Things To Do During the Coronavirus Quarantine

30 Things To Do During the Coronavirus Quarantine

Whether you’ve chosen to self quarantine or are under a shelter in place mandate, you may be wondering what to do with all your free time. No worries – I’ve got you covered!

Here’s 30 things to do during the coronavirus quarantine:

1. Meditate. This is a great way to release stress and raise your vibration.

2. Learn or practice EFT Tapping to release negative emotions (fear, anxiety, worry, etc.)

3. Create a vision board to help you stay focused on your joyful future instead of challenging current events.

4. Read some books. Check out my reading lists for inspiration.

5. Listen to Abraham-Hicks videos to be uplifted and inspired. I have hundreds of their videos on my Law of Attraction Resource Guide site (categorized by topic) if you want to listen without ads.

6. Connect with friends and family. You can call, Skype, FaceTime, text, email or write an actual letter. Just send some love and let them know you’re thinking about them.

7. Listen to your favorite music or create a new playlist on Spotify. Here’s a few of my playlists for your listening pleasure.

8. Drink a glass of wine (or two)and dance in the living room. My S/O and I did this the other day and it was a definite mood lifter! Here’s the song that got us started.

9. Complete a puzzle (or two, depending on how long the quarentine lasts) – the more pieces the better!

10. Start a blog and share your passion(s) with the world.

11. Start a positive journal with quotes, affirmations and uplifting thoughts to help you stay focused on the positive aspects of your life.

12. Watch feel good movies (A Dog’s Purpose, The Princess Bride, Legally Blonde, The Princess Diaries, The Wizard of Oz – just to name a few). Don’t forget the popcorn!

13. Binge watch your favorite shows (Friends, The Big Bang Theory and One Day at a Time are all good choices).

14. Pamper yourself. Give yourself a facial or take a bubble bath.

15. Exchange massages (if you have a partner).

16. Play with your kids (if you have children).

17. Play cards (I love rummy!) or board games with your family or fellow housemates.

18. Take an online course to learn something new (I recommend Udemy or MindValley).

19. Clear your clutter. Now would be a good time to do your spring cleaning or follow Marie Kondo’s system in The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing.

20. Try out some new recipes. Baking and cooking are great ways to stay grounded.

21. Design your ideal life. Make list of life categories and write what your desires are for each area. Add quotes and photos, compile them into a binder and create a “My Ideal Life” book.

22. Organize your family photos and create scrapbooks or photo books.

23. Start a craft project. Check out Pinterest for some crafty ideas.

24. Take a nap – because you can!

25. Download Duolingo, or a similar app, and learn a new foreign language.

26. Do Yoga With Adriene. Here are some of my personal favorites.

27. Paint, draw or color in coloring books (they’re not just for kids).

28. Read blogs about the law of attraction or conscious creation.

29. Make a list of things you love and appreciate.

30. Read out loud to each other. If you have kids, I recommend the Harry Potter series or The Education of Little Tree. If you’re adults, anything goes (keep it sexy, fun and/or uplifting to keep your vibe up).

My wish for you is that you can see the silver linings even in these challenging times. Be well and stay positive. As Abraham always says – there is great love here for you.

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