle life’s challenges easier
  • Be “checked in” instead of “checked out”
  • Reach higher vibrational frequencies
  • Feel more calm and focused
  • Gain clarity and decrease mental fuzziness

Here are 4 ways to ground yourself. Choose to do all of them or pick the ones that resonate with you.

1. Physical Activity

Exercise helps you to focus and connect with your physical body while expending excess energy at the same time. Try yoga, aerobics, dancing, walking, jogging, jumping up and down, or any other physical activity that moves your body. Any of these will help settle your energy.

2. Walk Barefoot on the Earth

Take off your shoes and walk on the earth – not on pavement. Take a stroll along a sandy beach or walk through the grass. The Earth carries an energy that nourishes your energetic body. Wearing shoes and walking on pavement blocks the absorption. So get back to nature and let Mother Earth ground and restore your energy.

3. Connect with Nature

Get outside and be in nature! You can walk among the trees, lay down in the grass, or just sit on the earth and feel the connection. Gardening is also excellent. Put your hands in some soil without gardening gloves and don’t be afraid to get dirty. Let yourself feel at one with the earth!

4. Grounding Meditation

  1. Sit quietly and imagine what the center of the earth looks like to you. It could look like a solid ball of rock, a crystal, or anything that you imagine to be a strong anchor for you.
  2. Next, visualize and/or feel a strong, sturdy tree trunk with a beam of white light in the center. Let this beautiful tree trunk encompass your entire rib cage, front-to-back and side-to-side.
  3. See this tree going all the way down through your physical body. Imagine roots going from your feet deep into the core of the earth. Plant yourself.
  4. Let the roots of the tree wrap around the center of the earth, what you imagine to be your anchor, several times, connecting you.
  5. Bring that loving, healing nurturing energy up into your body.
  6. Continue visualizing and/or feeling this tree connecting you, rooting you, and grounding you until you have the sensation of being grounded and rooted in present-time. Take as long as you want and open your eyes when you’re ready.

These grounding techniques are my personal favorites. Do you use a different method? Please share your favorite techniques below.

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